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The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together, Part I

  • Original Air Date:
    August 17, 2008
  • Written by:
    Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick
  • Production Number:
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All-time score of 4.4 with 357 votes


Brock Samson is a marked man. Terminated from the O.S.I., stripped of his license to kill, and hunted by three of the world's deadliest assassins, Brock only has one thing left: The Venture family. And he wants them as far away from him as they can get. But not even Molotov Cocktease, Hunter Gathers and a pair of friendly ex-O.S.I. comrades can sever the ties that bind. And The Monarch and Sgt. Hatred certainly aren't helping.


[Start of extra scene]

The main lab of the Venture Compound is in ruins and on fire. The Monarch stands before it, laughing at his handiwork. Hank and Dean rush into the room and gasp.

Dean: It's the Monarch! Pop's most feared enemy!
Hank: [to his watch] Brock, the Monarch is in the lab! Come quick and-
[the moppets jump on Hank and Dean's backs and put their knives at the boys' throats]
Tim-Tom: One more word from you and I pull your tongue from your neck!
Hank: Colombian necktie.
Kevin: That's two more! Time to operate!
Dean: That doesn't count, he was just naming the cut.
Kevin: Oh, so now you wanna taste knife too?
Dean: I can't taste with my neck.
Hank: Then you should give him a Brazilian smile.
Tim-Tom: What's that?
Hank: You just cut the mouth ear-to-ear.
Tim-Tom: Ohh, I like that.
The Monarch: Okay, this is why I'm anti-moppet. Right here. This crap.
Dr. Girlfriend: No, I see your point. Boys, take them to the Cocoon and interrogate-
The Monarch: Torture.
Dr. Girlfriend: Torture them!
Brock: Monarch you pansy!! Sicking your little goons on children! New low!

Brock jumps off the catwalk he is on, swinging from a hoist. He swings towards Hank and Dean and jumps, grabbing the moppets in mid-air.

Dr. Girlfriend: My babies! You let them go!!
The Monarch: Honey, that's embarrassing. Let me handle this. Samson!! [his wings open] Put my wife's little freaks down and fight me!!!

Brock throws the moppets to the ground and grabs his knife. He charges the Monarch, who stands his ground. A few feet before he gets to him Brock leaps, ready to disembowel the Monarch. However at the last second the Monarch ducks down, causing Brock's head to go between his wings, which are apparently razor sharp. Brock is decapitated (Hank and Dean watch in horror) and his head bounces a few times before coming to rest in front of Dr. Venture who is being restrained by 21.

Henchman 21: I caught him trying to escape through the ventilation shaft.
Dr. Venture: I was fixing the heating, are you guys cold? It's freezing in here.
Henchman 21: Silence, prisoner! You will speak only when spoken to.
The Monarch: I have one question, Venture. How do you want to die?!
Dr. Girlfriend: You did it! I could not be more turned on. Kiss me!

She embraces 21 and they kiss. The Monarch looks angry but another Dr. Girlfriend enters the shot.

Dr. Girlfriend: What the fuck is that all about?
The Monarch: What are you doing!?

Around them the room fades away to reveal they were in some sort of holochamber. The Venture family and the Dr. Girlfriend 21 was making out with turn into robotic dummies and go limp.

Henchman 21: Oh my god! This thing is... broken or something! I could have died! Like in Westworld.
The Monarch: Put. The mannequin. Down.
Henchman 21: So glad it was me they revolted against.
The Monarch: Put it down. [21 complies] Alright, people, that was excellent work. Mostly. We're ready! Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for! Tonight we storm the Venture Compound!!!

[End extra scene]

Nighttime outside the Venture Compound. The sound of Brock yelling and loud clanging can be heard. Inside the hangar we see that Brock has dismantled most of the front end of his Charger. He is covered in blood and oil and grease. He finally stops when Hank and Dean come out.

