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An Even Newer Season V Promo

Oh, you thought that those last two were the only promos? You silly billy. Enjoy a third Season V promo with brand new footage. June 2nd! Many thanks to ZJS in the comments for pointing this out to me.

Journal of Venture Studies: Volume Two

Way back in February the first volume of the Journal of Venture Studies was released, and now volume two is ready for your consumption! This one includes five scholarly articles ranging from thoughts on how HELPeR might work to how the show handles sexuality and much more. There's also an excellent piece written by Mantis-Eye regular ZJS called "In Defense of Hatred" that I highly recommend. Enjoy volume two!

Season 5 Premiere: "What Color Is Your Cleansuit?"

For those of you waiting on season V of Venture Bros. I have one new bit of information for you. The premiere, hour long episode (June 2nd at midnight, be there or be square) is called "What Color Is Your Cleansuit?" I made sure to confirm it with series creator Jackson Publick (just in case it was a working title), so feel free to tell all your friends, relatives, co-workers and random people on the street. Tweet it, Facebook it, uh, Tumbl it? Pinterest it. What is even the verb for Pinterest? Anyway, get it out there!

In related news, Adult Swim has revamped the Venture Bros. section of their site, which includes the usual videos and clips, but also a swank new Relationship Action Map which you can use to figure out which character relates to others. It's also almost certain to get more and more obsolete as season five progresses, but for now it should have all the info you need.

(New) Venture Bros. Season V Promos

Hot on the heels of the last two May 19th promos being removed, Adult Swim has put together two replacement promos using brand new footage. Season 5 is now Season V (pronounced 'vee'). Sure, why not? The first promo lists off a million characters who may or may not appear in the new season and the second one is more sizzle reel in nature. You heard me.

And the second one:

Remember, season 5 starts at midnight on Sunday, June 2nd. That's technically June 3rd, just so there's no confusion, but you'll be ending your June 2nd with it. Unless you work a late shift somewhere. Then it's your morning cartoons. Either way.

Season 5 Shirt Club Is A Go!

This was mentioned back during convention season, but Jackson finally confirmed it in the comments of his LiveJournal:

"As for Shirt Club--that's gonna happen. The designs are all done, they're super-cool, and we're working out the logistical details now."

Obviously no other details provided just yet, but I'm sure we'll hear some more info in the weeks leading up to the premiere.

The Venture Brothers: The Story So Far

IGN has an eight-or-so minute video up that summarizes the entire series, narrated by Henchman 21, aka Gary. Needless to day if you aren't caught up on all the episodes you shouldn't watch it. However if you are caught up but have just forgotten everything (or just need a refresher) then you should check it out:

Thanks to a mysterious person for posting it in the comments.

Season 5 Delayed Until June 2nd

According to a post over on Adult Swim's Facebook page the season premiere of Venture Bros. season 5 has been delayed two weeks until June 2nd. While they don't give a specific reason I'm sure we can all agree it's because Jackson, Doc and company are toiling away tirelessly on the show and working late nights to bring everyone a quality production. So let's try not to be too annoyed! Just think of what you can do with those extra two weeks. You could learn a new craft, like basket weaving or pottery. You could learn to play an instrument. You could paint a self-portrait. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?

As the saying goes: Venture Bros. season 5 premieres on Sunday, June 2nd at midnight (eastern/pacific) on Adult Swim.

Poker Night 2 Release Dates

For those of you interested in Telltale's upcoming Poker Night 2 (starring Brock Samson and some other guys/dogs/robots) the studio announced the release dates for various platforms today via a series of tweets. If tweets aren't your thing I've compiled all the info below for you (since I assume that's your thing):
  • The XBox version will be purchasable on XBL Marketplace, worldwide, on Wednesday, April 24th (tomorrow!)

  • The Steam version (which you can pre-order now for $4.99) will unlock this Friday, April 26th. Buying it gets you both the Mac and PC versions.

  • The Playstation 3 version can be purchased on the PSN store in North America starting next Tuesday, April 30th

  • For those in Europe with a Playstation 3, the European PSN store will have the game on Wednesday, May 1st (though that may change).

  • And finally, for iPhone/iPad users there will also be an iOS version in the AppStore, though the release date is not yet known, but if you were holding out for that, there you go.
For more info and screenshots check out Telltale's Twitter.

How About One More Season 5 Promo?

If the last one just wasn't enough for you then I have some good news! There's a second Venture Bros. season 5 promo!

Remember, May 19th at midnight!

Update (4/25): Adult Swim removed this promo after the season 5 premiere date was changed to June 2nd.

Venture Bros. Season 5 Premiere Promo

In case you missed it when it aired this past weekend, here's one of the promos that Jackson was talking about. It features the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend doing some roleplaying:

Venture Bros. season 5 begins Sunday, May 19th at Midnight.

Update (4/25): Adult Swim removed this promo after the season 5 premiere date was changed to June 2nd.

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Sep. 21, 2013, 3:47pm
Cool beans! Maybe if you attend dressed only in your Hankbuck towel you'll win a prize?


Aug. 16, 2013, 5:06am
Found something neat, head over to Astrobase Go! website and view the HTML source of the poster page to be amazed. http://astrobasego.com/

Devin T. Quin

Jul. 22, 2013, 10:40pm
Thanks for linking to my article, guys! Love the site. Some other funny stuff they went over that I didn't think there was room in article for: • Doc and Jackson have NEVER tried any of the drinks Doc Venture mixes. Hammer says he's "Obsessed with [Rusty] being a bad scientist, and therefore a bad mixologist." Jackson says some of the drinks wouldn't work on a chemical level. •Jackson thinks Rusty might have been laid a couple dozen times. Doc thinks "15, tops." They agree that he's written every single time down. • They have no immediate plans for the Hank Bucks, which are photocopied moneky with Hank on the front you receive with your t-shirt orders. They stressed that Shirt Club shirts will never be reprinted. They joked with the audience about a Golden Hank Buck, which will get you into the Astrobase, but they also said the Golden Hank Buck is "The mother of all lies," so take that with a grain of salt.

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