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The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together, Part II

  • Original Air Date:
    August 24, 2008
  • Written by:
    Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick
  • Production Number:
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Heads will fly as the explosive conclusion of The Venture Bros. two-part season finale finds Brock and the Venture family on the run from the Law, The Monarch, Sgt. Hatred and the entire O.S.I.! Only bald ingenuity and an unlikely ally can possibly save their necks from the deadly noose tightening around the Venture Compound, but they stand to lose so much more when they learn the hard way that you can't go home again.


OSI headquarters. Agents Doe and Cardholder march through the hallways and finally enter a patriotic looking office. Inside an old shirtless gentleman is doing squat thrusts. Seventy-seven of them. One for each year of his life. It's General Treister. A device on his chest begins to beep. The general taps it, telling it he's going to nail it to the wall of the lady's room if it doesn't shape up. The device stops beeping and lights up to the delight of the general.

Gen. Treister: Now what can I do you for, boys? You here to wrestle me?!
Mr. Doe: No sir. It's agent 92-62.
Gen. Treister: Samson. That boy's gonna give me another heart attack. My ninth, if we're counting, and we are. What's he done now?
Mr. Doe: Agent Samson has just turned the OSI list of top assassins into the obituary page.
Mr. Cardholder: Handy if you're an editor.
Gen. Treister: But a pain in the patoot if you're me! Who's down?
[Doe holds up a CD and walks over to Treister's wall of six screens]
Gen. Treister: Don't use that one! It's set to record Battlestar Galactica. Number six. Try to blame me!
Mr. Cardholder: Herr Trigger. Sniper. Found in a dumpster outside of a strip club.
Mr. Doe: Apparently he's a bad tipper.
Mr. Cardholder: Go-Fish. At sea assassin. Body washed up on a public beach.
Mr. Doe: Still waiting for the head.
Mr. Cardholder: Le Tueur. Big game hunter. Presumed dead.
Mr. Doe: He doesn't answer his cell phone.
Mr. Cardholder: If you met the guy you'd understand.
Gen. Treister: Uhhmm... too much public killing. In my day we'd draw the curtains before we punched a man's timeclock. Boys, we gotta put an end to this small-town talent show ourselves. It's already gone on well past the fat lady's encore.
Mr. Doe: What's the next move, sir?
Gen. Treister: A-Squad Vanquisher, packed to the attic with assault doohickies! And daddy's gonna sit in the big chair!
Doe and Cardholder: Yes, sir!
Gen. Treister: I'm gonna personally make damned sure we end this Samson problem ASAP. Let's move out!
[Treister runs out of the room. Doe and Cardholder only watch him as he leaves. The door closes but opens up a few seconds later and the general re-enters]
Gen. Treister: I should probably get dressed I guess.

Roll opening credits.

Brock and Dr. Venture, dressed in prison jumpsuits, are being questioned by the two cops who broke into their motel room. The larger detective tells them that they found the body, the victim's blood and the murder weapon at the scene. Brock is steadfast in not speaking (and gets punched for every quip he makes), whereas Dr. Venture wants nothing to do with any of this.

Hank and Dean, meanwhile, are being questioned by a psychiatrist at the same police station. The shrink seems convinced that 'Brock' is a fictional or imaginary person (mainly due to Brock's license saying his name is Jesus Tralfaz). Also 'HELPeR'. What about him?

Oh hey, the real HELPeR is being interrogated by the Monarch. He's busted up and missing some parts, but functioning. The Monarch and 21 and 24 stand near him.

The Monarch: One last chance! Where is Venture!?
HELPeR: [series of beeps]
The Monarch: [pause] Did he tell us?
Henchman 24: Hmm, seemed like he was being sarcastic.
HELPeR: [similar series of beeps]
Henchman 21: See, it's the upwards inflection. It doesn't really feel like directions.
The Monarch: You tell us where Venture is or we break something! Comprende?
HELPeR: [same series of beeps]
[The Monarch stands up and nods to 21. 21 hits HELPeR in the head with the butt of his gun which causes HELPeR's head to fly off]
The Monarch: Oh, nice move! Dick.
Henchman 21: Augh, shit, I busted him! Dude, I barely tapped it, I swear. I'm wicked sorry.
The Monarch: Don't apologize! Now he knows we mean business! [21 puts HELPeR's head back on] Now you tell me Venture's location or we...
Henchman 21: Knock off your head?
The Monarch: Again. Intentionally!!

