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Terms Of Use

These Mantis-Eye Experiment Terms of Use ("terms of use") govern your access and use of the website http://mantiseye.com/ (and similarly-owned domains). By accessing or using any part of the site you agree to these terms of use and acknowledge that you have read and fully understand them.


Please read the site privacy policy for information on this: http://mantiseye.com/info/privacy.

Restrictions on Use

The Mantis-Eye Experiment and related services are provided free of charge and the user agrees to not resell the site or any of its content to third parties without express written endorsement from the site and its owner(s).

Rules of Conduct

By using the site and any resources the user agrees to not reproduce site content or user submissions including but not limited to harvesting usernames, email addresses, posts, comments, IP addresses and so on for any purposes not directly involving the Mantis-Eye Experiment. Furthermore users may not solicit other users with advertising, spam or bulk email either on the site publicly or privately in any way unless the user explicitly grants permission to do so. In the case of permission the Mantis-Eye Experiment assumes no liability nor responsibility for the content or result of such contact.

The Mantis-Eye Experiment reserves the right to terminate an account if they do not comply with the rules of conduct set forth in these terms of use.

Content And Submissions

The site provides users multiple ways of adding their own content (or 'submissions'). By submitting content (including, but not limited to comments and the contact form) user agrees to grant the Mantis-Eye Experiment a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to distribute content on the site. The Mantis-Eye Experiment also reserves the right to modify, reuse, adapt and display submissions as it sees fit. Users should note that all submissions will not be treated with confidentiality and many will be displayed publicly and so user should agree to not submit any data they deem private or required to be kept secret.

Third-Party Sites

The site may provide a way for users to link to other (third-party) sites or resources on the internet. It should be noted that these sites are not under control of the Mantis-Eye Experiment and the presence of links, either via user submission or otherwise does not indicate endorsement by the site. Similarly the site shall not responsible or liable for any damage or loss (alleged or otherwise) that occurs from use of a third-party site and/or resource linked or presented by the site.


When a user creates an account they agree to provide accurate information including but not limited to their email address and user name. User may not register a user name with the intent of impersonating another person (user or otherwise), the intent of being vulgar or offensive (decided at the discretion of the site), or the use of a name subject to rights of anyone but the user without consent of the rights holder. Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to termination of the account. User is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of their account and should contact the site immediately in the event of a breach of use. Users also agree to not use accounts that are not their own without express consent of the account holder in question.

Electronic Communications

By registering an account you agree to receive electronic communication from the site which includes registration and authorization contact as well as contact for lost passwords. The site may contact users beyond the scope of these cases but all other emails can be opted out of via your user profile.

Term and Termination

The Mantis-Eye Experiment may terminate any or all of these terms at any time. If the user wishes to terminate they may simply stop using the site.

No Warranty and Liability

By agreeing to their terms the user accepts that everything is provided 'as is' without warranties of any kind. In no event shall the site or any involved in it, including owners, officials, and users be liable for any bugs, viruses, errors, omissions, inaccuracies and so on. If anything is wrong, offensive or causes harm and/or damage you agree to not hold the site or anyone involved with the site liable. Specifically the site is not liable for submissions.

DMCA Notice

The site will, in good faith, remove any copyright-infringing information or other materials when contacted by the proper authority. These include, but are not limited to endorsed site content as well as submissions from users. Copyright holders agree to not hold the site liable in the event of infringing submissions, though they will be removed as quickly as possible once contacted.