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Venture Bros. Halloween Special Coming In October 2012

While Adult Swim's Upfront announcement mostly contained info about non-Venture Bros. specials, pilots and renewals (including SuperJail!'s third season being formally announced), there was one bit of pertinent info on the Venture Bros. Halloween special, which is that it will be airing this year in October:

VENTURE BROTHERS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL -- This October on Adult Swim, the Venture Family fills your Halloween goody bag with fun-sized Truth. Created and directed by Jackson Publick and written by Publick and Doc Hammer, both of whom also provide voices for the special, the Venture Brothers Halloween Special is being animated by Titmouse, Inc.

So just when you thought we would go all of 2012 without a Venture Bros. episode, fear not! No other info was provided but I'm sure we'll find out more in the coming months.

BifBangPow! Reveals SDCC Exclusive Brock Samson Action Figure

Those of you hankering for the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Venture Bros. toy can stop your hankering because it has been revealed on the Twitter. This figure is a variant of the standard Brock figure with this Brock wearing a different t-shirt and sporting the blood of what I assume to be his enemies (but with Brock you never can tell). If you can't make it to Comic Con, fear not, you can pre-order one from Entertainment Earth for just $14.99. Get to it!

Season Five Status Update From Jackson Himself

After yesterday's speculation on season 5, Jackson was nice enough to give me some more specifics on what exactly is going on. On how the episode production pipeline is going he had this to say (emphasis mine):

Things are moving briskly over here at Venture Central/AstroBase/Titmouse. The first episode just shipped to Korea. But you're wrong about one thing--it doesn't take nine months to animate overseas. Nine months is more like the time it takes to complete an episode from initial design to final edit, so it includes pre-production. Actually, it's more like ten months, since we began design on the first episode the first week of the new year, and we'll be delivering it to the network in early October. According to our schedule--and assuming we keep to it--all ten episodes will be completed and delivered by the end of January. Which is roughly when we're supposed to premiere the fifth season.

So, new Venture Bros. to kick off the new year? Sounds like a plan! Jackson also noted that he and Doc likely will be attending all three conventions this summer (SDCC, Dragon*Con and NYCC) and they promise to show off whatever they have ready at the time. SDCC comes a little too early in production so they might not have any stuff to show off just yet, but Dragon*Con and NYCC will "maybe kinda" have some sort of trailer.

And finally, he promises that he still loves you all and will start posting art and whatever else on his LiveJournal fairly soon. Thanks, Jackson!

Venture Bros. Season 5 Mini-Status Update

Astute reader '420guy' has noted in a comment thread here that Jackson left some juicy tidbits in the comments of his LiveJournal. Specifically a status report of sorts on the much anticipated (but always elusive) season 5 of Venture Bros. When asked by a loyal reader for a morsel from the season:

Sorry, man... nothing to show until the summer. We're just about to ship the first episode to Korea to be animated.

Which, to me anyway, implies you guys will get to see some stuff during convention season. The big three conventions, as always, are San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon*Con and New York Comic Con. Jackson and/or Doc are likely to make appearances at all three of them, possibly with clips and trailers.

Perhaps even more telling is the fact that the first episode was just shipped off to Korea (his comment was written on April 8th), meaning there are still a good seven or eight months before that episode is completed, which already puts us into early next year. Coupled with Jackson's other comment (in response to asking for the title of the season 5 premiere):

Sorry, but we haven't actually written the premiere episode yet. And since Doc wrote the "first" episode in the production order, I can't tell you the title. Because he totally hates when the titles get leaked.

Obviously the season can't begin until the intended premiere is completed, and even if Jackson and Doc suddenly wrote a script for it today there would still be around a month of pre-production, plus another 7 - 8 to get the animation finalized. So, my own (hopefully) educated guess is that season 5 will start sometime early next year, somewhere around March. The best I can do is speculate, though, so take that with some grains of salt.

Spinoff Online Interviews James Urbaniak

There's an interview with James Urbaniak, voice of Dr. Venture (and Phantom Limb, and Jonas Jr.) in Venture Bros. over at Spinoff Online. It mostly goes into his work on Venture Bros.; how he and Jackson came up with the voice and his thoughts about the show's writing and continuity. There's also a good amount at the end about his role as Robert Crumb in American Splendor as well as some non-Venture things he's currently working on.

