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Episode Guide

Select a season to read the summary for each Venture Bros. episode along with some basic info, or select one from the menu to the right. If you would like to see when Venture Bros. is airing on Adult Swim, you can check the Mantis-Eye on-air schedule.

The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem »

The Venture headquarters is possessed! Or maybe it's just regular haunted. Or it could just be a computer glitch. Whatever it is, only Orpheus and his Order of the Triad can unlock the mystery.

First Aired: August 5, 2018 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Rorqual Affair »

Deadly waters surround the Monarch when he becomes Wide Wale's prisoner in Part 2 of the Morphic Trilogy.

First Aired: August 12, 2018 | Written by Doc Hammer

Arrears in Science »

The Morphic Trilogy reaches its stunning conclusion in a decades-spanning tale of friendship, betrayal, and mass murder that overwrites Venture history.

First Aired: August 19, 2018 | Written by Jackson Publick

The High Cost of Loathing »

The Monarch faces financial challenges as he attempts to rebuild his fiendish organization, while Dean attempts to build a normal life out of his father's shadow at sleep-away college.

First Aired: August 26, 2018 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Inamorata Consequence »

The Venture family returns to their old compound where intrigue, danger, jackets, and diplomacy await.

First Aired: September 2, 2018 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Bellicose Proxy »

The Monarch and 21 play a deadly game of tutoring an inexperienced villain. A hot plate of danger is served up with a side of hilarity.

First Aired: September 9, 2018 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Unicorn in Captivity »

Dr. Venture's latest invention is a real game-changer. And the new game is deadly!

First Aired: September 16, 2018 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Terminus Mandate »

The members of Guild Council must face their arch rivals for one last time, while Doc happily falls into a black widow's deadly web.

First Aired: September 23, 2018 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Forecast Manufacturer »

The city is hit with a mysterious blizzard that launches Team Venture into action. The Monarch and 21 are sent on a deadly mission to a secret island fortress.

First Aired: September 30, 2018 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Saphrax Protocol »

Deep inside Guild Headquarters, The Monarch and 21 face their ultimate ordeal. Meanwhile, the Venture Brothers face one of their own.

First Aired: October 7, 2018 | Written by Doc Hammer

Hostile Makeover »

The Ventures are back! And they’re movin’ on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. But will mo’ money bring mo’ problems? And can The Monarch handle the commute?

First Aired: January 31, 2016 | Written by Jackson Publick

Maybe No Go »

As White & Billy grapple with their arch enemy back in the old 'hood, Doc realizes he can't face his new responsibilities alone when a whale of an enemy shows him how they arch uptown.

First Aired: February 7, 2016 | Written by Doc Hammer

Faking Miracles »

Doc discovers a mysterious invention that could make or break Dean's chances of getting into college, while The Monarch makes a bad first impression on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's co-workers.

First Aired: February 14, 2016 | Written by Jackson Publick

Rapacity in Blue »

A brutish supervillain launches an assault on the Ventures. Will Doc's latest invention, or a mysterious blue vigilante, save the day? Probably not.

First Aired: February 21, 2016 | Written by Doc Hammer

Tanks for Nuthin' »

A revenge-seeking super-widow makes Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's job miserable, while a criminal genius has his mastermind set on arching Dr. Venture.

First Aired: February 28, 2016 | Written by Jackson Publick

It Happening One Night »

Avant-garde supervillains try to arch Dr. Venture while Hank searches for love in a den of ninjas.

First Aired: March 6, 2016 | Written by Jackson Publick, with Doc Hammer

A Party For Tarzan »

In a case of mistaken identity, the Guild targets Dr. Venture for assassination, pooping his party for a fancy new friend.

First Aired: March 13, 2016 | Written by Doc Hammer

Red Means Stop »

The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the O.S.I. join forces to eliminate a threat, using Dr. Venture as the bait.

First Aired: March 20, 2016 | Written by Doc Hammer

What Color is Your Cleansuit? »

Dr. Venture hires an army of college interns to help with his ambitious new science project. Dean finds love among the new recruits, but class warfare and nuclear physics threaten to tear the Venture Compound apart. And if they don't, The Monarch will.

First Aired: June 2, 2013 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

Venture Libre »

One of Dr. Venture's old inventions seems to have gotten a mind of its own, so General Manhowers sends him to Central America to fix it. The Ventures must all confront their own hearts of darkness if they're to survive what's waiting for them in the jungle.