Back at the police station there's more roundabout questioning and face slapping as Brock continues to skirt questions and give smartass responses, getting Dr. Venture slapped in the process.

Hank, meanwhile, finally caves to the pressure and tells the psychiatrist everything.

Hank: My family and I have been on the run from an elite squad of super-assassins who have been trying to kill our bodyguard since last night. If you don't let us go so we can help him, he'll probably be dead by morning.
Psychiatrist: Fascinating. Now, if we could, let's get back to this giant butterfly.
Hank: Look, I told you what you wanna know, now give me my phone call!
Psychiatrist: Okay fine boys, this is a good place to take a break. Uh, who would you, uh, like to call?
Hank: [into his communicator] Pop? This guy's a tool.

Back in questioning Dr. Venture snickers at Hank's recent declaration and of course gets hit for it. However before any more can happen two SWAT cops come in and inform the detectives that Brock and Doc are free to go since there was no body or even evidence that a murder might have taken place in the motel room. Nothing but a faint lemony-fresh odor. The other SWAT officer sniffs longingly and notes that he can still smell it.

Just then he is sprayed in the face with a spray bottle held by someone in the hallway. He screams but stops since his entire head melts. A muscular man with two spray bottles walks into the room and calmly sprays the other SWAT officer, followed by the two detectives. Their faces and anything else that the spray touches melts. The mystery man then stops in front of Dr. Venture and Brock, who don't react to him. He sprays the chain on both of their handcuffs, melting them free. Brock only says "Let me guess. You're the cleaner?" The Cleaner only smiles. Tooth sparkle!

Back at the Cocoon the questioning of HELPeR continues. They now have jumper cables hooked up to his eyes and the other ends are ready to be connected to a car battery. The Monarch gives him three seconds to give up Dr. Venture's location before telling 24 to turn on the juice.

Henchman 24: Do I connect the positive side first or...
The Monarch: Who cares, he's not a- Mitsubishi Galant. Just do it!
Dr. Girlfriend: [enters] What the hell are you doing to him!?
The Monarch: Oh, honey! We were just... asking him stuff.
Dr. Girlfriend: [removing the jumper cables] Oh you poor, sweet thing. Did the bad men hurt you?
HELPeR: [exasperated but relieved string of beeps]
Dr. Girlfriend: Monarch this goes against the Guild Sentience Conference of 1998. We have to bring him back to his family. Your family must miss you. Let's find them and get you back to safety.
HELPeR: [beeps] [prints out coordinates]
Dr. Girlfriend: [takes the printout, looks at it and pushes HELPeR away] Alright, run these numbers through the navcom. It's somewhere in California. Dirty fucking robot got grease all over my dress.
The Monarch: Oh, sweetie. [they embrace] Your good cop is chilling.
Henchman 21: That was so hot. Hot. Hot cop.
HELPeR: [dejected beep]

Brock, Doc and the boys meanwhile make their, uh, escape I guess with the Cleaner. The Cleaner tells them that there's a rental car a quarter mile south with new ID in the glove box. He wishes them luck before Brock notes the one problem with the scenario. Hank never called the Cleaner. Brock puts his knife to the Cleaner's throat when a voice behind them notes that it was her who called him. It's Molotov, though she's not dressed in her usual getup.

Molotov: I figured even the mighty Brock Samson might have trouble fighting the entire OSI.
Brock: Molotov. I don't know why I'm surprised. How'd you find us?
Molotov: You haven't exactly been discrete.
Brock: Ohh, like that getup is! Although I gotta admit for a disguise it's pretty good. I hardly recognized ya.
Molotov: But- wha- what dis- I'm off duty.
Brock: [laughs] That's- that's how you dress when you're not Catwomaning around? I may have to rethink this whole relationship.
Hank: Who is that hood-rat Brock's talking to? He can get any shorty he wants.

