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Sideshow Collectibles Brock Samson Statue Gallery

Along with BifBangPow!, one of the first third-party Venture Bros. licenses went to Sideshow Collectibles, purveyor of fine statues and maquettes. The first in what may end up being a series of only two, Brock Samson is really everything you could expect from owning a small Brock Samson.

Posed as if he is just about to go on a rampage (or has recently come from a very small one if you use the henchman hand accessory), he comes with a large machete in one hand and either his Bowie knife or a meat cleaver in the other. If you purchase the Sideshow exclusive version as I did (and why not since it's the same price) he can also hold a severed Monarch henchman arm on that hand.

There are two versions of his head, one with a sneer that allows Brock to smoke his signature cigarette and one with a much more embellished grimace that can stand on its own or be complimented by a different Bowie knife.

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