First Aired: June 9, 2013 | Written by Jackson Publick

SPHINX Rising »

Henchman 21's command of Team SPHINX is starting to rub the O.S.I. the wrong way, and his new recruits are rubbing them even wronger. Meanwhile, The Monarch tries on a new face to ingratiate himself with Dr. Venture.

First Aired: June 16, 2013 | Written by Doc Hammer

Spanakopita! »

Every year, since he was a little boy, Dr. Venture flies to the tiny island of Spanikos for a week of fun in the Grecian sun. But this year a dangerous new enemy and a dark secret from Doc's past threaten to turn his vacation into a slay-cation.

First Aired: June 23, 2013 | Written by Jackson Publick

O.S.I. Love You »

Brock and the O.S.I. come under fire from the higher ups when they lose two high value super-criminal prisoners. Somebody helped them escape, and everyone aboard the hover-quarters is a suspect in this 22 minute potboiler-even the visiting Ventures.

First Aired: June 30, 2013 | Written by Jackson Publick

Momma's Boys »

A friendship built on lies threatens to unravel Dr. Venture's sanity. But Hank and Henchman 21 are the ones getting committed to an asylum. And Dean's growing relationship with a mystery woman is only making everyone crazier.

First Aired: July 7, 2013 | Written by Doc Hammer

Bot Seeks Bot »

Brock and the O.S.I. launch a bold and bizarre surveillance mission against one of the Council of 13's top members. But the mission takes a turn for the worse when Doc and Billy get caught up in the super-villain crossfire.

First Aired: July 14, 2013 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Devil's Grip »

Dr. Venture is missing and presumed dead. Sgt. Hatred sends Hank and Dean to live with their godfathers to keep them out of harm's way while he forges an unlikely alliance with Henchman 21 to wreak vengeance.

First Aired: July 21, 2013 | Written by Doc Hammer

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel »

Questions are answered and truths are revealed. Learn how Henchman 21 copes with life without 24. See what happens when Brock and the Venture family are forced to part ways. Discover the final fate of H.E.L.P.eR. And all the while, the balance of the free world hangs in the hands of Dean Venture, who must kill Hitler.

First Aired: October 18, 2009 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

Handsome Ransom »

The Monarch's abduction and ransom of Hank and Dean, part of his newest scheme to hurt Dr. Venture, inadvertently catches the attention of semi-retired super-hero Captain Sunshine. As Dr. Venture and The Monarch squabble over the rules of kidnapping, Hank must decide if he's ready to become Captain Sunshine's newest young and supple sidekick.

First Aired: October 25, 2009 | Written by Jackson Publick

Perchance to Dean »

Hank, along with is friend, Dermott, start breaking all of the Venture Compound Rules in a bid to get his father's attention. But Dr. Venture is focused completely on Dean, who is taking his first steps in joining the family business as a Super Scientist. But someone else wants Dr. Venture's attention, too: A shadowy figure from Dr. Venture's past who is out to steal Dean's future.

First Aired: November 1, 2009 | Written by Jackson Publick

Return to Malice »

In the aftermath of the death of his best friend, Henchman 21 has rededicated his life to become the most feared and skilled of all of the Monarch's Henchmen. But tonight, all bets are off as Henchman 21 begins the hunt for the murderer of Henchman 24. Alliances shift, secrets are revealed, and the Venture brothers are kidnapped. Again.

First Aired: November 8, 2009 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Revenge Society »

The Guild of Calamitous Intent comes under attack from an old foe with a new name, Revenge. Revenge's hunt for the all-powerful Orb brings the entire Guild to the front door of the Venture Compound, where they must face the combined might of Sgt. Hatred and Hank Venture.

First Aired: November 15, 2009 | Written by Doc Hammer

Self-Medication »

Dr. Venture's therapy group, a collection of former Boy Adventurers (who have become failed adults), quickly fall back into their old habits when a mystery is literally dropped into their session. Meanwhile, Sgt. Hatred tries to overcome his own past when he's stuck in a movie theater crammed with kids. History is doomed to keep repeating itself if Hatred and Dr. Venture can't break their cycles.

First Aired: November 22, 2009 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Better Man »

The Orpheus Family is caught between the problems of their past and future as Dr. Orpheus must rescue the man he hates the most from Hell and Triana stands at the crossroads of her destiny.

