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Tears of a Sea Cow

  • Original Air Date:
    July 20, 2008
  • Written by:
    Doc Hammer
  • Production Number:
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Bored and under-whelmed with his new Guild-assigned arch-nemesis, The Monarch seeks to re-spark his old hatred by secretly visiting the Venture Compound while Dr. Venture is away at the Science Now conference. His passion for arching all things Venture may threaten to seriously cool things with his other love, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, but does it really count as arching when there's nobody home? Or is there?


Inside a futuristic-looking lab-thing a crazy looking robot advances on the Monarch, who sarcastically exclaims how scared he is of a leftover prop from a Styx video. Just then the moppets (dressed up as what I can only assume are grubs) jump out of nowhere and stab the robot in the head, shorting it out and breaking it. Dr. Girlfriend is behind the robot, and asks if the Monarch missed her. He confusedly tells her that he saw her like five minutes ago.

Just then over the loudspeaker the esteemed Dr. Dugong is heard:

Dr. Dugong: You have thwarted my robot, my dead Monarch, but Dr. Dugong has plenty more tricks up his sleeve.
The Monarch: You don't have sleeves, you're in a seal costume.
Dr. Dugong: Dugong! And it's not a costume!
The Monarch: Boys, locate Dr. Manatee.
Dr. Dugong: Dugong!!
The Monarch: He's been on the stupid PA the whole time. There's a speaker right over my head. It's so loud. Just blah, blah, blah, blah.
Dr. Dugong: [speaking at the same time] Dr. Douglas Gong. In a desperate attempt to learn the secrets of love and caring was chemically fused with the gentle sea cow.
The Monarch: [groans] Dr. Sea Lion won't stop with the third person.
Dr. Dugong: Dugong! A dugong! Douglas Gong. Dr. Dugong!
[Dr. Girlfriend throws a knife into the loudspeaker]
The Monarch: Oh my god, thank you!
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Okay I know he's annoying, but you have to get into it. You've got to at least pretend to try.
The Monarch: He's such a weenus! Did you hear that origin story? Secrets of love and caring? Caring?
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Yeah that was kinda gay. But I just want you to try to take this seriously.
Tim-Tom: We've located Dr. Dugong, mum.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Good work. Mommy's little babies.
The Monarch: Ugh, it's bad enough that they ignore me, do you have to call them that?

Meanwhile in his lab control center, or something, Dr. Dugong continues his exposition, unaware that his loudspeaker has been disabled and nobody is listening. He is going on about gentle aquatic mammals having all the answers when Dr. Girlfriend and the moppets break down his door with some explosives.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Your door was locked, so we let ourselves in.
Kevin: Yeah, we got our own key!
Dr. Dugong: Well if it isn't Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, the pupae twins and... and...
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Come on, Monarch, what's the hold up?
The Monarch: Okay, okay. Aww man, you're all flesh-colored... how much thalidomide did your mom take?
Dr. Dugong: You may have found my inner-sanctum, but you will not-
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold that speech for a second. Don't forget it.
Dr. Dugong: I won't.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: One second! Would you just try to do this right?
The Monarch: This guy's a chump! You get me in front of Dr. Venture and I'll show you how I dance!
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: We'll talk about that later, now please, do it for me.
The Monarch: [sighs] Okay. Fiiine.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: [to Dr. Dugong] Okay, go ahead.
Dr. Dugong: Oh. You may have found my sanctum-
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Shut up! Now give us the key or the plans or whatever the hell you have!
Dr. Dugong: I have a tank full of gentle cuttlefish.
The Monarch: Give us the cuttle... fish. Cuttle. I can't do this.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Aww, you were so close, sweetie! Uh, just pretend he's Dr. Venture.
The Monarch: Give me that gun.
[The Monarch grabs a bazooka from one of the moppets and walks up to Dr. Dugong]
The Monarch: You abandoned me! You abandoned my hatred!! [he aims at Dr. Dugong's head]
Dr. Dugong: I- I- I have cuttlefish.
The Monarch: Look into my eyes!!!

They stare at each other for a few seconds, the Monarch in pure hate and Dr. Dugong in paralyzing fear. The Monarch fires.

Super-shortened opening credits logo.

At the Venture Compound in Hank and Dean's room, HELPeR is playing some kind of programmed drum beat (like the kind a cheap Casio keyboard has) while Hank plays bass and Dermott sings. Dean, dressed as an old-timey newspaper editor, watches. They stop and Hank asks Dean what he thinks. Dean ponders for a moment and then says he'll do the feature on 'rock band music' but he needs and angle. Hank points out how strange their band is, what with his boy band good looks, Dermott's bizarre anger and... a robot on drums.