Just then a searchlight shines down upon them all. It's the Cocoon. Molotov and the Cleaner make their escape, leaving Brock and the Venture family. The Monarch (after making a 'come out, come out where ever you are' announcement over the Cocoon PA) calls Dr. Venture's communicator. He laughs and informs him that his robot gave him his private number. Also if he ever wants to see HELPeR again Dr. Venture will have to show himself! The Monarch's speech is brought to a less than dramatic conclusion by 24 fiddling with the camera's night vision settings, however.

Roughly around now Gen. Treister contacts Brock over his communicator. Brock informs the general that he's still breathing, no thanks to him.

Brock: Cut the crap, sir, what do you want from me?
Gen. Treister: OSI wants you to come in from the cold, son. It's high time we had us a little fancy pow-wow. [makes some Native American noises] Put a stop to this situation.
Brock: I think we're way past that, sir.
Gen. Treister: Now don't go getting all First Blood on me, boy. You got a family to think about. How long do you really think you're gonna last in the wilderness out there with those Ventures.
Brock: They're not part of this; I don't want them harmed.
Gen. Treister: Won't be if you just do what we say. Now why don't you just give us the coordinates like a good soldier.
The Monarch: Twenty seconds, Venture! What's it gonna be? Nineteen...
Brock: [into both his and Dr. Venture's communicators] Alright fine I'll give you what you want. But it goes down the way I say it does. We meet at the Venture Compound. Dawn. [he hangs up]
Hank: Dawn?! Dean! We're finally gonna meet our long-lost sister!


Dawn at the Venture Compound. Uh, dawn I mean. Not Dawn. Anyway, the Cocoon arrives, apparently on auto-pilot, because everyone on it is asleep. The Monarch wakes everyone up and tells them to gather around. Outside at the very bottom of the Cocoon a hatch opens and Brock, Doc and the boys drop out. Brock tells everyone to head for the panic room. Hank of course complains and Dr. Venture asks if he can at least change out of his prison jumpsuit. Most uncomfortable thing he's ever worn.

The Monarch, meanwhile, gives his 'rally the troops' speech. Behind all the henchmen on the big screen we can see Dr. Venture and the boys running into the compound. Only a single henchman notices and when he attempts to point it out he gets a mouthful of darts from the Monarch. Dr. Girlfriend points out that this is obviously a trap, though the Monarch agrees he seems to think he is the one doing the trapping... somehow.

The Monarch: Let's just say I took the liberty of upgrading his precious robot's equipment with two gigabytes of ka-blam. [he holds up a remote control with a single red button on it and a Monarch pattern]

Still tied to the chair in a new empty interrogation room, HELPeR frees himself with aid of a buzzsaw hand attachment. He falls to the ground and we see there is a bomb strapped to his back now.

At about this time OSI arrives in a fancy flying thingy. Brock arrives in the surveillance room (last seen in What Goes Down, Must Come Up) and is contacted by both the Monarch and General Treister. He puts the general on hold while he talks to the Monarch.

The Monarch: Your fancy new plane won't save you, Venture. We're having this out! Here and now! Once and for all!!
Brock: Oh I couldn't agree with you more, Monarch. Why don't you come on around back and say hello?
The Monarch: I'd be delighted.
[Brock hangs up]
Dr. Girlfriend: Sugar-crown, we don't even know what that thing can do!
The Monarch: Oh sweetness, why do you think we have henchmen? Besides, he's Rusty Venture, not the O.S. freaking I. Anything he can throw at us we can throw back ten-fold.

Brock gets back on the call with Treister who asks when the heck Brock is coming out. Brock tells him that he's coming around... now (as henchmen begin to pour out of the Cocoon). They fire darts at the heavily armored and armed OSI agents standing outside of the OSI jet. The darts all bounce off their armor and the agents only look confusedly at what is happening. One of them asks the general for an order, who tells them to fire. From inside the Cocoon we see six viewpoints displayed on the big screen with each one going blank when an agent steps into view.