First Aired: December 6, 2009 | Written by Doc Hammer

Pinstripes & Poltergeists »

The Monarch makes his move on Dr. Venture, just as he's distracted by problems with zoning regulations. But how does Monstroso play in and what are his ultimate plans? And how does it all relate to Brock Samson and the mystery of Sphinx?

First Aired: December 13, 2009 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider »

The semi-season opener finds Dr. Venture semi-paralyzed in a trauma-induced coma. Sgt. Hatred and the boys recruit the medical minds of Conjectural Technologies for the mystery diagnosis. Meanwhile, the Monarch is over the moon about his latest gadget, but it's driving a hot wedge in his relationships with his wife and henchmen.

First Aired: September 12, 2010 | Written by Jackson Publick

Pomp & Circuitry »

Hank and Dean finally graduate from their learning beds. But what's next? College? The army? Life on the outside sees the boys taking two very different career paths -- and one of them leads straight to the Phantom Limb.

First Aired: September 19, 2010 | Written by Jackson Publick

Any Which Way But Zeus »

Somebody has been kidnapping the world's super-scientists and super-villains. But whom? And to what end? The OSI, SPHINX, The Guild of Calamitous Intent and The Revenge Society must put aside their differences and convene a secret think tank to solve a mystery of epic proportions.

First Aired: September 26, 2010 | Written by Doc Hammer

Everybody Comes to Hank's »

With Dean off to New York for a summer internship, Hank is forced by his father to get a job. But when the budding entrepreneur dons a fabled fedora to become a private dick, a tangled mystery of sex, lies, and dirty secrets lands right in his lap.

First Aired: October 3, 2010 | Written by Doc Hammer

Bright Lights, Dean City »

Dean's summer internship in New York City turns deadly when he learns his new employer harbors a dark secret. Meanwhile, Doc's newfound love of show tunes makes him an easy target for the newly re-formed Revenge Society.

First Aired: October 10, 2010 | Written by Jackson Publick

Assisted Suicide »

Dr. Venture isn't feeling himself lately...he's killing himself. Orpheus suspects it's an inside job and pries the Venture family from their touch football game to help him teach Doc the value of self-love.

First Aired: October 17, 2010 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Silent Partners »

The men of Conjectural Technologies learn that success comes with a price when Billy is kidnapped by the mysterious and extra-creepy investors behind their recent windfall. But who is behind the investors? SPHINX would like to know.

First Aired: October 24, 2010 | Written by Doc Hammer

Operation: P.R.O.M. »

What's more frightening than a doll that wants to kill you with a broken bottle? What's more perilous than a car that has no brakes and is aimed at your torso? What brings more sleepless nights than the threat of chlamydia? The PROM! The Venture boys embrace society's most feared school dance in this hour long danger-pile. Will they live to look back at their rented suits with horror?

First Aired: November 21, 2010 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny »

The wait is over. The truths and half-truths about Dr. Venture's arch-nemeses, Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch, are finally revealed (albeit obliquely) in an episode spanning twenty years... and oceans of love. See how they first met, their first kiss, their first trembling gropes... at supervillainy -- and what the Guild of Calamitous Intent has to say about it all.

First Aired: June 1, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

The Doctor is Sin »

Dr. Venture learns that life with no arch enemy is not nearly so sweet when he finds himself besieged by C-list pretenders to the Monarch's throne, and his super-science business once again on the rocks. Despite the best effort of family and friends, it will take the help of a dark and mysterious stranger to get Doc's life back on track -- but will it cost him his soul?

First Aired: June 8, 2008 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Invisible Hand of Fate »

At long last, The Venture Bros. peels away the onion-like shrouds of time for a look back into the troubled past of America's most beloved hydrocephalic former boy genius, to reveal dark secrets that even he didn't know about. What could Pete White have been hiding from him all these years? And why is Brock in on that cover-up?

First Aired: June 15, 2008 | Written by Jackson Publick

Home Is Where The Hate Is »

As The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch settle into their new home and a new, 'no more arching Dr. Venture' anymore life, Dr. Venture receives an unorthodox introduction to his new Guild assigned nemesis, which quickly lands him in the center of the deadly web that is the suburban supervillain community.