Dean: So, what does the band go by?
Hank: I like 'Lip Glossary'.
Dermott: And I'm leaning towards 'Goat Blood Sacrifice'.
Dean: Well there's your story! We'll have a reader's contest!
Hank: Dean we're your only readers.
HELPeR: [beeps]
Dean: My subscribers number well into the teens! [he pulls the newspaper out of his smock] Right here in 'Affection Directions' a troubled reader queries; 'I'm in love with my boss's wife, but, because my boss is a known killer, and private torturer, I'm afraid to say something.' Signed G. Viceroy. So, I reply-

In the Cocoon:

The Monarch: 'It's a slippery slope, you see, Mr. Viceroy. But yours truly, Deany V, thinks it's best to march up to her and tell her how you feel. It doesn't matter that he's kinda scary and that her dad is magic. It's best to make your noble intentions known.' Complete weenus.
Henchman 21: Yeah I thought it was pretty, uh, good advice. I mean, a man can't live a lie and still be a man. This Viceroy guy is probably dieing inside.
The Monarch: This Viceroy guy is probably fictitious. Or one of you guys.
Henchman 21: Why would you say that?! I mean, it's absurd! There's no proof that it's one of us.
The Monarch: Well it's Dean Venture's fake little newspaper. How many people read it?
Henchman 21: Yeah, that's what I meant. Because it sounds like a joke. That's joking. That's totally joking talk.
Henchman 24: Rough it.
The Monarch: Hey, the buffoon answered my question! Unbelievable! Alright, check this out. I wrote: 'Dear Deany V, I'm remodeling my bachelor pad, and everybody knows that Deany V lives in the coolest home ever. Could you please print out a layout of the Venture Compound, complete with security schematics and access codes?'

Dean: 'You are in luck, Bare Walls in Baltimore, because I plan a whole feature on the Venture Compound! And a two-page spread on Rusty Venture's amazing vacuum Boom-Broom, fresh from it's triumphant showing at the Science Now! conference. That, plus word jumbles, comics and coupons. All in the next Venture Home News!

In the Cocoon the Monarch realizes that all this information means that the Venture Compound is empty! However he isn't allowed to arch Dr. Venture any more. That's why he's hanging out with 21 and 24 anyway.

Henchman 21: If I had a lady like your wife I would be with her right now. And I would- I'd be brushing her hair. And then we'd explore our feelings.
The Monarch: If you had had a lady like my wife you would be in an alternate universe where dogs talk and birds have human pets! Woooo! Oh- crap! You just reminded me; I have to go to my wife's little post-game pow-wow. [he runs off]
Henchman 24: He went arching? Without us?
Henchman 21: Ow!! Ohh, we don't get to do anything! I'm like this close to arching the paperboy!

In some sort of Guild meeting room... or something, Dr. Girlfriend is berating the Monarch for killing his latest arch-enemy. The Monarch shrugs it off, saying that Dr. Dugong was lame anyway. The Guild, however, does not take killing your arch on the first day lightly. The Monarch, highly annoyed that he can't arch Dr. Venture, threatens to quit. Dr. Girlfriend gets annoyed at him for this, saying that she has to constantly apologize to the Guild when he kills his arch (this is apparently not his first).

The Monarch: Now you're trying to make me out to be the bad guy!
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Yes! I'm trying to make you a bad guy! We're bot bad guys! We're professional bad guys! Ding, hello!
The Monarch: Yeah, please. Belittle me in front of my henchmen. That's a real morale booster.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Well why are we arguing in front of the henchmen anyway?
The Monarch: Because the henchmen are standing here.
Henchman 24: Are you two gonna get a divorce?
Henchman 21: That's a very pretty costume, Mrs. Monarch.
The Monarch: I have a Cocoon parked in a tree that is full of guys that do nothing but play a video game that uses a little plastic baby guitar! They have nothing to do since those mean little freaks moved in!
Henchman 24: I don't wanna sound prejudice or anything, but they are super creepy.
Henchman 21: Yeah, as long as all this is out in the open, I have evidence that they pee in the corners of my room. They're marking my room!
Tim-Tom: You wanna use some of that belly fat right fast? [he pulls out his dagger]
Kevin: Put you on a cold steel diet.
Tim-Tom: Be the last diet you ever go on.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Boys don't cut anybody.
The Monarch: No, go ahead and kill 'em.
Henchman 21: Metaphorically!
The Monarch: Do it! The henchmen aren't being used for anything! I mean, you and your knife-wielding, miniature psychos seem to do just fine without us. Come on, minions! We're not needed here. [he and the henchmen exit]

