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Mantis-Eye At Comic-Con 2011

As this is the first San Diego Comic-Con that I will be covering live from the scene of the crime, here's a spot you can check out for a collection of all the latest goings on from the convention. I will be in attendance starting on Friday, June 22nd until after the convention ends on Sunday, June 24th when I leave San Diego. For the most up-to-the-minute tidbits you should check the site's Twitter and Tumblr as they will likely contain random pictures, quotes and other miscellaneous updates. I'll compile them into more substantial updates and post them to the home page, if appropriate, but this page will contain a digest of sorts for all that stuff. Think of it as a sort of Comic-Con log or journal:

Venture Bros. Panel Writeup

Read this for a quick wrap-up and some thoughts on the yearly Venture Bros. panel starring Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak. This year featured a Shallow Gravy music video (for "Jacket") and a teaser for the upcoming 15-minute special airing on August 28th. I also included some poorly-shot photos of the panel and some cosplay from before and after it started.

And the official Adult Swim video of the panel:

Venture Bros. Toy Roundup

I wandered Sideshow and Entertainment Earth to check out their new Venture Bros. toy offerings. Includes the yet-to-be-released Brock and Molotov statues from Sideshow and the latest and greatest from BifBangPow! including some neat 3 3/4" action figures that were unveiled just for this Comic-Con.

Adult Swim also put up a video interview with Jason Lenzi, founder of BifBangPow!:

Venture Bros. Costume Contest and Flying Lotus Wrapup

There's not a heck of a lot to say about the costume contest and Flying Lotus performance except that it was a lot of fun. I took a decent amount of photos while I was there, though the lighting and my poor quality camera made many of them not the finest photos ever taken. Still, there are a few good ones in there.

For some higher quality documenting of the night check out Adult Swim's official video for the contest:

That Time I Met Jackson, Doc and James

Here I regal the story of meeting Jackson and Doc (and James Urbaniak) for the first time. It's not a very exciting story, but it's somewhat historic for me since I have a Venture Bros. site and I guess meeting the creators of that show is an important moment. Also contained is the story of meeting Jackson for the second time, which is a far better story, though not because it contains any of my best moments.

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