Hank: Brock? No! Why'd you kill the mayhem-mobile?
Brock: Adrian!! Her name was Adrian. And it was her or me.
Dean: I thought you called her Danger-Hawk.
Dr. Venture: Well I call it a mess! You are going to clean this up, aren't you?
Brock: Everyone just!! -just give me a minute. I need to think. [he leans on the landing gear of the X-1 to catch his breath]
Dean: Brock? [Brock holds up his hand without looking at them]
Dr. Venture: Give him time, boy. Thinking's new to him.
Brock: Okay, okay. Here's what's gonna happen! I want all of you dressed and on that plane in two minutes!
Hank: Why, what's going on?
Dr. Venture: I just got into my PJs!
Brock: I'll explain later! HELPeR, prep the X-1 for takeoff! [Brock points at HELPeR with the monkey wrench he is still holding] HELPeR: [beeps] [shifts into battle mode]
Brock: Oh, what the hell's the matter with him now?
Dean: I think he thinks he's next.
Hank: He often speaks of the coming war between man and the brotherhood oh machines.
[Startled, Brock looks at the monkey wrench and places it on the ground]
HELPeR: [beeps] [shifts out of battle mode] [hugs Brock]
Brock: Okay, okay. HELPeR, I want you to plot a course for Spider-Skull Island.
Dr. Venture: [scoffs] My brother's place?
Brock: Doc, if what I think is going down I gotta get you guys someplace safe. Dangerous men may already be on their way here.
Dr. Venture: So turn the electric fence and go to bed. Why are you suddenly so paranoid? People have been trying to kill me since I could pee standing up.
Brock: They're not coming for you! They're coming for me.

The lights in the hangar shut off. A helicopter shines its spotlight into the front of the hangar and slowly lands in front of it. Brock yells for everyone to take cover. A group of six or seven women slide into the hanger in front of the Venture family on ropes. The leader walks forward as the spotlight behind her turns off. It's Molotov. She looks over at Adrian.

Molotov: Car trouble?

Opening credits.

On a road somewhere the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, 21 and 24 ride in the Monarchmobile as the moppets ride ahead of them on what I can only assume are tiny Monarch-themed motorcycles.

The Monarch: We're going to storm the Venture Compound, I'm not stopping!! You should have thought of that before!
Henchman 21: I didn't have to pee then!!
The Monarch: [sighs] Here! [he grabs a Starbucks cup] Pee in this.
Henchman 21: Come on! You're still drinking this! Please just pull over.
Dr. Girlfriend: Well there's a gas station coming up, I can pull over.
Henchman 24: Sweet! I could go for a slushy, but I have to change first.
Henchman 21: Yeah I wanna change too. They always ask us what band we play in when we wear these things in public.
The Monarch: We're storming!! We're not driving to grandma's house, pee in the cup!
Henchman 21: Man! Okay, jeeze. Alright, no looking.
The Monarch: Look at it? I don't even want to think about it! I hate my henchmen.
Dr. Girlfriend: This was your idea. I wanted to take the Cocoon.
The Monarch: Ahh, that's just what Venture expects us to do! But we won't expect this! You and your two best men! Me and my... men. We keep it slim! Elite forces!
Dr. Girlfriend: Great idea. One of your [air quotes] elite forces is playing Tetris on his cell phone while the other is peeing into a grande chai latte.
Henchman 21: Oh my god I wish! It's like there's a vice on my wing-ding. You guys gotta stop talking so I can get into the zone.
[Sgt. Hatred's hover tank passes loudly over them]
The Monarch: Wha- son of a bitch! Sergent Hatred?! Is he heading for th- No! No!! That wash-up thinks he's going to ruin this night for me- Honey!! Make the Monarchmobile go faster!!

Back at the Venture Compound Brock, Doc and the boys are all still alive and well. Molotov and the Black Hearts remain there as Brock throws a bunch of luggage into the X-1. Brock says that he'd love to stay and chat but he's pretty sure the OSI want him dead and last time he checked Molotov wasn't exactly on their buddy list either. Molotov laughs, asking Brock who he thinks the OSI asked to kill him? Without a word Brock grabs Molotov and puts his knife to her throat. All of the Black Hearts aim their guns at her. She notes that he should release her or the Black Hearts will cut him to ribbons. Brock tries to make a joke but Molotov grabs him and flips him over her and to the ground.

Molotov: I never said I took the assignment.
Brock: What's the matter, baby? You love me too damned much to kill me?
Molotov: Maybe I'm just too jealous to share you. [she holds up some files] Your OSI has already hired three other assassins.