Back in Hank and Dean's room, Hank and Dermott are playing some sort of weird game where one must jump from bed to bed and then onto HELPeR's back and then end up on the desk. Hank executes this in 3.32 seconds which Dermott commends him for, considering his lack of training. Dermott, after complaining that the ceiling is too low for him to execute some sweet moves, attempts the same feat and is far less graceful than Hank. He misses the jump from bed to bed entirely and when he attempts to jump on HELPeR's back end ends up knocking him over. He blames it on HELPeR (who by the way is still drumming), though Hank doesn't seem to care either way.

Dean enters (after having Dermott hold the door shut on him) wearing a blue speedsuit. Dean notes that he wears it when he's 'doing science'. Hank informs Dean that putting plastic dinosaurs into water until they get huge is not 'doing science'. Dean then questions HELPeR's drumming, which is driving everyone insane. Hank notes that they're not sure how to get him to stop, nor are they overly certain how they got him to start in the first place.

Dean then informs them that after he cleans up the kitchen it's bed time for all of them. Since he left them alone, dear old dad is clearly testing them. If they can handle this then who knows what's next? Scooter rides off the compound, sleep-away astronaut camp, public school. Public school.

Dermott: You guys are sad. Why'd he decide to leave you here in the first place?
Hank: Something about the conference having hot, desperate women.
Dean: And we had a bad run-in with the hot lava men of Tanga Island, so I can imagine how dangerous their women get when they're desperate!

In the Cocoon the Monarch roams the hallways with 21 and 24:

The Monarch: God, I can't take it any more! I- I gotta blow off some steam!
Henchman 24: Two words: titty bar. Just gonna throw that out there.
Henchman 21: Totally! And two more words: potato skins.
The Monarch: I've got a better idea. We return to suckle the teat of hate that once nourished us like so much butterfly-themed Romulus and Remus.
Henchman 21: So yes to the strip club?
The Monarch: No! We are going to fuck up an empty Venture Compound!
Henchman 24: Your wife isn't gonna like that.
The Monarch: Whatever! When did this happen? Last thing I remember I was planting dynamite under Venture's baby-blue jeep.
Henchman 24: Oh, that was the best!
Henchman 21: Oh, we had that plunger thing you pushed down. So classic. Oh, we need to get an anvil and drop that on him!
Henchman 24: Sweet! Or a round bomb!
The Monarch: Aww, the black ones with the fuse? I love those. [sighs] Look at my life now. Hatred's become a job. I had true hatred with Venture, I didn't have to fake it! That sweet loathing just poured out of me whenever I saw his pathetic face! I just- I just- I just wanted to kick his ass! I wanted to build a machine to kick his ass! I wanted to build an empire to house the machine to kick his ass!!
Henchman 24: Then, by god, let's go take a dump in his pool!!

They enter the throne room which now has two thrones, his and her. The Monarch comments that they should just paint the place pink while they're at it. He pulls a lever next to his throne which reveals a long metal tube leading into darkness. 21 notes that he rebuilt the throne and he never knew it did that. The Monarch and 21 jump in excitedly. 24 peers down and then comments that he's just going to take the stairs.

Sliding down the tube gives 21 a few issues. Namely he's unable to slow himself down since he's wearing booties and he can feel every ridge in the tube. He catches up to the Monarch and they tumble out of the ceiling above the Monarchmobile and onto the roof of the Monarchmobile. They finally come to a stop in a heap on the floor.

The Monarch: Aww, right on my coccyx!
Henchman 21: Right on your coccyx!
The Monarch: Who put the top up?!
Henchman 24: [pops up from inside the Monarchmobile] You will thank me later. It's gonna rain.

They drive out of the Cocoon, still very high off the ground. Just before the vehicle hits the ground, however, wings pop out of the sides and it flies away unscathed. 21 yells that he didn't know about that functionality.


In the boys bedroom Dean is unable to sleep due to the sound of HELPeR's drumming. He goes into his father's room and instructs HELPeR to disable vocal functions. The drumming persists but HELPeR is now unable to communicate. Dean tries telling him to disable alarm functions, but all that does is cause the light on HELPeR's head to stop blinking. He then tells HELPeR to disable all accessible audio functions. Access password "Rusty is a cowboy". HELPeR complies and for a brief moment the power in the Venture Compound shuts off and then flickers back on.

