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The Mantis-Eye 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Got a Venture Bros. fan (or prospective Venture Bros. fan) on your shopping list this year? In what I can only assume will be a yearly tradition, the Mantis-Eye office elves have come up with this year's version of a Venture Bros. themed gift guide. Last year's guide was all well and good, but this one is more streamlined and less panderingy. Panderingy isn't a word, by the way, but they wanted me to say that. Who am I to deny the cries what I can only assume is an actual elf and not a small child dressed like an elf? "Say panderingy." "I'm hungry." "Where's my mom?" I'm pretty sure that's just what elves say.

Toys by Bif Bang Pow!

If a friend or relative is a fan of the show but already owns all the DVDs and stuff the next logical step is to buy them dolls. Not action figures, dolls. Let's all be honest with ourselves here, they have clothes you can take off, so they're dolls. That's pretty much the only difference between a doll and an action figure. You can always leave them in the packaging though, that way nobody can accuse you of playing with dolls. Only of collecting them.

Venture Bros. Music

One of the more subtle thing that Venture Bros. fans can take to their workplace is music, since you can listen to that with headphones on and nobody will ever know. Realistically JG Thirlwell's compositions are excellent pieces of music in their own right, so you could probably also just listen to those over the office PA system and nobody would care. That is of course why I am recommending you buy the vinyl version, which you should proudly display on your desk or cubicle. No true Venture Bros. fan would hide their love for the show. Shame on you.


For the Venture Bros. fan who has all the DVDs but aspires to be more, tshirts and other various shirt-like items are the way to go. I've selected the latest shirt to appear in the Adult Swim shop (the Shallow Gravy one) along with some of my favorites. By the way, I don't own that Guild hoodie, so if anyone is feeling generous this holiday just let me know. Tis the season!

Venture Bros. on DVD and Blu-Ray

Here we have the classic go-to item for all your Venture Bros. needs. If you know someone who you think might like the show these would be the perfect gift. Also your friend who has seen all the episodes but doesn't have cable or a Netflix subscription or a DVD player. You know the guy. Give him some legitimacy in his life, okay? Maybe you'll start him on a path to honesty. Probably not, but it never hurts to try. It's the thought that counts, really.

Mantis-Eye Paraphernalia

Finally, if you've made it this far then you might not only be a Venture Bros. fan, but a fan of this site. It's possible! Either way, we have some lovely gifts for the Mantis-Eye Experiment fan in your life (which could be youself).

Thanks for reading and have a most excellent holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!

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