We see the first assassin in an airport with Molotov reading the file as a voice over.

Molotov: Heinrich Triggermensch. Codename 'Herr Trigger'. Former member of the of the East German Olympic biathlon team and current number one on Interpol's most wanted list. Killing is more than just a job for him.

Russell Sturgeon. Codename 'Go-Fish'. Little was known about him other than that he specializes in maritime assassinations.

Jean-Claude Le Tueur. His ego won't permit him a codename. A bored, rich game hunter, he turned to human targets for sport. He is also an avid collector of exotic weapons and something called 'Silver Age' comic books.

Back in Nightin' Ales Hunter assures Brock that Molotov is telling the truth and the OSI is trying to kill Brock. Dr. Venture enters and slyly asks Brock to introduce him to his friend. Hunter slaps him (in the throat) and tells him to buzz off. Dr. Venture trudges off when Brock tells him to wait in the X-1. Hunter berates Brock for parking the X-1 outside a titty bar, which sort of ruins any hopes of stealth he might have had. Outside the bar Dr. Venture, still annoyed, climbs back into the X-1 as Herr Trigger pulls up outside on his bike. He licks his lips.

Inside, so as to not rouse suspicion from the bartender, Hunter is giving Brock a lap dance. Yeah.

Hunter: So what do you need? Money?
Brock: Nah, still got the wad you gave me last time.
Hunter: Good! Tip me! [he waves his ass in front of Brock who puts a dollar in Hunter's shorts, pulling out a passport in return] That's a passport, driver's license and Discover card. Your name is Jesus Troubez. You live in Pueblo, Colorado, you sell aluminum siding and you love the History Channel! Quick, feel my tits! [Brock stares in disbelief] Do it! [he gingerly puts his hands on Hunter's boobs] No touching the ladies! I can handle this one, Jimmy! [Brock now has a booklet in his hands] That's a list of friendly contacts. All ex-OSI who've gone off the reservation, like you.
Brock: I'm gonna need some wheels.
Hunter: You can take mine. But you are not gonna like looking for the keys! [he climbs up on Brock and puts his crotch in his face]

Meanwhile at the Venture Compound everyone has broke into the main building finally, though 21 and 24 are covered in... stuff. 21 notes that it sucks that they spent all this time trying to get in and it turns out the front door is open. At least they have the septic system mapped out now though.

The Monarch: Alright cut the chatter; it's game time. You all know your roles. Huddle up. Huddle up! Okay, review. Moppets?
Tim-Tom: We locate the Venture boys.
Kevin: And kill them!
The Monarch: Subdue them.
Tim-Tom: Cut their bellies?
The Monarch: Subdue their bellies. Dr. My Wife?
Dr. Girlfriend: Locate and seduce-
The Monarch: Subdue! Come on!
Dr. Girlfriend: Subdue Brock Samson.
The Monarch: Henchman 24?
Henchman 24: Locate and subdue the Venture robot.
The Monarch: Subdue? You can kill the robot. It's a robot. Henchman 21?
Henchman 21: What?! Dude, I gotta pee so bad it's backing up into my kidneys.
The Monarch: Wrong! You keep and eye out for Sergent Hatred while I locate and subdue Dr. Venture. [21 does a pee dance] Forget it. You go to the bathroom. [they stand] Alright alpha team, we trained for every aspect of this maneuver-
Henchman 24: Except for the electric fence.
The Monarch: Except the fence.
Dr. Girlfriend: Which wouldn't have been a problem if we took the Cocoon.
The Monarch: [sighs] Okay! Let's write history!

Outside Nightin' Ales, Herr Trigger waits and shudders, rubbing his gun. He flips open the scope of his rifle only to see Brock right in front of him. Brock punches him and grabs the gun. He shouts at Dr. Venture to go to his brother's. Dr. Venture leaves as if nothing strange is happening, saying he'll call when they land. Brock tells him to maintain radio silence.