The Monarch: Guh! Who the hell are those guys?!

Mr. Cardholder: They're henchmen for the Monarch, sir.
Gen. Treister: What the hell's a monarch?
Mr. Doe: Low-level Guild troublemaker. Used to arch Dr. Venture.
The Monarch: Then he arched Dr. Venture.
Brock: [over the comm] Aww come on, general. Is that any way to treat my friends?
Gen. Treister: Those clowns are with you? What in the hell is going on here, Samson!?
Brock: Oh, just trying to even the playing field, sir. [switches off]
Mr. Cardholder: Looks like Samson's gone over to the Guild, sir.
Mr. Doe: Uhh, want me to give the order to take out the big cocoon?
Gen. Treister: Is that what that thing is? Jeepers, crappers! No! If Samson pulled a full-on Judas there's no telling what kind of trade secrets he might have given up! I want him alive. Ground forces!!

The Monarch: Henchmen!!

Gen. Treister & The Monarch: Form battle squadrons and prepare for full assault on my order!

Both armies run to the battlefield. In the Cocoon the Monarch tells the moppets to prepare something ominous-sounding. What could it be? HELPeR, meanwhile, continues to make his escape.

Inside the panic room Hank peers out the window. He hears a noise (again) and claims it's a skunk-ape or something. Dean, meanwhile, appears to be having a heart attack. Dean wonders outloud why he can't have a normal life, and Dr. Venture notes that he once had that dream too. Just then Sgt. Hatred peers through the window from outside the panic room. Dr. Venture runs to hide as Hank lets Hatred in without a second thought.

Sgt. Hatred: Hello ladies! Where's your old man at?
Hank: Behind those boxes. Hiding from you.
Dr. Venture: Thanks, Hank.
Sgt. Hatred: There you are! Okay, you have to kill me! I've been here for like two days trying to do it myself. I tried to blow my head off with a damned shrink ray and now I got a little baby tongue. I'm a failure! [notices Dean] What's wrong with him?
Hank: He's having a little heart attack.
Sgt. Hatred: Look nelly-boy, you don't know of heart pain! I tried to change! I quit the sauce, the cigars, the [lowers his voice a little] young boys. And she still left me!!
Dean: Mr. Hatred, could you stop yelling please?
Dr. Venture: Pssh. Honestly.
Sgt. Hatred: [grabbing Dr. Venture] Come on man, kill me!!

Meanwhile outside the battle between OSI and Monarch henchmen begins. It's a rather one-sided battle, with the henchmen on the side that gets killed a lot. Henchmen are decapitated, run over, beaten, lit on fire... and so on. A few OSI agents go down when the henchmen are able to hit them in the mouth with darts, the lone part of their bodies not covered with armor.

Still inside the Cocoon, however, 21 and 24 sit in the back seat of Monarchmobile eating snacks and listening to the battle over the radio.

Henchman 21: Tortilla chip? They are not only cool; they are ranch.
Henchman 24: Totally. [21 starts rubbing chips on his face] Hey what are you doing?
Henchman 21: Oh I'm creating realistic battle damage so when we join them in the end it'll look like we've seen some action.
Henchman 24: You look like you rubbed snack on your face- [hears something from the battle] Oh! Oh! Listen to that!
Henchman 21: [shudders] Did you just hear that guy? That guy right there. That guy is on fire! You can totally tell. [HELPeR climbs into the driver's seat] What the-?
Henchman 24: Crap, he's stealing our hiding place!
Henchman 21: Dude, bail! [21 dives out of the car] Come on!
Henchman 24: I-I-I can't! My seat belt is jammed!
Henchman 21: Why did you buckle it?! Why would you do that?!
Henchman 24: I don't know!
[the car drives away]
Henchman 21: Why did you buckle up!? Why!?

In the panic room, meanwhile, Dr. Venture is (poorly) choking Sgt. Hatred. Dr. Venture, who probably isn't strong enough to choke the life out of the burly Sgt. Hatred, finally stops and yells at Hatred, saying his bride probably isn't worth all this. His train of thought is interrupted by Hank who is about to leave the panic room with his shirt wrapped around his head and armed with only an umbrella.

