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Comment Guidelines

Amazingly this site has had about as few issues with user comments as possible. Everyone has been really awesome for the duration of the site's existence and I'm pretty proud of that fact. Of course, there are still some basic (and hopefully obvious) rules that you still need to follow.

My goal here is to be as hands-off with comment moderation as possible. I'm currently the only moderator and very rarely nuke anything because people were misbehaving. On rare occasion I will kill a comment for piracy or if someone gets abrasive but thankfully those instances have been pretty few and far between. Everyone generally behaves in a very civil, friendly and overall awesome way, and I hope it stays that way. I mean, we are all here to talk about one of our favorite cartoons, so nobody takes it too seriously I hope.

Here are the rules:

  1. Don't be a jerk. Basically just act civil and treat other people with respect and be a normal person. That includes no name calling, no trolling, no hate speech and no general asshattery. Arguments are obviously going to happen at some point, but resorting to attacks on the other party is a sure fire way to not win.

  2. No piracy or requests for episode downloads! This includes leaked episodes that haven't aired yet! I know not everyone can see the episodes on TV or online for a variety of reasons, but I don't want the comments to become a breeding ground of torrents. There are also plenty of places to get the episodes legally. Posting links to common video sites like YouTube and Vimeo and whatever else is fine, and of course links to any official videos are okay too.

  3. Don't impersonate anyone in a way that could be confusing. For example you can't pretend to be Doc Hammer (unless you're actually Doc Hammer, but then that's not pretending), but if you want to role-play Bob Barker for some reason that's probably okay. You can also impersonate fictional characters as much as you like, so don't worry there.

Moderation decisions are all at my discretion and please don't take offense if a post of yours disappears for whatever reason. I'm not really keeping track of anything, so it's not like you have three strikes or something. Just be cool and you won't have any problems.

That's basically it! As I said, so far in the entire history of the site everyone has been really awesome and there have been no major incidents, so everyone keep up the good work!