Brock: If you don't hear from me in 49 hours you get yourself the yellow pages and look up bodyguard!
Hank: No, Brock! We won't go without you!
Brock: You do what I tell you! [he smashes Herr Trigger across the face with the rifle] The farther away from me you go the safer you'll be.
Dean: But, we're a family! We stick together through thick and thin!
Brock: No! You guys are the family. I'm just a guy who was hired to protect you.
Hank: But we- like [Brock throws his knife at Herr Trigger] love each other.
Brock: I don't love you boys! It was a job. Nothing more. And now that it's over you'll only get in my way! Now get on that plane!!

Hank and Dean sadly get on the plane. The stairs close and Brock's face shifts from angry to sad. The X-1 takes off as Brock watches. Just then a spray of bullets hits the ground around Brock. He ducks for cover and lands in front of his knife. He grabs it and jumps into Hunter's car as bullets rain down around him.

As Brock is driving away he hears a voice. Oh hey it's Hank. In his back seat. Seriously Brock, the Lassie trick? No time to argue, however. Herr Trigger is riding next to them on his bike, firing madly at the car. Brock says that if they live through this he's going to kill Hank. Hank is quick to point out that Brock no longer has a license to kill.

Brock: Doc! Doc!
Dr. Venture: Oh hello mister 'no radio contact'.
Dean: Hi, Brock!
Dr. Venture: Miss us already?
Brock: Take a look around the cockpit, Doc. You forget something?
Dr. Venture: Uh, travel bingo?
Brock: Try your son, Doc.
Dr. Venture: No, Dean's right here.
Brock: Hank, ass!! Why is Hank sitting next to me?!
Dr. Venture: Well the boy idolizes you, you know that.
Brock: Listen to me, turn the X-1 around, you gotta come get Hank!
Hank: Awwww.
Brock: Seat belt, now!
[Hank refuses]
Brock: You wanna end up like Gary Busey?
Hank: [gasps and buckles his seat belt] There's that guy again.
Brock: I see him. Okay, what can we throw at this jackass? Let's see.

Brock presses a button on the dashboard which causes some guns hidden under the headlights to shoot the car in front of them. Brock apologizes to the random family he just opened fire on. Herr Trigger fires at Brock, missing, and then creepily licks the barrel of his submachinegun.

After a clusterfuck of a conversation where Dr. Venture is unable to find Brock and Hank wants to help Brock deploys the classic oil slick trap, shooting oil out the back of the car onto the road. However two streams come out from each taillight, so Herr Trigger is able to just drive between them. He then tosses his cigarette onto the road, causing the oil to catch fire. Dr. Venture is now able to see Brock, however. Hank notes the trap didn't work. In an attempt to stop the oil from squirting out Hank presses another button which causes his chair to eject. He flies into the air. Horrified, Brock slams the breaks and turns the car around. He flips another switch which sprays water in front of him, putting out the fire directly in front of the car. He and Herr Trigger head directly for each other, but Brock slams the breaks and the car stops before they connect. Herr Trigger, helpless, hits the car and flips over the top of it. Hank lands back in the car, though he's now facing the other way. Herr Trigger lands in some oil which catches fire and the X-1 lands behind Brock, who backs into the rear hatch.

In the fire, out of nowhere Herr Trigger has fabricated a bazooka. Laughing, he fires it at the X-1. Inside the X-1 Brock says that they're splitting up again once they're a safe distance away. However before he can get any more words out the RPG connects with the jet. One of the engines is down, so he needs to land it fast. However the front landing gear has broken off in the blast. From his spot on top of the jet HELPeR beeps and climbs down the side of the plane and grabs onto what remains of the front landing gear.

Brock brings the X-1 down on the street, with HELPeR sacrificing himself to help give them a smooth landing. The weight of the jet pushes him down into the ground, causing sparks to fly. The lower portion of his body breaks off as cars dodge the X-1. Smoldering, the X-1 finally comes to a halt.

Far away Herr Trigger laughs and pulls out a pistol. He's riding his bike towards the X-1, however he is promptly crushed by the ejected cockpit of the X-1.


The Monarch bursts into the Venture Compound lab to... nothing. It's empty of course. In Hank and Dean's room the moppets cut a hole in the cover of Dean's learning bed. Kevin jumps in with his knife and begins to 'subdue'. After a small struggle he pokes his head out and reveals Dean's stuffed giraffe, the recipient of the stabs.