Sgt. Hatred: That boy is not even close to a chip off the old block! He's got guts!
Dr. Venture: Excuse me? You don't know me. Why in my prime I did some things that would make your head spin!
Sgt. Hatred: Yeah, well I saw a guy's head spin. Like, right off his neck. Why? 'Cause I punched him! Top that!
Dr. Venture: Okay. Okay! My father made me kill a man- kill a man with a house key. I was ten.
Sgt. Hatred: Well that's nothing! I ate a whole Labrador retriever once! I'm serious!
Hank: Blah, blah, blah, all this talk! We've gotta do something! Brock is being attacked by his friends, your real arch-enemy is trying to kill you and you're swapping war stories with sergeant kill-me!
Sgt. Hatred: Wow! I like this one. He is bright!
Dr. Venture: He's crazy!
Dean: He's gonna get us killed!
Sgt. Hatred: No, no, he has got something! Look at us, we're hiding from our true selves! I'm a fighter, not a lover. And you, you were Rusty Venture once! Maybe the most fearless boy adventurer ever!
Dr. Venture: Maybe the most!?
Sgt. Hatred: And Hank here? Hank is becoming a man!
Hank: I can feel it in my bones!
Sgt. Hatred: And Dean! Dean is- [Dean is still curled up in the corner]
Dr. Venture: Sensitive.
Sgt. Hatred: He'll come around! Now let's get out there and show those frail flowers who the hell they're dealing with!!
Dr. Venture: Let's pretend this is a good idea. We need and army.
Hank: We've got one!
Dr. Venture: Hank, there are only four- [looks at Dean] uh, three and a half of us!
Hank: Not if you let me open my Christmas gifts early there aren't!

Dr. Venture looks puzzled for a second and finally realizes. Next we see the clone room. Rows and rows of clone slugs... Dr. Venture activates them and Sgt. Hatred leads a march of... creepy almost-boys down the hallway and into battle. In the control room Brock sees this and snaps out of his contentness, rushing out of the room.

The pink army marches onto the battle field. All the OSI agents and henchmen stop fighting to watch the spectacle.

Dean: He did it! Sergent Hatred saved the day!
Hank: And we helped! Kinda!
Hank & Dean: Go Team Venture!

As if this wasn't insane enough the Monarchmobile drives through the crowd of henchmen. He is about to hit some clone slugs (who have some OSI men poised behind them, ready to shoot) when Brock runs out, yelling for a cease fire. HELPeR stops the car before he gets to the clone slugs. Brock surrenders himself, asking to speak to General Treister. The general steps out of a crowd of OSI agents and Brock holds out his wrists to him as a sign of surrender.

Oh but wait, it looks like the Monarch has arrived in some kind of battle armor. He starts giving his speech about death to his enemies and his suit when Dr. Girlfriend (still in the Cocoon) finally sees what he had planned. She yells at him and quickly rushes out of the Cocoon, leaving the bomb detonator behind.

After finishing his speech the Monarch then (after having a henchman press a button on his suit) takes off into the air, spraying darts and lasers everywhere. Everyone around ducks except for the clone slugs, who are melted and dismembered rather quickly.

Dr. Venture: Well, there goes my life's work, up in smoke!
Dean: Oh my god! I feel like I'm the one dieing!
Hank: Ohhh! We should be out there with them! We should be side-by-side with our moist warrior brethren!
Dr. Venture: Ahh, buh-buh, just take it down a notch, Hank. You only live once.

Outside the carnage continues until the Monarch's suit loses control and starts spinning around wildly. The Monarch vomits oh himself and crashes to the ground, dazed and probably not feeling so hot. Treister comments that Brock has a funny way of thanking people for their help. Brock asks what the general means, since OSI sent three assassins after him and then came to finish the job when they weren't enough. Okay though apparently OSI just heard Brock was in trouble and came along to help. Brock, after a confused moment, realizes that OSI wasn't out to kill him... and didn't send the assassins... and he was never... shit. Treister offers Brock the chance to come back to OSI and get a job that won't make him so insane since this assignment has clearly fucked him up a little.