Outside on the lawn Hank and Dermott are playing cards in a tent when the Venture Industries cassette player they're listening to stops working. Hank hopes the tape, which is Brock's, hasn't snapped. Dermott quietly asks if he can borrow the tape once he's aware that it belongs to Brock. Just then outside some purple lights shine above them. Dermott determines that it's a UFO. While Hank attempts to contact Brock and Dr. Venture (to inform them that the aliens are back) Dermott shoves a lighter up his ass. Why? Because when the aliens try to probe him they'll get a face full of fire. Yes.

At the Science Now! Conference, Brock (who has two of the previously mentioned 'hot desperate women' in his bed with him) sleeps through his watch's call. Due to the the disabled audio it only blinks at him. Dr. Venture, asleep with his Boom Broom, likewise sleeps through the watch's silent call.

Just then Dr. Girlfriend is awoken by the moppets, still in their pupae uniforms. They inform her that the Monarch, Monarchmobile and 21 and 24 are gone.

Tim-Tom: You want we should go find 'im?
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: No, no, I know exactly where he is. What I want is for you to get out of here so I can change.
Tim-Tom: We could just close our eyes.
Kevin: Annnd promise not to peek.
Tim-Tom: At your body.
Kevin: At your naked body.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Get out.

Outside the Venture Compound the Monarch and his henchmen stand at attention, taking in the sights and smells of the Venture Compound. Sadly one of the smells appears to be the septic tank. The Monarch begins to reminisce about the good old days of arching Dr. Venture when he realizes that his wings are on fire. Lasers have been shooting at them for some time now. They run away just as the septic tank explodes.

Inside Dean wakes up. He gets out of bed just as the panic room chutes open causing whatever was in the boy's beds to slide down to the room. Dean contacts Hank who informs him that a UFO has just landed at the compound. Hank notes that the security system is working, but the alarm has probably been disabled by the aliens. Dean tells Hank not to panic, though Hank is nowhere near panic. Dean, however, is hiding in the closet.

The moppets, meanwhile, argue over who gets which weapons when Dr. Girlfriend, in her classic pink suit and pillbox hat, arrives. She tells them that they're not coming along this time, however. They try to tell her that the Monarch is dangerous and might hurt her. She tells them that he would never hurt her, and his only problem his his deep hatred for Dr. Venture. The moppets ask what Dr. Venture did that caused the Monarch to hate him so much. She doesn't answer, but only notes that it's not something worth ruining a career or marriage over. She leaves, saying that she knows what she has to do.

Kevin: Why can't we get a straight answer?
Tim-Tom: I just saw mum's clean panties.
Kevin: Oh, when she was crouching? I tried not to look. Were they-
Tim-Tom: They were white panties, Kevin. White.
Kevin: [sighs] White.

In a hangar at the Venture Compound, 21 and 24 keep a lookout.

Henchman 21: Dude I can't believe we didn't get blown up. We're like those guys on TV who never get shot. Yeah we're like main characters.
Henchman 24: Don't jinx it! See anything?
Henchman 21: No I can't see squat with these tinted goggles on.
Henchman 24: Douche, use the night vision. What's wrong with you?
[he hits 21 int he side of his head and 21's night vision goggles turn on]
Henchman 21: I can see everything! This is so cool, when did we get these?
Henchman 24: Like, 1994.
Henchman 21: Why don't I know this stuff?! Hey this is so rad. It's like Blair Witch-o-vision. Those kids' eyes look all glowy.
Henchman 24: What kids?
Henchman 21: Those two right over there!
Henchman 24: What are you doing, get them!

21 and 24 make chase on Hank and Dermott, who run away with their hands hilariously above their heads.

Alone in Dr. Venture's lab the Monarch is up to his own devices. He hocks a loogie onto one of Dr. Venture's microscope slides and sets it down happily. He looks around the lab and notices that Dr. Venture is rebuilding G.U.A.R.D.O. He yells at his absent foe and hits GUARDO, who suddenly turns on, revealing Dr. Venture's face on his TV screen head. The Monarch only gives a sly "well hello" in response.

Outside 24 tackles Dermott, who immediately begins coughing at 24.