Kevin: What would a teenager be doing with a stuffed animal?!
Tim-Tom: Well, I know what I did with them.
Kevin: Me too. [thinks for a second] Ugh! [pushes the giraffe away] I can't believe I touched it!

The Monarch, meanwhile, continues making dramatic entrances. The Venture living room. Nothing.

Dr. Girlfriend sits on Brock's bed... sexily. She cleans a spot off her boot and adjusts her costume and, uh, her assets.

The Monarch springs into Dr. Venture's bedroom, but with the same results. He attempts the closet next, but once again nobody is home. Frustrating.

21 finds the bathroom, which happens to be locked. From inside Sgt. Hatred yells at him. 21 apologizes until he realizes something is wrong with what just happened. He radios everyone, telling them to get to the master bedroom. The Monarch stands in the hangar, looking at Brock's dismantled car, shouting "Where the fuck are you!?" in his extreme frustration.

Brock, Doc and boys actually are at a harbor, however. Brock has gotten into contact with a former OSI member who was kicked out a few years asked on a don't ask, don't tell issue. Dean points out that means they know that he can keep a secret.

Holy Diver: Well, well, well. Look at what the cat dragged in.
Brock: Hey, Shore Leave. Long time no-
Holy Diver: No, no, no, no. Not my handle any more. These days I'm called 'Holy Diver'! [he unzips his wet suit to reveal a anchor tattoo with an extra bar across the top to look like a cross]
Sky Pilot: [entering from inside the boat] Brock Samson! As I live and breathe!
Brock: Hey I remember you, you're Mile High!
Sky Pilot: Not any more! Sky Pilot is my call sign ever since Jesus slew our demons of homosexuality.
Dr. Venture: Oh boy.
Brock: Yeah that's great. So now you guys arrrrre...?
Holy Diver: Partners! In the fastest growing youth ministry in Southern California! [the sign on their boat says 'The Action Bible School' and has a rainbow arching over it]
Sky Pilot: Are you here to enroll these fine, young Christian soldiers in our extreme outreach program?
Hank: Eww.
Dean: [at the same time] Hey, fun!
Brock: Yeah, no, I just want to charter your boat. Take these guys to Spider-Skull Island while I deal with a, uh, sticky situation.
Holy Diver: Mmm, no can do-do-do. We've got Bible dive at noon.
Sky Pilot: And parasailing through Corinthians from two to three.

They continue their conversation as, unnoticed to anyone, Go-Fish watches them. He checks the wind (with his gloved hand; not sure how that works) and pulls a small grenade off his fishing hat. back on the boat Brock has been asking Holy Diver and Sky Pilot for supplies like explosives, but they note that they're not in that business any more.

Sky Pilot: But we have got the only weapon you'll ever need, friend [he hands Brock a Bible]
Brock: [looking at the bible] Let's go.

Just then the grenade lands at Brock's feet. It makes a small explosion which knocks everyone back but entirely flings Brock off the boat and onto the dock. Go-Fish then casts his rod and a weird robotic frog lands next to Brock. It jumps on Brock, who is still dazed, and wraps a ton of fishing wire around him. G-Fish quickly pulls away in his boat with his rod attached to the back. Brock is pulled into the water.

Sky Pilot: Oh that sinner just messed with the wrong brothers! We're not just Sky Pilot and Holy Diver, mild mannered adventure school pastors.
Sky Pilot: We're also...
[they put their fingers together, sort of like a 'Go Team Venture!']
Sky Pilot and Holy Diver: The Soul Mates!

Brock, meanwhile, continues to be dragged through the water.

At the boat everyone has gone below deck. Holy Diver steps into a weird contraption which puts him in an aura of light. Sky Pilot mans the controls.

Sky Pilot: Ephesian sequence ready!
Holy Diver: Activate Boots of the Gospel!
[Sky Pilot presses some buttons and some armored boots materialize on Holy Diver's feet]
Holy Diver: Initiate loin guarding Codpiece of Truth!
[the codpiece materializes next]
Hank: Uh, is this gonna take long?
Sky Pilot: Ohh [laughs] Ye have need of patience. That after ye have done the will of god, ye might receive the promise.
Holy Diver: Engage Breastplate of Righteousness!

Out in the ocean Go-Fish chums the water, attracting sharks. Brock is none too pleased about this development.

