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Season Two DVD Giveaway!

Welcome to the Mantis-Eye Venture Brothers Traditional Seasonal DVD Giveaway! Answer a bunch of questions pertaining to season two and if you get them all right (or you get the most right) you are entered in a drawing to win a copy of season two on DVD! Read the rules on the bottom of the page first, or pretend you did, but you really should. I'm just sayin'.

The contest is over but you can still read the answers I guess. If you have any questions you can e-mail them to me. I'll be announcing the winner and posting the answers shortly!

The Quiz!

1) At the end of season one Brock's mullet gets burned off. How many episodes does it take him to regrow it (as in, how many episodes is he without mullet in season two)?
    2 - Brock was without mullet for the first two episodes of the season but had it grown back by Assassinanny 911.
2) Dana Snyder, of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame, was brought in this season to voice The Alchemist. He also played another major role this season, that of...
3) How many episodes does Hank's Batman mask appear in during season two?
4) Which villain in jail with the Monarch is not killed by the Phantom Limb?
    Mr. Monday
    White Noise
    Tigerriffic - This was the only villain of these four not killed by Phantom Limb in Showdown at Cremation Creek I.
5) Which character mentioned (but not seen) during season one does not get an appearence in season two?
    Girl Hitler
    Sergent Hatred
    Tiny Eagle
    Captain Sunshine - Girl Hitler is featured prominently in Love-Bheits, Sergent Hatred appeared in a few episodes (most notably the wedding in Cremation Creek I) and Tiny Eagle had a quick appearence in Powerless. Captain Sunshine, however, was mentioned in that same episode (as well as the finale last season) but has yet to appear.
6) During their final assault in Hate Floats, whose helmet does Dr. Venture don?
    Magneto's - It is most assuredly that of Magneto.
    Bud Manstrong's
    Sergent Hatred's
7) How many episodes does David Bowie appear in this season?
    3 - This is what we call a clever/evil trick question. Bowie himself appears in the two Cremation Creek episodes, however Sovereign is also in Fallen Arches, and since Bowie is Sovereign the answer is three. This question had the least amount of correct answers and will probably be dropped from scoring considerations.
8) Which famous (or semi-famous) comic book hero wasn't parodied this season?
    Bruce Wayne
    Peter Parker - Bruce Wayne is of course Batman, aka 'The Bat', Prof. Impossible is of course a parody of Reed Richards and Hunter Gathers is partially inspired by Nick Fury. There's some conjecture Dean is a parody of Peter Parker, but my intent with this question was a much simpler parody and of the alter-ego of each named person (save Nick Fury who doesn't really have one). This question may be dropped, however.
    Reed Richards
    Nick Furry
9) Which two characters do we find out might have a connection this season?
    Phantom Limb and Billy Quizboy - Although left up in the air, it became apparent that there's a possibility Billy and the Phantom Limb might have been friends as shown in the variety of flashbacks in V.E.N.. None of the others listed have any sort of past connection justr yet (if ever).
    Brock and Dr. Girlfriend
    Dr. Orpheus and The Monarch
    Hank and Henchman 24
10) Of these four, which famous politician was not parodied during season two?
    Abraham Lincoln
    Donald Rumsfeld - Lincoln and George Bush should be obvious, and Kissinger was the main inspiration for Henry Killinger in I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills (and later Cremation Creek II). Nobody really resembled Rumsfeld this season.
    Henry Kissinger
    George W. Bush
11) Ned's favorite football team?
12) How many times this season do we see each of the boys die (in a flashback)?
    Fourteen times each
    Thirteen times each
    Hank thirteen times, Dean twelve - In Powerless Hank is shown being killed twelve times, and Dean eleven (Hank's extra time is when a satellite of some kind falls on him while Dean is offscreen). Then again they are shown being killed in Viva Los Muertos bringing the totals to thirteen and twelve.
    Hank twelve times, Dean thirteen
13) Which work of litterature was not referenced in Fallen Arches?
    The Pit and the Pendulum
    Lady Windermere's Fan
    Red Dragon
    The Telltale Heart - The Telltale Heart was actually referenced in Escape to the House of Mummies, but not Fallen Arches. Lady Windermere's Fan was the play Dean put on for Triana, a portion of The Pit and the Pendulum was recited by the Monarch and the back tatoo in the same episode was a reference to Red Dragon.
14) Who is the main inspiration for Jefferson Twilight's character?
    A family friend of Doc Hammer
    Real guys in New York City - Okay, so there's some Shaft and Blade in there, but from the mouth (blog) of Jackson:

    Seriously, he's based on a guy we've seen around town. Actually, several guys. Middle aged African American guys with leather (sometimes snakeskin, sometimes suede) car coats, silky poet's shirts, snakeskin boots, cargo or leather pants, and either a scorpion belt buckle, or, in one case, a crucifix necklace with a little knife in the bottom of the cross. Beaded or bone necklaces are another option. Occasionally, they top these outfits off with a floppy leather hat. And no joke, we've seen at least three or four of these guys, like it's a subculture or a fashion trend. I can't explain it, but the first time I ever saw one, I came back to the Astrobase and gleefully exclaimed to Doc "I just saw a Blackula hunter!" To my surprise, having never discussed it before, he said "I know exactly what you mean." I shit you not, they walk among us.

15) Who didn't make a return appearence from season one?
    Roy Brisby - This one should be obvious. Ned appeared in Twenty Years, Catclops in Love-Bheits and the Pirate Captain is of course now a semi-major character in spite of not having any sort of real name.
    The Pirate Captain

Contest rules:
  • You can enter as many times as you want, but only your last entry will be accepted.

  • The DVD is region one, so if you live outside the US or Canada you probably won't be able to watch the DVD. You can still enter if you like, but I wouldn't bother unless you don't have a region-free DVD player.

  • You have to answer all the questions right to have a chance to win. In the event that nobody answers them all correctly then the people with the highest score will be entered in the final drawing.

  • You must enter a valid e-mail address. When I pick the winner I'm going to e-mail them and if the e-mail bounces I'm going to pick a new winner. You should also enter a name of some kind because if you don't I'm just going to make up a name for you and it might not be nice!

  • The winner will be announced two weeks from [insert date here]. I'll also post the correct answers when the winner is announced. If the winner doesn't respond to me within a week (seven days) then I'll pick a new winner until someone replies!

  • The cutoff for entering is midnight (central time) on May 18th. After that you can't submit any more entries. The winner and answers will be posted shortly after that.

  • Once I mail the DVD it's out of my hands. So if it gets lost in the mail or smashed up a bunch it's not my fault and you'll just have to deal with it. Sorry!

  • By clicking the submit button you adknowledge that you have actually read and agree to these rules. If you don't like them then don't submit. Also I reserve the right to change rules or make up new ones as I see fit. Just so I have all my bases covered.

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