Henchman 24: Dude what are you doing?
Dermott: I'm giving you my Earth germs! [spits and coughs] I'm gonna kill you with my cold! [coughs] Die alien!
Henchman 24: I'm not an alien, dillweed. I'm a henchman. And you're not a Venture brother, who the hell are you?
Dermott: I'm Hank's friend.
Henchman 24: Yeah I doubt that.
Dermott: Would you believe I'm Brock Samson's long-lost son?
Henchman 24: If that were true I don't think I would have caught you so easily.
Dermott: I couldn't run because I had a lighter up my ass.
Henchman 24: Okay now I believe you're Hank's friend.

In the Cocoon Dr. Girlfriend sits at her throne and commends all the henchmen to prepare for flight and get to their posts. All the henchmen cheer.

Hank, meanwhile, runs from an exhausted 21 who is unable to catch him. They finally call a truce so they can both rest. Hank starts going on about how he's going to be blamed for the exploding lawn when 21 tells him that he has to drop something very huge on him.

Henchman 21: You can't die. You're like magic or something.
Hank: Wait, are you funning me?
Henchman 21: I have personally see you die twice. Seriously, like shotgun to the face. You can't be killed. I shit you not. You. Are. An immortal.
Hank: Like... the Highlander?
Henchman 21: Yes, like the Highlander.
Hank: Why are you telling me this?
Henchman 21: 'Cause... I have something for you. [he pulls out a rifle]
Hank: Cool! Is that for me?
Henchman 21: Kinda?
[21 shoots Hank in the chest and Hank falls down]
Henchman 21: I hate killing you, dude. It's all I could come up with.

Dean, meanwhile, walks to the panic room to retrieve his stuffed giraffe. However he hears something in the corner of the lab. Some sort of grunting noise... he walks over towards the sound only to see the Monarch naked and furiously humping GUARDO in what I can only assume is some sort of port in its, uh, crotchular area.

Dean: What are you doing to her?!
The Monarch: Um, giving your robot chlamydia?
Dean: When my dad finds out about this you're gonna be in biiig trouble. Big trouble!
The Monarch: [pauses] Yes! Good! Tell your father! That is the final step in your training!
Dean: What?
The Monarch: Nark on me and your training will be complete! You will have become completely evil! Join me, Dean!! Tell your dad on me!!
Dean: No!! I won't be like you! Never, ever! Never ever!!
The Monarch: Yes, Dean, complete your final test and tattle on me! Then and only then will you be a super villain!
Dean: You can't make me! I'll never tell my dad! I will never be evil like you!!
The Monarch: No, you have bested me this time, master Venture! But next time I'll be ready! [pauses] Kay. Bye! [he runs off]

Dermott, meanwhile, is stockpiling a bitchload of weapons courtesy of Henchman 24, clearly doing to in order to keep Dermott's mouth shut. Dermott decides not to tell anyone. Just then a huge magnet thing hovers above them and grabs the Monarchmobile. 24's ride.

Later on, in the Cocoon, 24 notes that he bribed Dermott to keep him quiet. 21 says that he just shot Hank. 24 says he didn't even think of tranqs, and 21 notes he used the rifle. Apparently those shoot tranquilizer darts though. Yet another thing 21 did not know. Dr. Girlfriend instructs the Cocoon to go into stealth mode and prepare to take off. Just then the Monarch, still mostly naked, appears at the bridge doors.

The Monarch: Hi honey, I'm home.

Outside the Venture Compound the Cocoon silently flies away. Hank, still laying on the lawn with a dart in his chest, sits up. He pulls the dart out of himself and examines it for a second.

Hank: Give me the prize, I am the one!!!

Roll end credits.

The Cocoon is flying over the ocean. 'Two Weeks Later' is noted at the bottom of the screen.

Dr. Girlfriend: Now it took a lot of work to get the Guild to agree to this and it's only on a trial basis.
[the camera pans away from the Cocoon to reveal Spider-Skull Island]
The Monarch: Okay, fine! Can I open my eyes yet?
[Inside a room on the island, J.J., pirate captain, Sally and Ned look curiously at a large screen broadcasting the approaching Cocoon]
Ned: Ohhh, scary big brown flying poo-poo!


  • The working title of this episode was Murder O'Clock, says Jackson: "just because."

  • This episode ties Shadowman 9 for episode with the smallest cast, which is three in both cases. Similarly, as that episode was the first to lack Michael Sinterniklaas (and Patrick Warburton), this one is the first to lack James Urbaniak. Dr. Venture and Brock of course appear briefly, but neither of them speak.

