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Season Seven Shirt Club!

  • Aug. 4, 2018
  • Feature

Oh hey, Shirt Club is back! Three seasons running! Every week a new shirt will be released in conjunction with each episode of season seven. You can only buy it for one week, and then it's gone (probably) forever! Past Shirt Clubs can be viewed here as well if you want ... Continue Reading »

Season Six Shirt Club!

  • Jan. 25, 2016
  • Feature

Is Shirt Club a mainstay of new episodes of The Venture Bros. now? Maybe. Maybe. Either way it's back for season six. As usual you can subscribe and automatically get all the shirts, plus a bonus shirt, or you can just order them at your own discretion. It's up to you! New ... Continue Reading »

Venture Bros. Character Timeline Graph

  • Jul. 10, 2013
  • Feature

Valiant Venture Bros. fan and redditor extraordinaire anchorboi (or /u/anchorboi if you prefer) put together an awesome timeline graph of character appearances per episode of the show. I thought it was pretty great and would be enjoyed by many who frequent the site, so with ... Continue Reading »

Shirt of the Week Club, Season 5

  • Jun. 25, 2013
  • Feature

In honor of season five, AstroBase Go! (with help from Titmouse Studios) revived The Amazing Shirt of the Week Club, which was last seen during season three many years ago. Here are all the shirts, presented in the order they premiered. The subscriber shirt actually shipped ... Continue Reading »

The Mantis-Eye 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

  • Dec. 12, 2012
  • Feature

I know, I know, this year's gift guide comes a scant week and a half before Christmas Eve, but in the world of Amazon Prime and speedy shipping you still have a chance to grab some last minute-ish Venture Bros. gifts for your loved ones. Don't pretend like you don't love ... Continue Reading »

BifBangPow! 3 3/4" Brock Action Figures Gallery

  • Aug. 12, 2012
  • Feature

Along with their line of fine Mego-inspired action figures, BifBangPow! is also trying their hand at a line of more traditional 3 3/4" action figure. While some (such as the creators of the show) might argue that the Mego-style figures work best with the theme of the show, ... Continue Reading »

Gallery 1988 X Adult Swim

  • Jan. 13, 2012
  • Feature

Running from January 13th until February 4th, Gallery 1988 X Adult Swim is a celebration of all things Adult Swim. The gallery will feature pieces by various artists inspired by many of Adult Swim's original series. This of course includes The Venture Brothers, and as you ... Continue Reading »

The Mantis-Eye 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

  • Nov. 19, 2011
  • Feature

Got a Venture Bros. fan (or prospective Venture Bros. fan) on your shopping list this year? In what I can only assume will be a yearly tradition, the Mantis-Eye office elves have come up with this year's version of a Venture Bros. themed gift guide. Last year's guide was ... Continue Reading »

Sideshow Collectibles Brock Samson Statue Gallery

  • Nov. 7, 2011
  • Feature

Along with BifBangPow!, one of the first third-party Venture Bros. licenses went to Sideshow Collectibles, purveyor of fine statues and maquettes. The first in what may end up being a series of only two, Brock Samson is really everything you could expect from owning a ... Continue Reading »

Jacket Bass Tablature

  • Sep. 30, 2011
  • Feature

"Jacket" by Shallow Gravy. Watch the music video here on Adult Swim Video. "Jacket" is written by Doc Hammer and performed by Doc Hammer (vocals, instruments) and Jackson Publick (vocals). These bass tabs come from GuitarTabs.cc thanks to a nameless mystery man (or ... Continue Reading »