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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy ('Policy') covers the website mantiseye.com, ('Mantis-Eye', 'The Mantis-Eye Experiment', 'the site').

Contact Information

Creation of a user account requires a valid email address which will be stored for later use. You email address will only be used for Mantis-Eye Experiment-related issues and events and will never be sold, given out or otherwise released to any third parties. Participation in various giveaways or other site events may require a mailing address be sent, with the same privacy rules applying as with email addresses. On top of that mailing addresses will not be reused for any site-related purpose beyond the initially disclosed usage.

Information Provided

Information provided to the site, including (but not limited to) email address, phone number, IP address, usernames, passwords and address information may be stored long-term and is provided voluntary and considered personal information. This information may be stored long-term for the purposes of tracking, analytics and to signify participation in certain things (such as voting on things or polls). However none of this specific information will be shared with any third party.


If you participate in the comments section(s) of the site be aware that these will be broadly available to all who have access to the site and as such will be public. Due to this you should take care to not post any personal information that you do not want revealed. If you make a request for it to be removed it may be several hours or more until this happens. Comments and their content are also never deleted (except in extreme circumstances), only disabled so information in them will still be viewable to people with moderator or administration privileges. These individuals should never use any information found on the site for their own personal use and if it is found that they are doing so they will immediately have said privileges revoked. Third parties who may obtain your personal information from the site in no way represent the views of The Mantis-Eye Experiment.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Mantis-Eye Experiment will not share, rent, trade or sell your Personal Information to third parties. Personal information will be used only as described in this policy and your information will never be sold, licensed, traded or otherwise transmitted outside of the site unless express authorization is granted by you.

The site retains the right to modify and post any information submitted via either email, comments, the contact form anywhere else on the site. By submitting information to any of those you acknowledge and consent that the site may use this information in such a way.

Content Submissions

Content submitted to the site with the intent of being syndicated on the site in the form of (but not limited to) articles, news, reviews, podcasts and videos remain the property of their owner. However by submitting content you agree to allow the site to post the content with potential edits. These edits are at the full discretion of the site. You retain all rights to your content and may sell or post is elsewhere in any form you wish.

Updating, Correcting or Deleting Personal Information

At any time you may log in and visit the profile/settings section of the site to remove or alter any personal information you have submitted. Accounts can only be deleted by request and requests will only be granted in extreme circumstances.


In your user profile you may uncheck the 'Subscribe Me' feature to opt-out of all Mantis-Eye email. The site will only contact you by email if you have this box checked. You may also opt-out via the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of all email sent from the site. Please note that email related to your account such as password reset email or account verification emails are not included in this and will always be sent regardless of your email settings.

Policy Changes

The site reserves the right to change this Policy at any time, so please review it frequently if you have any questions. The date the Policy was last modified is located at the bottom of this Policy.

Effective Date of This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was first effective as of November 7, 2011
This Privacy Policy was last updated on November 18, 2011