First Aired: June 22, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

The Buddy System »

Dr. Venture, in a bid to make some much-needed money, opens up the compound as "Rusty's Day Camp for Boy Adventurers." But while children are kept busy with activities like judo lessons from Brock and quizzing with Master Billy Quizboy, the Monarch sends in the Murderous Moppets to spy on his former arch-nemesis.

First Aired: June 29, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer

Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman »

Love is in the air, kind of, when Dr. Venture encounters his childhood friend, Dr. Tara Quymn, in the Amazon Rain Forest. But while Rusty puts the moves on his old play date, Hank makes play for Dr. Quymn's twin daughters, Nancy and Drew, who in turn, only have eyes for Dean. And the Quymn's bodyguard, Ginnie, is hot for Brock. Maybe. But all their romantic interludes will have to be put aside when terror of the Wereodile threatens their camp.

First Aired: July 6, 2008 | Written by Jackson Publick

What Goes Down, Must Come Up »

All basements are kinda spooky, but the Ventures are about to learn the hard way that beneath the foundations of the Venture Compound lie deep, dark secrets... great and small. Only the one-two punch of magic and technology can save Doc, Brock -- and perhaps the planet -- from certain doom as the boys recruit The order of the Triad and Pete White to get to the bottom of a thirty year old mystery.

First Aired: July 13, 2008 | Written by Jackson Publick

Tears of a Sea Cow »

Bored and under-whelmed with his new Guild-assigned arch-nemesis, The Monarch seeks to re-spark his old hatred by secretly visiting the Venture Compound while Dr. Venture is away at the Science Now conference. His passion for arching all things Venture may threaten to seriously cool things with his other love, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, but does it really count as arching when there's nobody home? Or is there?

First Aired: July 20, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer

Now Museum -- Now You Don't! »

Determined to honor the father he never knew, Jonas, Jr. converts Spider Skull Island into a Team Venture Museum. Unfortunately, he invited all of his father's surviving friends and enemies to the grand opening. There's nothing like a party to stir up decades worth of sibling rivalries, bitter regrets and half-forgotten hatreds.

First Aired: July 27, 2008 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Lepidopterists »

The Monarch launches his first attack on his new arch nemesis, the other Dr. Venture. But Jonas has the formidable defenses of Spider-Skull Island on his side, as well as his own Team Venture, and the expert advice of a trio of O.S.I. "butterfly specialists." It will take a loose reading of the Guild handbook, an insertion team of his three best henchmen, and all the diabolical chicanery The Monarch can muster to even the playing field.

First Aired: August 3, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer


A series of cryptic clues sends Team Venture out to uncover a mystery left by the late Jonas Venture, Sr. As each new solved riddle exposes one more piece of secret Venture history, Brock discovers that his long-standing role as Dr. Venture's bodyguard may not have been the assignment he always thought it was.

First Aired: August 10, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together Pt I »

Brock Samson is a marked man. Terminated from the O.S.I., stripped of his license to kill, and hunted by three of the world's deadliest assassins, Brock only has one thing left: The Venture family. And he wants them as far away from him as they can get. But not even Molotov Cocktease, Hunter Gathers and a pair of friendly ex-O.S.I. comrades can sever the ties that bind. And The Monarch and Sgt. Hatred certainly aren't helping.

First Aired: August 17, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together Pt II »

Heads will fly as the explosive conclusion of The Venture Bros. two-part season finale finds Brock and the Venture family on the run from the Law, The Monarch, Sgt. Hatred and the entire O.S.I.! Only bald ingenuity and an unlikely ally can possibly save their necks from the deadly noose tightening around the Venture Compound, but they stand to lose so much more when they learn the hard way that you can't go home again.

First Aired: August 24, 2008 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

Powerless in the Face of Death »

Season 2 opens with those who loved the Venture Brothers mourning their loss: Dr. Venture embarks on a soul-searching expedition across the globe; Dr. Orpheus becomes consumed with guilt; and Brock---sans mullet---repairs his car. Meanwhile, the Monarch plans to break out of prison with help from some villainous inmates.

First Aired: June 25, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

Hate Floats »

Hank and Dean celebrate their 16th birthday with a trip to the mall. However their celebration is cut short by the Monarch, now back to his old ways, while he executes 'Operation: Get Back Dr. Girlfriend'. After the ordeal, Brock is injured and he and Phantom Limb must form an uneasy alliance against a common enemy if they ever want to see their loved ones again.