Brock: Thank you, no sir. I've seen enough spinning butterfly, naked boy armies... screw this. I'd rather, uhh, quit.
Dean: Yeah, you don't need them!
Hank: [at the same time] You tell 'em!
Dr. Venture: Well good for you! OSI? Who needs them? [Brock starts to walk away] Where you going? Aren't you gonna help clean up this mess?
Brock: I said I quit.
Sgt. Hatred: [to Gen. Treister] You know, uh, I could use a job.
[24 gets out of the Monarchmobile and waves to the crowd]
Brock: Hey Monarch!
The Monarch: Huh?
Brock: I'm taking your fucking car!
The Monarch: [gurgles] Yea, yeah...

Just then the car explodes.

Henchman 21: Twenty-four! Nooooo- [24's flaming head hits him in the face and drops into his hands] Oww!!

Roll end credits.

Undisclosed location. Black Hearts headquarters.

Molotov: [burns a folder that holds the records she showed Brock in the last episode] So much for our competition. Congratulations, ladies. Just as we planned we are now the top assassins in the country. The Black Hearts Elimination Agency is officially open for business thanks to Mr. Brock Samson.
Hunter: To Brock Samson! Long live that blond-haired, buttercream frosted murder-cake!


  • The device in General Treister's chest, which is likely a pacemaker or artificial heart is reminiscent of the arc reactor from the Iron Man film which was used to power the armor as well as the electromagnet which kept the shrapnel out of Stark's heart.

  • The general also notes that he's recording Battlestar Galactica and mentions Number Six, a character on the show, for those of you not familiar.

  • The psychiatric analysis of Hank and Dean: Paranoid delusions, arrested development, crybaby, oral fixation and Stockholm syndrome.

  • The Cleaner, as if it wasn't obvious, is a parody of Mr. Clean who dresses and has similar features, though I don't believe Mr. Clean is involved with assassins or anything. Maybe.

  • Hank's bizarre reference to their long-lost sister comes from Love-Bheits when Baron Underbheit mistook Dean for a woman (due to him being dressed as Princess Leia). The wedding invitations said he was to be wed to 'your daughter, Dawn', something Hank has clearly not forgotten since.

  • If you remember Viva los Muertos, Hank and Dean stumbled onto Dr. Venture's cloning facility where he was storing a good number of partly-formed Hank and Dean clone slugs. While the initial shock freaked out Hank and Dean a good deal, Dr. Venture was able to explain it away fairly easily to his gullible sons:

    Brock: It's bad, Doc, real bad. The boys saw their own clones. I think they're in some kind of... saw your own clone coma.
    Dr. Venture: Boys! Get up!!
    [Hank and Dean snap out of fetal position and stand up]
    Hank & Dean: Yes, sir!
    Dr. Venture: I hope you're proud of yourselves. You've, um, you've ruined the surprise!
    Hank: The- what?
    Dr. Venture: This was going to be your Christmas present.
    Dean: Huh?
    Dr. Venture: A whole big army of yous, ready to think you're the coolest and do your chores. Maybe eliminate targets in high-risk combat zones.

    Which is why Hank asked to open his Christmas gifts early. Why Dr. Venture thought it was even a remotely good idea is still up in the air, but there you go anyway.

  • And of course the end of the season, as always, leaves us wondering about a few things. Normally there are only one or two questions left unanswered, whereas this season brought a lot of information to the table and, probably due to season four being a sure thing (as opposed to the last two seasons where a new one was not), there are a lot mote questions left to be answered.

    The obvious ones are the status of 24 and HELPeR. HELPeR of course has been destroyed many times before (almost every episode where he has more than one line), though never quite this severely. He does seem to be very durable and resilient and he is a robot after all, so there's a good possibility that he will return.

    24 on the other hand may not be so lucky. Right before the Monarchmobile explodes we see 24 get out of the car, wave at everyone and then the car explodes. 21 catches a head which may or may not be 24 (since there were a number of henchman bodies that could have been knocked around by the explosion), but it's pretty clear 24 is right in the middle of the explosion and the Venture universe tends more towards characters not randomly surviving moments like that. Also an amusing end to 21 and 24's exploits as main characters who never do anything stupid to avoid getting killed. 24 buckles his seat belt for seemingly no reason and it ends up costing him.