Dean: I think he's throwing sharks at him now!
Holy Diver: Activate Helmet of Salvation!
Sky Pilot: Ephesian sequence complete!
Dr. Venture: Thank god.
Holy Diver: Now for the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit to complete the ensam. [he grabs the sword and shield] Boom! Yummy!

Brock, meanwhile, has gotten one arm loose. He grabs a shark and uses its mouth to cut the fishing line, which disconnects him from the boat. Another shark leaps on top of him, pushing him under. Go-Fish sadly sighs. Gyp.

On the boat Holy Diver and Sky Pilot rush out. Hank celebrates the upcoming head busting, but then stops when he notes that Holy Diver and Sky Pilot are knelt over, praying.

Hank: What are you doing!? He's right there! Get him!!
[they continue to pray]
Dean: Where is Brock?
[in the distance Brock, surrounded by blood, rises to the surface, floating on his face]
Hank: He's gonna kill him!! Aren't you gonna do something?
Holy Diver: Excuse me, we are. The power of prayer can move mountains, Hank. [goes back to praying]
Dr. Venture: This is worse than calling Orpheus.

Go-Fish, meanwhile, races towards Brock, who is still floating. However from another angle we see Brock is sitting on a nearby buoy, shirtless and without any hair. He smirks to himself and then grabs the fishing line he's holding and jumps into the water. The other end of the line is tied to the top of the opposite buoy and the middle part contains a bloody shark wearing Brock's torn shirt and his hair. Go-Fish has no time to react to what's going on and the shark slices off his head.

Brock: [picking up Go-Fish's hat and placing is on his head] Oh god, the lord, the strength of my salvation thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.

At the Venture Compound, in the bathroom, Dr. Girlfriend explains to Sgt. Hatred that she and the Monarch are taking his arch enemy. It's been cleared with the Guild. Sgt. Hatred, who is taking a crap (or at least hasn't cleaned himself up after such an act) confides in Dr. Girlfriend that his wife, Princess Tinyfeet, is leaving him.

Dr. Girlfriend: Did she say she was leaving you?
Sgt. Hatred: I got this text. [he hands Dr. Girlfriend a massive army walkie talkie cell phone]
Dr. Girlfriend: That's a big cell phone.
Sgt. Hatred: I'm a big boy!
Dr. Girlfriend: [reading the phone] 'We need to talk.' That's it?
Sgt. Hatred: [crying] I can't live without her!! She's the sun to my- my... lawn, I don't know.
Dr. Girlfriend: How do you know that's what she wants to talk about?
Sgt. Hatred: You're a woman! I mean, you are a woman, right?
Dr. Girlfriend: I'm gonna ignore that.
Sgt. Hatred: Well do you think it's something else?
Dr. Girlfriend: [re-reads the text] Noooo. 'We need to talk' is kind of universal for 'I'm leaving you.' It's the butter-up part.
Sgt. Hatred: Aww she's buttering me!? I don't wanna live any more! I'm not leaving until my arch-enemy comes home and kills me!!

The Venture family, meanwhile, has arrived at a motel and gotten a room. Brock, wearing pink pants and a Brisbyland t-shirt enters the room first and checks around briefly. He says that they're going to lay low for a while and they should get some sleep while they still can. He sniffs his underarm and notes he could use a shower, but Dr. Venture dickishly calls dibs and runs into the bathroom. Brock sighs and says he's going out for supplies. Dr. Venture calls out from the bathroom, asking Brock to pick up some conditioner while he's out. For his beard.

Back at the Venture Compound Sgt. Hatred and Dr. Girlfriend are still in the bathroom as 21 informs the Monarch what he's learned by listening through the door. The Monarch groans, noting that it will take a while for Dr. Venture to show up and kill him since he took the jet. Also 21 hasn't peed yet. The Monarch calls out that he's going back for the Cocoon since this might take a while. Dr. Girlfriend shouts back that she won't say 'I told you so.' Sure.

Back at the motel Dr. Venture takes a bath, Dean watches TV and Hank stands in front of the hotel room looking out at the courtyard. Next to Hank there's a man smoking wearing only a Batman towel around his waist. He speaks with a thick French accent.