An Interview With Venture Bros. Storyboard Artist Douglas Lovelace

If you're a fan of Venture Bros. then you're inevitably fan of Douglas Lovelace, who has worked on the show as a storyboard artist and character designer in varying degrees since the pilot episode. Sadly he won't be involved with the upcoming season 5, but that didn't stop him from recounting his glory days on the past few seasons. Check out my interview with Mr. Lovelace for info on what he did on the show, his favorite Venture Bros. stuff, what he's working on now and words about working in animation. Here's a snip:

The eBay auctions came about by accident. I kept the artwork because it represented a breakthrough for me as an artist, and because no one else on the production team wanted it. It migrated to milk crates in storage where it would have rotted away had I not noticed that fellow Venture vet Stephen DeStefano sold some of his paper Venture Bros. art on eBay. So I thought I'd have a go. Got Jackson's okay. The Venture fans are so happy to get this artwork that I feel the obligation to keep going until it's all gone.

Read on for more!

BifBangPow! 3 3/4" Brock Figure Is A Go

According to an update on the BifBangPow! website they will now begin production of only the Brock Samson figure. Sadly the pre-order hurdles could not be overcome for any other figures (cancellation notices for those of you who pre-ordered any of them are going out soon), but at the very least you can add Brock to your collection. There is a small amount of hope left though:

The fate of the remaining characters depends on strong pre-orders. We will make announcements when each new character is about to go into production, whenever that may be. So in theory you may see more delays on certain characters, but eventually we hope to release them.

As with all of BigBangPow!'s toys, you can pre-order Brock on Entertainment Earth for $9.99. The figures will ship after San Diego Comic-Con this year, in either late July or early August. You can see some photos of Brock in BBP's update as well.

Ghost Mantis: Not Actually A Ghost

Okay, that's enough of that. Obviously Mantis Eye: The Original Mantis Supply Store was this year's April Fools' gag. Hopefully it was one of the less lame ones you witnessed today, on a day when the internet is traditionally completely untrustworthy. I assure you there are no legal battles going on for the name of this site.

In case you didn't know (and I doubt you do), the joke site was also based on Mantis Place, which is a real (though non-crazy) seller of real, live mantises. They also probably have more trustworthy information, mostly because I didn't make that site up. You can still check out the gag site if you like, though the Mantis Buyer achievement is no longer gettable. Thanks for visiting!

Transcribed Version of Ask Jackson & Doc

As part of the initiative for more Venture Bros. interviews and articles (as dictated by you guys) the lowest-hanging fruit was of course my NYCC interview with series co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, which currently only exists in podcast and video form. Fear not for those of you who prefer to read something, for the third time is indeed the charm! You can now read the full Ask Jackson & Doc interview with questions posed by many of you fine folks. For those of you who have already listened to the podcast version, I thank you, but sadly there's no new content here. Rest assured that this is the last time you'll have to see this interview though!

SuperJail! Season Two DVD Released

Slightly late with this news, but if you're into SuperJail! at all, it's worth noting that season two came out on DVD on March 13th. You can pick it on Amazon or other fine DVD retailers.

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Jul. 4, 2019, 11:34pm
It's a month old but there's not much news here for two years at a time, so whatever :) https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/the-venture-bros/281421/the-venture-bros-season-8-jackson-publick-doc-hammer


Jun. 7, 2019, 9:33pm
Okay, Venturoos. Here's what ya get for the Extras, at least on the DVD version. I felt it was a little light, but that's just my opinion. Deleted Scenes (as always) - Some are B&W sketches with the dialog, others are animated with the dialog. Ghost in the Pro-Blem - An extended view of the distorted images of events from the Pro-BLEM's point of view. Maybe there are some clues hidden in it if you like frame-by-frame advancing. Maybe not. Sirena Goes Off... - Cristin Milioti ad-libbing way more dialog than the script calls for. Poor Rocco. Promo - Basically the season 7 promo. Maybe there's Easter Eggs to find. I haven't done any extensive searching yet. If anyone finds any feel free to post them here!


Mar. 15, 2019, 1:34pm
I haven't seen a press release yet, but people on reddit say June 4, 2019 is when Season 7 is on bluray. https://www.reddit.com/r/venturebros/comments/b14aa2/june_4_2019/

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