    On a related note we also don't know who detonated the bomb attached to HELPeR. Dr. Girlfriend left it in her chair when she rushed out of the Cocoon when she saw the Monarch was going to use his crazy battle suit. She is later seen tending to him after he's crashed and barfed on himself. However, absent from the episode since the Monarch told them to get his suit are the moppets. Since the entire Cocoon was emptied of henchmen and every other major character was accounted for during the explosion, the moppets are the only ones we don't know the whereabouts of. We also know from previous episodes that they don't like 21 and 24 very much. Is it also possible that they sabotaged the Monarch's suit, causing it to malfunction? Perhaps, though clearly the suit was a work in progress anyway. At the very least it's evident that they are the most likely suspects to detonate the bomb.

    Brock's status and future of course is one of the more obvious loose ends. He quit the OSI, so he's no longer on Operation Rusty's Blanket and therefore no longer the Venture bodyguard. What his next step is of course remains to be seen. Also the possibility of Sergent Hatred becoming the Venture bodyguard seems to have been hinted at.

    The destruction of the clone slugs also removes the final bit of the boys' perceived immortality. We don't know the exact extent of long it takes to grow one, but the fact that Dr. Venture has a veritable army of them stockpiled would seem to indicate that they have all aged sixteen years in real time. This may also account for the two lost years of Hank and Dean's lives. If Dr. Venture didn't decide to clone them until they were two years old, then the slugs would be two years behind the actual boys. When the original (non-cloned) Hank and Dean died they would have been replaced with clones two years too young. Removing the slugs from the equation also falls in line with Jackson mentioning at Comic-Con that he and Doc wanted to get away from the boys being clones plotline (followed by 'wait for the end of the season').

    And finally we are shown Hunter, now a member of Molotov's Black Hearts. This makes sense since it was Hunter who told Brock that OSI had sent assassins to kill him when in this episode it's revealed that Molotov sent the assassins to kill Brock (presumably with a faked identity). The entire plot to become a the top assassin agency is a bit convoluted as well. Why didn't the Black Hearts just kill the other assassin's themselves? Is there some sort of assassin's version of the Guild that prevents such an action? Obviously by sending them after Brock Molotov was banking on Brock defeating them all, but what if he hadn't? That point probably never came into the equation, since he is Brock Fuckin' Samson after all. Obviously both Molotov and Hunter were willing to accept sacrificing Brock (someone who means a good deal to both of them) in the name of the Black Hearts.

    Further more we can now tie in some of the events of ORB to the final two episodes. Brock attempts to access the termination clause of his mission in ORB but mistakenly activates the termination clause of his job. His car, getting the instructions, attempts to kill him (and of course fails). Brock then visits Hunter and tells him about the events. Hunter informs him about Orders Regarding Bodyguard (and Operation Rusty's Blanket) which appears to be the truth. However, knowing this, and knowing that Brock thinks the OSI is out to off him if he doesn't take out Dr. Venture when he discovers ORB, Hunter passes this information to Molotov. Molotov hires three top assassins to take out Brock, and then crashes the Venture Compound, pretending that OSI tried to hire her to take him out (with her refusing). Since Brock's car has already tried to terminate him Brock believes her and the events of the last two episodes transpire.

  • And finally we still have a variety of over-arching questions not brought into light in this episode. We still don't know very much about ORB, the death of Jonas Venture Sr. and Dermott's status, all of which were brought into the foreground this season. However there are at least thirteen more episodes to go, so plenty of time to answer these questions.

Episode Cast

James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Toby Huss General Treister
Mia Barron Molotov Cocktease
Soulbot H.E.L.P.eR.
Christopher McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Sgt. Hatred
Henchman 24
Mister Doe
Sgt. Collar
Det. Heat
Police Psychiatrist
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Henchman 21
Mr. Cardholder


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