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Watch "Maybe No Go" Online

As is often the case, check out "Maybe No Go" on various video services:
  • Adult Swim.com (requires cable provider login).

  • iTunes ($2.99 for the episode or $19.99 for the entire season)

  • Amazon Video ($2.99 for the episode or $19.99 for the entire season)

"Maybe No Go" Discussion

Oh, hello again! Fancy seeing you here. It's time for your weekly season six discussion thread. This week's episode is called "Maybe No Go". As always, feel free to talk about the episode, Venture Bros. in general or pretty much anything else really in the comments here. If you haven't watched the episode yet, there will be plenty of spoilers so, uh, I guess don't read the comments if you don't want to be spoiled.

Also feel free to head on over to the episode page and vote on the episode. I forgot to mention that last week. Speaking of which, "Hostile Makeover" is ready for your vote (and there are also pretty pictures there if you're into that). So you've got a lot to do tonight. No pressure. Enjoy "Maybe No Go"!

The Day After "Hostile Makeover"

Putting up a few items of interest for those of you into that sort of thing.

"Hostile Makeover" Discussion

Welcome back, everyone! For those of you who don't know (or don't remember), every episode I'll put up a discussion thread that you can use to talk about pretty much anything that happened in the episode or the show in general. First timers or those not on eastern time be warned that there will be many, many spoilers inside, so venture in at your own peril.

Tonight's episode is of course called "Hostile Makeover" and it's the premiere of season six of Venture Bros.. Enjoy!

Shirt Club Is Here!

Full of regret because you missed out on last season's Shirt Club? Well, as promised, Shirt Club is back! As usual, you can buy individual shirts every week for $20 each or, if you're feeling fancy, subscribe for $150 (US and Canada, $199 elsewhere) to get every shirt automatically plus a bonus subscribers only shirt. This year's subscriber shirt is a classy I [VB SKULL] NY celebrating the Venture family's move to New York City for season six.

Subscriptions are only being sold until 11:59pm eastern on February 7th, so you'd better get in on it soon.

As per usual I'll also be collecting the shirts on this handy Shirt Club page. Shirts!

A Brief Word On Episode Guides

With season six imminently upon us I feel the need to mention a few things. A lot of you have noticed that the episode guide for "All This And Gargantua-2" still hasn't been written. Unfortunately it's likely to stay that way. I started this site back in 2004 because I wanted to ... Read More »

Sneak Peek of "Hostile Makeover"

Hot on the heels of yesterday's extended season six trailer, you can also check out a sneak peek of the first episode of season six, which will be called "Hostile Makeover" ... Read More »

Venture Bros. Season 6 Extended Trailer!

We're a mere eleven days away from the premiere of season six of Venture Bros. so Adult Swim has released an extended trailer for the season. Bask in all its glory! Season six premieres on Sunday night, January 31st, at midnight! ... Read More »

David Bowie, 1947 - 2016

I'm sure you've heard the news by now, so there's not a heck of a lot I can say that someone else hasn't said better or more elegantly. I'm still coming to grips with the fact that David Bowie was actually able to die, never mind the impact of such a thing. If you haven't already, I ... Read More »

Venture Bros. Season 6 to Premiere on January 31st, Return of Shirt Club

I know two updates in two days might be too much to handle, but here's yet another Christmas present for you all. Straight from Jackson himself, season six of Venture Bros. will premiere on Sunday, January 31st, 2016. That's only a month (plus a week) away! If that's more than you ... Read More »
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The Mysterious 'H'

Jan. 12, 2016, 5:01am
I think Jackson and Doc say it best here- http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2016/01/11/the-venture-bros-creators-beautifully-eulogize-david-bowie/

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Feb. 10, 2016, 3:44pm
Haven't seen one! Might have just been a season premiere thing.


Feb. 9, 2016, 11:31pm
No extra epilogue for this one?


Feb. 8, 2016, 10:29pm
Feel free to link away!


Feb. 8, 2016, 8:21pm
Definitely not going to linkspam, but folks here seemed to enjoy my episode-by-episode reviews of previous seasons, ...