  • The robot guy from the very beginning of the episode, as the Monarch notes, looks a lot like Mr. Roboto from Mr. Roboto video, which is of course a song by Styx. Also my apologies for linking this video because the song will probably be stuck in your head all damned day now (secret, secret, I've got a secret). Seriously, it's impossible to not listen to this song!

  • Much like Dr. Quymn, you may also remember Dr. Dugong from the Guild facebook the Monarch was paging through in Home Is Where The Hate Is. Though the potential for his return in future episodes is obviously a lot less likely than hers.

  • If you're curious what thalidomide is (the Monarch asks Dr. Dugong how much of it his mother took), it's a drug from the 50s and 60s that was mainly prescribed to pregnant women in order to combat morning sickness and as a sleep aid. However before release the drug was not tested enough and it was found to cause major birth defects in a large percentage of children born from mothers who took it.

  • Oddly enough Dr. Dugong's claim to fame seems to be gentle aquatic sea mammals (himself being named after a relative of the manatee), yet cuttlefish, which he seems to have an affinity for, are actually mollusks (like the octopus and squid, their shell is internal). Also they're not necessarily gentle, though they do provide food for other gentle sea mammals such as dolphins and seals.

  • Hank mentions Eddie and the Cruisers, continuing Doc Hammer's referencing of movies forgotten by time which began with the Sharky's Machine reference in Careers in Science.

  • Based on the purple ink, the machine Dean uses to print the Venture Home News is probably a ditto machine or spirit duplicator. While the use of them started to decline around the 1970's, many of you folks in your mid-20s and older may remember getting sheets of paper with purple ink printed on them in school. Ditto machines are notable because they don't actually use ink to print, but rather a concoction of chemicals which included isopropanol and the methanol, two toxic substances. Due to the chemical composition of the "ink" the paper gives off a familiar and almost intoxicating smell which is probably its most memorable feature.

  • The video game the Monarch is referring to where one plays with a 'tiny plastic baby guitar' is probably Guitar Hero, of which there are currently three numbered sequels and a variety of spin-offs including a handheld version, 80s' edition and a version featuring Aerosmith. The game is played by hitting buttons on the neck of a toy guitar which correspond to notes from the song. It's also possible the game the henchmen play is Rock Band, which is made by the developers of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2 (Guitar Hero 3 was made by a different company when the property was bought but another publisher). However Rock Band involves drumming and singing on top of guitar playing, and it's likely the Monarch would have mentioned that as well.

  • Tanga Island doesn't appear to actually exist, though the Tanga Islands do, so if you're ever in Papua New Guinea be sure to watch out for the hot lava men and desperate... women... I guess?

  • Amazingly GUARDO (or G.U.A.R.D.O. if you like) makes a second appearance in the series. His first and only other appearance was in Home Insecurity which was the third episode of the series to ever air. You may recall that faulty programming caused GUARDO to target the Venture family when he security alarm was tripped by henchmen of the Monarch and Baron Underbheit. He was disabled when Brock ran him over accidentally.

  • I don't feel like I need to explain them because they should be obvious enough, but two movies mentioned by 21 over the course of the episode were Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Blair Witch Project thanks to their containing flying cars and night vision. Respectively of course.

  • Hank's conversation with 21, in which 21 reveals that Hank can't die, Hank likens himself to Highlander, which is to say the the title character of the movie (and later sequels) as well as TV series, animated series, anime film, comic book series, series of novels, and video games. There's a lot of stuff I could go into here, but the general idea is that the Highlander is immortal. Hank is not, but at least he's seen the cult classic film. Similarly Hank's line at the end "Give me the prize, I am the one!" is a line (actually two lines) from the movie.

  • Speaking of 21's conversation with Hank, it's interesting that even though 21 is probably lying to trick Hank into getting shot, he does seem to have some idea that Hank has died before. After he shoots Hank he says "I hate killing you, dude" which seems to imply he has done it before (and of course he obviously has, namely the ending of Return to Spider-Skull Island). While this doesn't exactly let on if he knows that Hank is a clone or not, it seems to imply that he at least knows something is up. However later in the episode he notes that he had no idea that the rifles actually hold tranq darts, so it's also entirely possible that he simply thought he was killing Hank before and now he's just not sure what happened.

Episode Cast

Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Christopher McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Henchman 24
Tim-Tom Moppet
Dr. Dugong
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Henchman 21
Dermott Fictel
Kevin Moppet


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