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Gallery 1988 X Adult Swim

Running from January 13th until February 4th, Gallery 1988 X Adult Swim is a celebration of all things Adult Swim. The gallery will feature pieces by various artists inspired by many of Adult Swim's original series. This of course includes The Venture Brothers, and as you might expect the series is a favorite among many artists.

This isn't a definitive compilation of all the Venture Bros. pieces in the gallery, but it's a good start and will also probably make those of us who can't attend a little sad. You can click on each artist's name to go to their web site or you can browse through the full-sized images by clicking on one of them and navigating via the gallery popup. Enjoy!

Joey Spiotto
Titled, as you might expect, "The Venture Bros. and Friends!", this is an excellent take on what a Venture Bros.-themed record for kids might look like in the 1960s. "And friends!"
Jonathan Luna
Titled simply "MC", this is Molotov Cocktease drawn in the style that Jonathan Luna knows best. Check out his website for more of it.

Delicious Design League
Delicious Design League has many famous clients, including Nike, Mozilla and Pitchfork, and now they have taken on Dr. Orpheus, who is probably their most magic client of all.
J.A.W. Cooper
I'm having trouble finding out any actual info on this piece aside from that it's ink, graphite and colored pencil and 7" x 5". Oh, and it's still available for purchase (as of this writing) if you want it!

Anne Benjamin
This one is called "Brock, By Odin!" and at 20" x 28" is an extra huge screenprint depicting Brock Samson as the ruler of Asgard.
Becky Dreistadt
Simply titled "The Monarch", this painting was made with Pebeo T7 Extra Fine Gouache paint on watercolor paper. Hey, if they let King Gorilla keep all those Tarzans, it's only fair to let The Monarch keep butterflies, right?

Ken Garduno
The number of Molotov themed pieces in the show is somewhat surprising, but I do enjoy each of them in their own way. This is her drawn in Ken's own style, with more awesome examples available at his site.
Kevin Tong
Almost surprisingly this is the only Shallow Gravy themed piece in the show. It's made as a concert poster, and might be better made than Shallow Gravy actually deserves.

Scott Listfield
Both of these are oil on canvas. The very first painting, and the only non-Venture Bros. one featured here, is being used for all the promotions for the Adult Swim gallery and is titled "Mooninite". The second one is called "Shadows of Dangerous Men".

Reilly Stroope
Likely the only piece that has been laser etched into a mirror, Reilly has immortalized not only Dr. Venture but perhaps also Hank in this piece titled "I Can Hear His Rage".
Nicole Gustafsson
One of my favorite pieces from the show, this depicts a happier side of the infamous Spider-Skull Island. It's gouache and ink on paper and titled "Vacation On Spider-Skull Island".

Danny "Kano" Kimayen
This is titled "Kano by Kano". Danny worked on the show during season one and his nickname 'Kano' is the inspiration for the character of the same name in the series.
Kim Herbst
Kim is an illustrator based out of San Francisco and her contribution to the show is a propaganda-style Black Hearts recruitment poster.

Ryan Brinkerhoff
Also known as Bandito Design, Ryan has made, in his own distinct style, Brock Samson doing what he does best.
Sean K. Dove
Sean's contribution is a take of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of books coupled with the plot of the season one finale.

Kiersten Essenpreis
Contributing two pieces, Kiersten drew Brock and Dr. Girlfriend doing what she thought they'd do in their off time. These are titled "Brock Samson Feeds the Neighborhood Stray Pussies" and "Dr. Girlfriend & the 5 O'Clock Shadow". Both are Flashe paint on wood.

Michael Ramstead
This is oil on canvas and called Haunted Henchman by Long Beach, CA resident and painter.
Olly Moss
Perhaps most famous for his movie posters, Olly Moss has created a Venture Bros. version of The Dark Knight Returns cover.

Jesse Riggle
If you ask Jesse what he paints his response is "lumpy people" and this is evident in these four portraits of various duos in the show. These are all acrylic on maple and named (in order) "Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean", "“The Buddy System", "Tears of a Sea Cow" and "The Trial of the Monarch".

Dave Perillo
Also known as 'Montygog', Dave's piece is called "Go Team Venture!" and is meant to evoke 60's spy/adventure movies.
Glen Brogan
The original (and only) intent with this piece was to convey the differences in size between Brock and Molotov, however additional characters were added later with great results.

Evan Yarbrough (evANIMAL)
Evan has contributed three pieces of acrylic and acrylic transfer, each with a portrait of a character and a word possibly describing them (though I would maybe debate the Monarch being 'brains').

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