Hank: Holy cow I think I'm in love! With that towel!
Le Tueur: Oh you like this? It is the Batman! My all time favorite comic.
Hank: Dude, you are almost speaking my language.
Le Tueur: Oui, oui, oui, when I am your age, in Pari, every night I would go up to, uh, to the rooftop and I imagine that I am the Batman. So cool.
Hank: Well when I was my age, I jumped off my roof, in a Batman costume. I think. I might have just dreamt it.
Le Tueur: You are to see the, uh, Batman ride at the Magic Mountain while you are in town? I hope to go after I finish my work here.
Hank: Really? What sort of line are you in?
[Brock enters the courtyard a floor below them, dropping his bags when he sees Le Tueur and Hank]
Brock: Hank! Get away from that guy!
Le Tueur: Brock Samson.
Brock: Le Tueur-ah.

Le Tueur runs back to his room across the way and Brock runs up to Hank and asks if he's okay. Hank says they're going to Comic-Con together. Le Tueur comes out of his room in a ridiculous getup and throws a boomerang at Brock. It clocks him in the head and bounces to also hit Hank (who is in awe of Le Tueur's 'Batarang') in the face. Le Tueur then jumps down off the balcony, lands on the pool's spring board and propels himself upwards into Brock, knocking them both into the motel room's window.

Le Tueur chokes Brock, who appears helpless, and laments Brock cutting his hair. Brock attempts to reach for something when Dean remembers Sky Pilot's words of wisdom about the only weapon he'll ever need. He opens the nightstand drawer and Brock grabs the Bible from it, using it to smash Le Tueur across the face. Still in the bathtub, Dr. Venture yells at the boys to keep the TV volume low.

Unbeknown to Doc, out in the room Le Tueur smashes Brock's head into the TV. Le Tueur then compliments Brock, saying he's a big fan of his work. He then proceeds to draw his sword and spouts off a bunch of information about it. Brock scoffs, wondering why sword guys always have to talk about how cool their swords are. Hank walks into the room at the same moment Le Tueur pulls back his hand, hitting Hank in the chest. Le Tueur apologizes to Hank, and Brock uses the opportunity to punch Le Tueur in the face. Le Tueur recovers and slashes at Brock, pushing him back against one of the beds. He triumphantly shows Brock his nipple, which is sitting on the edge of his sword. Angered, Brock grabs Le Tueur by the neck with his feet and throws him into the wall behind the bed.

Dr. Venture continues to complain about the noise level, saying this is why he has to drink to relax. He calls for Dean, asking if they have a minibar.

Coincidentally Le Tueur has just hit Brock over the head with the minibar. Brock collapses to the ground as Le Tueur begins to give his 'I'm going to kill you now' speech.

Hank: Wait, dude! What about Batman?
Le Tueur: Wha?
Hank: You call yourself a Batman fan? He would never kill anybody!
[on the floor Brock sees Le Tueur's sword under the bed]
Hank: Seriously, ask yourself; what would Batman do?
Le Tueur: I have a confession, Hank. I only like the Batman because he has the best villains.

Le Tueur smiles and draws a curved dagger. He leaps towards Brock, who quickly grabs the sword and holds it out in front of him. Le Tueur dives right on top of it, slicing himself mostly in half (up to his chest or so). Blood sprays pretty much everywhere. Quiet.

Dr. Venture: [from the bathroom] Finally! Thank you!
Brock: Good work, Hank. [Dean hands Brock something] Thank you, Dean [he sticks his nipple back on]
Hank: And you wanted to get rid of us.
Brock: [hands Hank the address book] You wanna make yourself more useful, look up a number for a guy named 'the Cleaner'. Call him and tell him we've got a Damien Hirst in room 202.
[Brock drags Le Tueur's body into the bathroom, which causes Dr. Venture to scream, run out of the room and vomit.

Just then there is a knock at the door. A man outside yells 'LAPD, open up!' but before Dean can answer they rush in. The two cops aim their guns at everyone. Doc puts his hands up and his towel falls. Brock's nipple falls off again.

Meanwhile the Cocoon approaches the X-1. HELPeR, who is still acting as landing gear, beeps sadly as the Cocoon comes to rest above the X-1...

