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Mantis-Eye At New York Comic Con 2011

Similar to the SDCC coverage from a few months ago, this is the main hub for all Venture Bros. coverage from New York Comic Con this year. I will be in attendance at the convention from Friday, October 14th until the end of the convention on Sunday, October 16th. The biggest day for Venture Bros. news and info will be on Friday which is when the panel happens along with one signing. Saturday holds a SuperJail! panel that Jackson will be taking part in along with another signing, and you can top it off with a performance by Doc Hammer's band WEEP if you can make it out to Hoboken, NJ.

Check this page out during and after the convention for write ups and info on all the neat Venture Bros. stuff I discover throughout the weekend. For the very latest news you can also follow Mantis-Eye on Twitter and Mantis-Eye on Tumblr since I will likely be posting quotes, photos and maybe video to those as things happen.

Venture Bros. Signings Writeup »

At NYCC (as with most other conventions) there were two chances to talk to Jackson and Doc and get them to sign some stuff. While there's generally not much to specifically talk about with signings, it's an awesome chance for any fan of the show with some time and merchandise (or even just a piece of paper) to have a unique experience with the creators of The Venture Bros. You can talk to them, get a photo and have a pretty fun time. This article is just my personal experience with each signing and may not be overly interesting to anyone, but if you read nothing else, read this: go to a signing if you ever find yourself at San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic Con. It's absolutely worth the wait.

Venture Bros. Press Hour Writeup »

The only real advantage to securing a press pass for NYCC was that I got myself into the Venture Bros. press hour, which was essentially a hugely scaled down version of the panel. So there was less audience energy and potential for goofiness but Jackson and Doc were still quite funny and some good questions were asked (along with some bad ones). There's also a full video of the event if you want to just watch that instead of reading an article.

Venture Bros. Panel Writeup »

The main attraction for many con-going Venture Bros. fans is of course the panel. While this year's was taking place during a Venture Bros. dead zone, there were still a number of questions that couldn't be answered and many more that perhaps didn't need to be answered. If you want a video summary of the panel you can check out the Adult Swim version below, or you can read the article for more info if you prefer.

Venture Bros. Cosplay Photos »

And of course Comic Con would just not be Comic Con without the fans, many of whom dress up as their favorite characters from the show. NYCC is no exception to that and I snapped photos of all the Venture fans that I could (which sadly wasn't as many as I would have liked) for you to see here.

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