First Aired: July 2, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

Assassinanny 911 »

When Brock is called away for a top secret mission by OSI he places the boys and Dr. Venture in the care of his comrade and love interest Molotov Cocktease. However, Molotov has more in mind than just babysitting, and Hank has more in mind than just being babysat. Meanwhile Brock must confront the ugly truth about his mentor and teacher from OSI.

First Aired: July 9, 2006 | Written by Jackson Publick

Escape to the House of Mummies Pt II »

When the Venture family is captured by a time-traveling religious cult from ancient Egypt, Dr. Venture reluctantly calls on Dr. Orpheus for help. Once freed it's up to Dr. Venture to save Brock and the boys. However a little heated competition between he and Dr. Orpheus gets in the way. Dr. Venture enlists the help of Pete White and Billy Quizboy to help him defeat Orpheus, who visits his mysterious otherworldly 'Master' for advice as well. Meanwhile, will Brock and the boys be able to survive their perilous trip through time long enough for Dr. Venture to save them?

First Aired: July 16, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer

Twenty Years to Midnight »

When Brock finds a long-lost video recording of Jonas Venture Sr., he, Dr. Venture and the boys embark upon a globe-hopping trip to recover the pieces of Jonas' machine that may just be the key to saving the planet (and lining Dr. Venture's pockets with more cash). They enlist the help of a few familiar faces and meet some old foes and friends along the way including the Impossibles, Jonas Jr. and... Jonny? Meanwhile a strange alien visitor observes everything, but what are his true intentions?

First Aired: August 6, 2006 | Written by Jackson Publick

Victor. Echo. November. »

While Hank and Dean are out on a double date with... Triana and her friend Kim... The Monarch and Phantom Limb meet at the same restaurant so to work out the Monarch's insurance plan with the Guild. However their business meeting turns sour when the Monarch dares Phantom Limb to stamp out the Venture family. Now it's up to Brock to save the boys from certain death, but is Dr. Venture safe?

First Aired: August 13, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer

Love-Bheits »

After attending a costume party the Venture family crashes on the borders of Ãœnderland and are taken captive. Baron Ãœnderbheit plans to execute them, until he takes an interest in Dean... Meanwhile, Dr. Venture, Brock and Hank meet the Ãœnderland resistance; a group of rebels trying to take down Baron Ãœnderbheit one small step at a time. Will they be able to help get Dean back, or is Dean doomed to a lifetime in an unholy union with the Baron?

First Aired: August 20, 2006 | Written by Jackson Publick

Fallen Arches »

When the Guild of Calamitous Intent finally approves Dr. Orpheus for his very own arch nemesis, he calls upon old friends The Alchemist and Jefferson Twilight to resurrect their former super-team, The Order of the Triad. While they audition supervillain candidates at the Venture Compound, a jealous Doc isn't about to let Orpheus steal the show. Let loose the walking eye!

First Aired: September 3, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer

Guess Who's Coming To State Dinner? »

When the Gargantua-1 Space Station breaks orbit and crashes into a wanted terrorist, Colonel Bud Manstrong becomes a national hero. But an insidious plot to assassinate the Presdent might be the real truth behind the supposed crash. The mysterious blinking band aid on Bud's head might be the key to a mystery only the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and Team Venture can solve.

First Aired: September 9, 2006 | Written by Jackson Publick

I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills »

The Monarch continues to rebuild his villainous empire with the aid of his shadowy new Number 2, Dr. Henry Killinger, but Henchman 21 is suspicious of the deadly foreigner's unctuous charms. Meanwhile, as Dr. Orpheus attempts to exorcise a Japanese demon from Dr. Venture, a mysterious woman from Doc's past resurfaces. And she'd kill to find out where Hank and Dean are.

First Aired: September 24, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

¡Viva los Muertos! »

When Dr. Venture finally succeeds in attaining the holy grail of superscience, the revivification of a human corpse for fun and profit, a washed up gang of wandering former teen sleuths is convinced that the Venture Compound is haunted. Their investigation uncovers something far creepier. Meanwhile, Orpheus shepherds Brock through a crisis of conscience with the help of a New Age shaman and a bizarre tea party.

