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Shirt of the Week Club, Season 5

In honor of season five, AstroBase Go! (with help from Titmouse Studios) revived The Amazing Shirt of the Week Club, which was last seen during season three many years ago. Here are all the shirts, presented in the order they premiered. The subscriber shirt actually shipped last but was introduced first so people couldn't get it and then cancel like last time. Crafty bastards.

Subscriber Shirt
"In Glorious Extra Color"

"What Color Is Your Cleansuit?"
"The Palaemon Project"

"What Color Is Your Cleansuit?"

"Venture Libre"

"SPHINX Rising"


"O.S.I. Love You"

"Momma's Boys"
"Shallow Gravy"

"Bot Seeks Bot"
"Council of 13"

"The Devil's Grip"
"Calamity Conference"

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