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The Venture Bros Role Playing Game

This is a pen a paper or table top type Role Playing Game. Game Play will take place online. Game sessions may eventually (but not at first and not unless everyone agrees to it) be recorded and posted on a video forum so that we can share our fun with others.

Characters begin as 'Henchmen' (or at the same power level as henchmen if their background doesn't include 'henching'). Nearly any, Power or Ability is permitted. All such traits are subject to GM approval; however, a LOT of leeway will be given, particularly if the character’s background story is compelling. Keep in mind, that even though potentially powerful abilities are permitted, they will not be fully realized. Such powers will be uncontrollable or under-powered until such time as the character has gained enough experience (earned enough character points) to 'buy off' the uncontrollable and reduced power limitations. The aim here is not to create a mega-powerful superhero right from out of the gate. Instead, low level henchmen-types may begin the game with a certain flair... a certain style, and the invisible hand of fate will steer them toward that super-scientist’s lab where they get bit by a radioactive cliché and go on to become a larger-than-life legend.

Points will be awarded for good role playing (particularly for role playing disadvantages), for actions that help your team/allies (provided these actions are in keeping with your character’s background and personality), for actions that hinder your team/allies (provided these actions are in keeping with your character’s background and personality), for giving a colorful monologue, and for engaging with your fellow players in a way that follows the basic rules for good improv comedy.

Suggested backgrounds: Members of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, Peril Partnership, Fraternity of Torment, Order Of Chaos (O.O.C.), or similar (in point of fact, the campaign will take place on the west coast of the USA where the Order Of Chaos dominates the super-villainy landscape.), Members of OSI. Super Scientists. Super Heroes. Civilians. Bounty Hunters. Paid Assassins. Extreme sports athletes. Independent costumed villains or vigilantes. Members of secret societies. Seekers of the divine magical balance. Anyone with a deep rooted obsession.

Possible meta-types: Meta Human. Super Human. Ghost. Space Alien. Robot. Normal Human. Ghost Robot. Ninja. Time Traveler. Martian. Bigfoot. Artificial Intelligence. Cyborg. Elemental. Sentient Animal. Gestalt Intelligence (Hive Mind). Fictional character from a fairy tale brought into existence (somehow/by accident) and unable to return to their fictional world. Magician (like with real magic). A Psionic brain in a jar. Being made of living shadow. or anything you can think of...

Game Play will take place via SKPYE (or a similar chat venue to be determined at a later time). Due to logistical restraints, having characters with backgrounds from multiple conflicting organizations will prove problematic. This will not be a problem for the introductory adventure which takes this into account. However, at some point thereafter, the 'party' may have to get on the same page regarding which side (Protagonists or Antagonists) they wish to run with.

The game will GURPS rules (mostly for character generation). Players are NOT required to know the rules. They SHOULD know what "The Venture Bros" animated series is all about and have some experience with some type of of RPG. But this is not a must. I will turn any character concept into character stats. You should eventually learn how to read a GURPS character sheet so you can keep track of things like Hit Points. But again, this is a relatively small part of the game. The majority of game play will take place in the form of social interaction with either people your character meets in the game or with the other players. Being a fan of the show is 100x more important than being an expert (Role Playing) Gamer. I hope to start this game by the end of the month.
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15 days ago
Hey There, Mystery Person
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