First Aired: October 1, 2006 | Written by Benjamin Edlund

Showdown at Cremation Creek Pt I »

The Monarch finally (for like the fourth time) has Team Venture in his clutches at the one time he doesn't want them - smack dab in the middle of the social event of the supervillain season. The stage is set for a deadly, ultimate showdown between The Monarch and Phantom Limb for the hand of Dr. Girlfriend.

First Aired: October 8, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

Showdown at Cremation Creek Pt II »

As Phantom Limb makes his stunning power play, only Brock can rally The Monarch's forces to mount a defense. The fate of almost everyone in the Venture universe hangs in the balance as The Sovereign reveals his true identity and guys and stuff explode all over the place.

First Aired: October 15, 2006 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

Dia de los Dangerous! »

When the Venture Family visits Tijuana for a lecture Dr. Venture is giving at the (community) University of Mexico, the dastardly Monarch weaves a cocoon of villany that leaves the Venture Brothers trapped in his clutches, Dr. Venture kidney-less and Brock... dead? If only Dr. Venture would return his calls...

First Aired: August 7, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick

Careers in Science »

The Venture family must travel to space to repair an orbiting space station that Dr. Venture's father built in the 1970s, but a mysterious space phantom could be haunting the station! Things get even more intense as Brock's presence adds heat to an already tense romantic relationship between the station's two officers.

First Aired: August 13, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer

Mid-life Chrysalis »

The Monarch sends Dr. Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr. Venture in order to inject him with a body-altering serum. Meanwhile, Brock is deeply depressed to learn his secret agent license to kill has expired, but the boys are Hell-bent on helping him cram for his government exam.

First Aired: September 25, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic! »

Dr. Venture's new experiment has the entire family interested -- not to mention trapped inside! The Ventures' strange new neighbour, master of mysticism Dr. Orpheus, may be the only one who can help them escape. Meanwhile, Dean falls for Dr. Orpheus' teenaged daughter, and Brock falls for his old flame: Molotov Cocktease.

First Aired: September 4, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer

The Incredible Mr. Brisby »

Dr. Venture is offered a job by theme park owner and cartoon magnate Roy Brisby, who won't take no for an answer in his quest for worldwide entertainment dominance. Meanwhile, the boys are given the Patty Heartst treatment by the Orange County Liberation Front, a group of militant suburbanites who want to take down Brisby's empire. Brock enlists the aid of former lover and fellow superspy Molotov Cocktease to "mount" a rescue, but she may have her own agenda...

First Aired: August 28, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick

Tag Sale -- You're It! »

Always short on cash, Dr. Venture decides to unload some of his father's old scientific equipment in a huge yard sale that attracts fellow scientists and super-villans alike. Everyone is supposed to be on their best behaviour, but The Monarch can't resist the tempation to wreak havoc once he finds himself inside the "belly of the beast"... nor can he find a bathroom.

First Aired: October 9, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer

Home Insecurity »

To protect the Venture compound while Brock is on his yearly survival sabbatical, Dr. Venture builds a panic room and a robotic bodyguard -- which are put to the test when both the Monarch's and Baron Underbheit's henchmen choose the same night to launch attacks. While the supervillans bicker over who has dibs on Dr. Venture, Brock is busy befriending the strangest couple in the Cascadian mountains. Oh yeah, and HELPeR runs away in a fit of jealousy.

First Aired: August 21, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick

Ghosts of the Sargasso »

On a scientific expedition in the Bermuda Triangle, Doc's experimental equipment awakens and possibly enrages the submerged ghost of Major Tom, a test pilot who crashed in an experimental aircraft designed by Doc's father. While there, the Venture's hydrofoil is hijacked by a group of fake ghost pirates who've been stranded in the sargassum since Jesus Jones was popular.

First Aired: September 11, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick

Ice Station Impossible »

Dr. Venture, Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy are invited to take part in a top secret government think tank run by supergenius Professor Impossible (coincidentally their former college professor), but Doc's life is in jeopardy once he learns the dark secrets of Impossible's sequestered family. Meanwhile, Hank has become a walking time bomb thanks to a stolen Cold War serum, and Brock and Dean must race the clock to save him.

First Aired: September 18, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick

Are You There God, It's Me, Dean »

The Monarch finally has the Venture family right where he wants them -- hanging upside down above the Amazon river! But his victory is postponed when Dean suffers a strange but fairly common injury -- acute testicular tortion. According to the bi-laws of the Guild of Calamtious Intent, a temporary truce must be called in order to get Dean medical attention, so Brock and Hank are held as collateral. Doc calls on his friends Master Billy Quizboy and Mr. White to perform orchiopexy on Dean.

