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Dragon*Con 2012 Cosplay Photos

  • Sep. 10, 2012
  • Coverage

As per usual this year's Dragon*Con was home to a bevvy of Venture Bros. cosplay and Vanessa, also known as DalekEmpress in some circles, was kind enough to take some snapshots of much of the costumed business that took place. Vanessa is lady HELPeR in the photos below, by ... Continue Reading »

Mantis-Eye At New York Comic Con 2011

  • Oct. 13, 2011
  • Coverage

Similar to the SDCC coverage from a few months ago, this is the main hub for all Venture Bros. coverage from New York Comic Con this year. I will be in attendance at the convention from Friday, October 14th until the end of the convention on Sunday, October 16th. The ... Continue Reading »

Dragon*Con 2011 Cosplay Photos

  • Sep. 10, 2011
  • Coverage

As is customary Dragon*Con is filled to the gills with cosplayers and Venture Bros. characters are often a big part of that. This year proved to be no different but people seemed to go the extra mile to dress up as much more obscure characters or even one-off variations of ... Continue Reading »

Dragon*Con 2011 Coverage: A Dr. Who And A Doc[tor] Hammer

  • Sep. 10, 2011
  • Coverage

Since I was unable to attend Dragon*Con this year I asked if any ultra-dedicated volunteers would like to write some coverage. Katie Delz, who is one half of the Hench 4 Life Podcast (now nestled in at its new home), graciously answered my call and here's what she ... Continue Reading »

Mantis-Eye At Comic-Con 2011

  • Jul. 21, 2011
  • Coverage

As this is the first San Diego Comic-Con that I will be covering live from the scene of the crime, here's a spot you can check out for a collection of all the latest goings on from the convention. I will be in attendance starting on Friday, June 22nd until after the ... Continue Reading »