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Sideshow Taking Brock Statue Pre-Orders

This place is becoming the all-Brock statue news network but that's all the Venture Bros. news we have for now so just roll with it. For those of you who want to but haven't yet you can now pre-order the Sideshow exclusive edition and the standard edition. Both cost $250 and are expected to ship in the third quarter of this year (between July and September). The exclusive one also costs $25 to pre-order because of the low number of them (only 250). Get to it!

Brock Statue Gallery and Pre-Order Details

Sideshow has put up a blog detailing their Brock statue which includes not only pre-order info but also a gallery of images. Here's the basic info you need to know:

  • The statue will cost $250 and can be pre-ordered through the February 3rd Sideshow Newsletter.

  • There will be two versions, exclusive and regular edition. The exclusive version will come with a severed Monarch henchman arm (shown above) and the regular edition will not.

  • The exclusive version is limited to only 250 pieces and requires a 10% ($25) deposit which is non-refundable.

That's it for now! More will be revealed on Thursday, possibly. Get those credit cards in gear and feel free to vote in the latest poll (it's relevant).

Closer Look At Sideshow's Brock Statue

Just got the latest Sidedhow Collectables newsletter (or at least I finally checked my inbox) only to see it contained a closer look at everyone's favorite Swedish murder machine. Check it out:

You can click for a full sized version and head over to Sideshow's site if you like. That page reveals that we'll get a much closer look at Brock on February 1st and you'll be able to pre-order him on February 3rd.

Venture Days Moved To Saturday

For those of you who have been gorging yourself on a double-dose of Venture Bros. the past few Sunday nights at 9pm you should note that there are some schedule changes. The remainder of season one (the last five episodes) will be airing one at a time on Saturday nights at 11:30pm. They also won't be rebroadcast later in the night for you stay-up-late folks, so 11:30 is your only chance to catch them. No word on when/if season two will follow in March since the extended schedule only goes to the end of February. Also you should be careful not to accidentally watch at 9pm on Sundays since you'll end up seeing episodes of Baby Blues and The Oblongs.

Let's Watch: Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic! & Ghosts of the Sargasso

I'm bringing back Let's Watch for this week to celebrate the airing of two of my favorite season one episodes, "Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic!" and "Ghosts of the Sargasso". The former introduced us to our favorite necromancer and the latter includes a scene where Brock beats up a guy with another guy who is giving him a cavity search. These air Sunday night at 9pm EST/PST and again later at 5am if you're a night owl and/or early bird. Use the comments to talk about them if you like! Enjoy!

Manorexia Concert Tomorrow Night

If you're looking for something to do on a lonely Sunday night and you live in the vicinity of New York City you may want to check out J.G. Thirlwell's Manorexia performing at Le Poisson Rouge (which is down on Bleecker and Thompson) tomorrow night:

Musicians for this concert will be Leyna Marika Papach (violin), Elena Moon Park (violin), Karen Waltuch (viola), Maria Bella Jeffers (cello), David Broome (piano), Peter Wise (percussion) and JG Thirlwell (laptop/compositions).

The concert will feature some arrangements from the forthcoming Manorexia album. Entitled, "Dinoflagellette Blooms", the album, which is predominately performed by Thirlwell, will be released in 5:1 surround sound as well as a stereo version. It will come out on the Ectopic Ents label later in 2011.

The event is first come, first served, so get there early. The doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm.

It's Raffle Time!

Update: The raffle is over and the winners have been announced! If you missed it you can watch the full thing below (or click to read the rest if you're on the home page). Congrats to the winners, I will be emailing them later on to let them know if they don't already.

Original: Join me for what is sure to be a somewhat awkward live raffle drawing! Five winners will be picked! The show starts at like 6:55pm eastern, 3:55pm pacific! You can follow along below or bop on over to the Mantis-Eye UStream Channel.

Sideshow Collectibles Reveals Brock & Molotov

If you follow the twitter you already know about this but for everyone else Sideshow Collectibles have revealed their upcoming Brock and Molotov statues in a 12 Days of Sideshow feature on their site. You can view a larger version by heading over to the site or clicking the thumbnail over on the left. Also future statues may or may not include Hank & Dean and HELPeR with the possibility of Mr. and Mrs. The Monarch in the future, but we shall see!

Oh, also Happy New Year to all!

Raffle Drawing: January 2nd

Mark your calendars because you're in for a bumpy ride! Wait, what? Okay due to insane scheduling I've decided to delay the holiday-themed raffle drawing until 7pm eastern (4pm pacific) on January 2nd, as the headline implies. That is mostly final though it could change yet again but I'll try to stick with it. Of course you can still grab a ticket every six hours up until the the drawing, so get yours by heading over to the contest page. Many a Venture Bros. bobble head shall be won.

Raffle Drawing Delayed!

Unforeseen consequences ended up being pretty obvious as I'm currently on a train right now (half hour after the drawing was scheduled) so the Mantis-Eye holiday-themed raffle drawing is delayed at least until tomorrow, possibly longer. Fear not, however, because you can still grab a new ticket every six hours up until the drawing. So if you haven't, get going!

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Jul. 4, 2019, 11:34pm
It's a month old but there's not much news here for two years at a time, so whatever :) https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/the-venture-bros/281421/the-venture-bros-season-8-jackson-publick-doc-hammer


Jun. 7, 2019, 9:33pm
Okay, Venturoos. Here's what ya get for the Extras, at least on the DVD version. I felt it was a little light, but that's just my opinion. Deleted Scenes (as always) - Some are B&W sketches with the dialog, others are animated with the dialog. Ghost in the Pro-Blem - An extended view of the distorted images of events from the Pro-BLEM's point of view. Maybe there are some clues hidden in it if you like frame-by-frame advancing. Maybe not. Sirena Goes Off... - Cristin Milioti ad-libbing way more dialog than the script calls for. Poor Rocco. Promo - Basically the season 7 promo. Maybe there's Easter Eggs to find. I haven't done any extensive searching yet. If anyone finds any feel free to post them here!


Mar. 15, 2019, 1:34pm
I haven't seen a press release yet, but people on reddit say June 4, 2019 is when Season 7 is on bluray. https://www.reddit.com/r/venturebros/comments/b14aa2/june_4_2019/

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