First Aired: October 2, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer

Past Tense »

When Brock and Dr. Venture are kidnapped from the funeral of a college friend, the boys enlist the aid of the original Team Venture: a group of superscience adventurers who worked for their grandfather in the sixties. Meanwhile, the mysterious kidnapper reveals the secret of his twenty year old grudge through a series of flashbacks to when he, Brock, Doc, Baron Underbheit, and Mr. White were all in college together.

First Aired: October 16, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick

The Trial of the Monarch »

The Monarch is on trial for the one crime he may not have committed, under mysterious circumstances stemming from his bitter breakup with Dr. Girlfriend. The boys and Dr. Orpheus are forced to testify, but only Brock is aware that something far more sinister is afoot.

First Aired: October 23, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer

Return to Spider-Skull Island »

Dr. Venture finally learns the secret of his recurring womb nightmares when a stomach tumor turns out to be something far more sinister. In a fit of jealousy over their mistaken belief that their father is pregnant, the boys run away from home. But their newfound freedom is short lived once they fun afoul of the law and land themselves in a "Scared Straight"-style outreach program headed by none other than the recently incarcerated Monarch.

First Aired: October 30, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay »

This was the pilot episode for the series. As you might imagine a lot of things changed between this episode and the first episode. The major ones being the design of Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch's uniform. HELPeR is also nowhere to be seen.

First Aired: February 15, 2003 | Written by Jackson Publick

A Very Venture Christmas »

In the Christmas speical, Dr. Venture is a bit behind on his shopping, but he's excited about hosting his annual Christmas Eve shindig. Brock turns out to have some sentimental Yuletide traditions. Dean and Hank, who still believe in Santa Claus, accidentally unlock a magical demon who threatens to ruin Dr. Venture's annual Christmas party and murder all his guests. Dr. Billy Quizboy and Mr. White hit on Traina, Dr. Orpheus' underage daughter. Meanwhile, The Monarch plans the ultimate gift for Dr. Girlfriend--the destruction of the entire Venture Compound.

First Aired: December 19, 2004 | Written by Jackson Publick

Holiday Havoc: Venture Christmas Songs »

Every year since The Venture Bros. has existed Jackson and Doc have provided FRED (formerly QuickStopEntertainment) with a Christmas-themed song sung by various characters in the show. The songs are generally more pop-oriented Christmas songs, sometimes obscure or one-off things. You can listen to and download the songs from 2004 - 2009 at this handy compilation page and the 2010 song can be found on the FRED 2010 Holiday Singles page.

First Aired: December 17, 2004 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story »

See the Venture Family as you've never seen them before: in a 15-minute documentary-style animated special. Follow the meteoric rise, the equally meteoric fall, and the decidedly un-meteor-like second coming of the most important band Hank Venture, Dermott Fitctel and H.E.L.P.eR. robot have ever been in: Shallow Gravy. If you’re hungry for rock, then open wide, because here comes a ladle of heavy metal fire and metaphoric meat drippings.

First Aired: August 28, 2011 | Written by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

A Very Venture Halloween »

It's Halloween at the Venture Compound and Dr. Orpheus is hosting a party for a secret society of magic guys. Meanwhile Hank, Dean and Dermott explore a real live haunted house, though it may be haunted not with ghosts but the truth. Everyone involved learns something about themselves, including why maybe it's not a great idea to reanimate the dead.

First Aired: October 28, 2012 | Written by Doc Hammer

All This And Gargantua-2 »

The Ventures and their stellar crew head out into the final frontier of deep, deep space on an epic adventure to the Gargantua-2 space station that is destined to change everything the world knows about the Ventureverse.

First Aired: January 19, 2015 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

Radiant Is The Blood Of The Baboon Heart »

In The Venture Bros.: Radiant Is the Blood of the Baboon Heart, a nationwide manhunt for Hank Venture leads to untold dangers and unexpected revelations, while the Monarch is literally out for Dr. Venture’s blood. An imposing evil from the past reemerges to wreak havoc on the Ventures, the Guild, and even the Monarch marriage—it will take friends and foes alike to restore the Ventures’ world to order… or end it once and for all.

First Aired: July 21, 2023 | Written by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

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