To be continued...

Roll end credits.


  • In the extra scene when the robots 'malfunction' 21 notes they could have died 'like in Westworld' which is a reference to the 1973 movie written and directed by Michael Crichton. The premise of the movie is a theme park is created where guests can choose any sort of vacation theme they want through the use of robots. The main story follows two vacationers who choose a wild west theme. As with all Crichton stories the park's main computer inevitably breaks down and the robots begin to attack the guests.

  • One more note on he extra scene, the entire holographic test chamber is reminiscent of the holodeck from Star Trek (first introduced in The Next Generation series). There's a ton of science behind how a holodeck-type mechanism works, which you can read on the Wiki page, but the main idea is that it's able to simulate an environment through the use of tractor beams, holograms, and some simple matter creation. The Monarch's version is seemingly less robust than the one in TNG which was able able to simulate living beings from scratch, whereas the Cocoon's holodeck uses robots to simulate people (which is similar to the Danger Room from the X-Men comics).

  • The extended scene was not aired on TV due to time constraints but was shown on Adult Swim.com Video. It will also likely be included on the season three DVD.

  • Herr Trigger is designed to look similar to the famous German actor Klaus Kinski.

  • It's noted that Le Tueur collects Silver Age comic books, which generally refers to any American superhero comic made between roughly 1956 until the late 1960s or early 1970s. Characters created during the Silver age include Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Iron Man as well as the current(ish) of the Flash, Green Lantern and the creation of the Justice League.

    Batman, who seems to be a favorite of Hank a possibly Le Tueur, was actually not significantly changed at the beginning of the Silver Age (which reintroduced the Flash in '56 and Green Lantern in '59). Instead the comics maintained the lighter tone they had picked up between the Golden and Silver ages until around 1964. As far as DC goes the Silver Age also introduced the multiverse, which established that all stories that had taken place prior to the Silver Age took place in alternative universe Earth-Two. So yeah.

  • Also notable is Le Tueur's getup from later in the episode appears to be at least partly based on that of Kraven the Hunter, who is oddly enough a Spider-Man villain. Kraven's getup is more cat-based than Le Tueur's costume, which aside from the elephant head on his chest also seems to feature some sort of zebra pattern. Kraven's chest usually had a lion's face with the mane being a bunch of hair attached to the back of the costume. The rest of his costume usually featured leopard spots. Thanks to Olin Anderson for mentioning that to me.

  • Not really a note but it's amusing that the Monarch's two raids on the Venture Compound have gone the opposite as planned. The first time he was expecting it to be empty and it wasn't, and this time he was expecting it to be full and... it wasn't. Bad luck.

  • Holy Diver and Sky Pilot are of course Shore Leave and Mile High seen in the flashback in The Invisible Hand of Fate when they worked for OSI. Now of course they have found Jesus and changed their call signs to Holy Diver and Sky Pilot. Awesomely enough Holy Diver is a song by Dio (skip ahead to around 50 seconds in to get past the wind noises). But wait, there's more! Sky Pilot is a song by the Animals! Hooray

  • The armor sequence in this episode is actually a parody of the same sequence used in the Bibleman video series, which you can watch here. The show's version is actually fairly close to that sequence. Thanks to ataribot in the comments for pointing that out (or at least he was the first one to provide a video).

  • The code name for the dead Le Tueur is a 'Damien Hirst' which refers to British artist Damien Hirst who is well known for having death as a central theme of his works. In particular a series of his involves dead animals preserved in formaldehyde, sometimes partially dissected. Le Tueur's death and referring to it as a Hirst could also refer to Hirst's sculpture Virgin Mother, which depicts a pregnant woman with layers removed from one side of her body to reveal internal organs, muscle, skeletal structure and the fetus.

  • This is the second episode without a post-credits sequence. The other being Showdown at Cremation Creek Part I.

Episode Cast

James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Henchman 21
Kevin Moppet
Shore Leave/Holy Diver
Christopher McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Henchman 24
Tim-Tom Moppet
Sgt. Hatred
Hunter Gathers
Herr Trigger
Le Tueur
Mile High/Sky Pilot
Mia Barron Molotov Cocktease
Soulbot H.E.L.P.eR.


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