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Final Episodes of Season 5 Named

In case you were curious here are the names and descriptions of the final three episodes of Venture Bros. season five. "O.S.I. Love You" (the fourth to last episode) airs this Sunday night at midnight.
  • "Momma's Boys" (July 7th) - A friendship begins to unravel Dr. Venture's sanity; Hand and Henchman 21 are committed; Dean has a relationship with a mystery woman.

  • "Bot Seeks Bot" (July 14th) - Brock and the O.S.I. launch a surveillance mission against a council member; Doc and Billy are caught in the crossfire.

  • "The Devil's Grip" (July 21st) - Dr. Venture is presumed dead; Hank and Dean are sent to live with their godfathers.

You may begin speculation... now!

Exclusive "O.S.I. Love You" Clip at MTV Geek

MTV Geek has an exclusive clip from Sunday's Venture Bros. episode "O.S.I. Love You" which seems like it will possibly include intrigue, sweet spy action and double-crossing. That's just a guess on my part though. Here's the clip:

(Sorry that you have to probably watch an ad before the clip). "O.S.I. Love You" airs this Sunday at midnight.

Venture Bros. Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

As per usual if you're attending San Diego Comics Convention there will be a Venture Bros. panel on Friday, July 19th (mere days before the season finale). The panel will include Jackson and Doc as well as Patrick Warburton (the voice of Brock). No specifics on the time yet, though the Venture panel is usually the first one of the day. You can keep an eye on Adult Swim's SDCC 2013 events page for more info on this, signings and other events or just check back here when I have more info.

"O.S.I. Love You" Sneak Peek

Adult Swim has posted a sneak peek of "O.S.I. Love You", this Sunday's episode. It promises plenty of everyone's favorite secret agency. Also more of Hank as Destiny, apparently.

Thanks to simpsonsfan628 for letting me know about this!

Naked Brock Is A SDCC 2013 Exclusive, Too

Hot on the heels of that sweet Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch tin tote set, BifBangPow! and Entertainment Earth have announced a brand new Comic-Con exclusive figure, a 3 3/4" naked Brock Samson as seen in "Victor. Echo. November." It will set you back $14.99, but you don't need to go to San Diego to get it either (though that also won't hurt your chances). Pre-order it today, because like the last exclusive Brock figure, it probably won't last too long.

Watch "Spanakopita!" Online

Still haven't gotten to watch the latest Venture Bros. episode, "Spanakopita!"? Well, as usual, there are a number of ways you can watch it on the good old Internet:

Viceroy! No workbooks!: "SPHINX Rising" Episode Guide

Sorry to break up all the good time spanakopita news, but the episode guide for "SPHINX Rising" is up. As always, feel free to contribute anything (corrections, additions and so on) to the guide, either via the comments here or with the contact form if you're shy. I'm sure I forgot a bunch of stuff (like 21's Dune reference!) so let's get to it.

"Spanakopita!" Discussion

Sorry for the late post! Here's your discussion thread for "Spanakopita!". As always, people will be talking about the episode, so if you don't want to be spoiled, wait until you've watched the episode before reading the comments. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy!

Shirt Club: This week's shirt is out as well. Spanakopita!


It's Friday sneak peek time. First off Adult Swim has posted the "Spanakopita!" preview (seen initially after last week's episode):

And secondly IGN has a sneak peek at a scene from the episode:


Doc and Jackson's Convention Status

Doc already posted this on his Facebook but I'll pass it along to those of you who may not follow him (or who, like me, missed it because you don't read Facebook very much):

Jackson and I have no plans to attend Dragon Con this year. We are busy with Season 6, and are generally exhausted. We will, of course, be attending Comic Con in San Diego and will be doing our shitty best to look spry and rested for you. Venture fans deserve no less!

So, SDCC will have a Venture Bros. panel and official presence while Dragon*Con looks like it will not (though there are often plenty of Venture fan activities to attend). No word on NYCC, but since that's in their home territory the possibility of them attending it is probably greater, but still unknown. On the plus side, season six!

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Mar. 17, 2016, 6:48pm
Interview with Hal Lublin https://medium.com/the-dot-and-line/exclusive-interview-hal-lublin-breaks-down-venture-bros-and-playing-up-his-asthma-eaf28ecb7b89#.v3p6osl3y


Feb. 24, 2016, 2:50pm
Adult Swim's Tumblr says they're working on more VB merch soon! http://adultswim.tumblr.com/post/139913216494/quirkett-duprass42-on-the-one-hand-im


Feb. 22, 2016, 4:31pm
There's a sweet poster set for sale too! I hope the group shot is the DVD cover: https://asseenonadultswim.com/

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