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The Mantis-Eye Interview With Jackson & Doc

If you read this site with any regularity then they are two guys who need no introduction. Jackson and Doc. Not only do they make The Venture Bros., but they also happen to be pretty damned hilarious and pretty nice guys to boot.

Back when I was trying to come up with some cool stuff for the Five Years thing the most obvious feature was of course an interview with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. It's something I've wanted to do on the site for a long time (since the gap between seasons one and two) but I just never got around to or even thought was possible.

I would have settled for a written interview, but thanks to the awesome generosity and kindness of Jackson & Doc we all get to experience those guys answering my weird questions in audio form. Basically everyone wins.

Sources: Shannon Cottrell and Chandra Free

Before you listen I'd like to go ahead and apologize for any of the content I contributed to this. I tried to stay brief and let Jackson & Doc do all the talking (which is why I edited out Jackson reading my questions; they were way long and he was just reading some boring crap that I wrote). My questions were not really meant to be read aloud, so they were wordier than I would have liked. I also apologize for the quality of my microphone and random speech problems (both related and unrelated to mic quality), but they're hopefully not going to take away from the stuff you're actually interested in. All in all I think it came out really well, and anyway you can't really ever go wrong with Jackson and Doc. Enjoy!

Mantis-Eye Podcast: Jackson & Doc Interview (48:17)

Direct Download (Save As) (32.9MB)

A huge thanks to Jackson & Doc for taking the time out of their busy schedules to record this (they did this back in January in the midst of doing a ton of work on season 4.2) and just for agreeing to do it at all. I can't thank them enough for not only this but for the amazing series they've made and just generally for being super friendly with their fans. It's pretty rare to be able to ask the creator of a show a question on his blog and have him actually answer you, especially when you ask him to make a podcast.

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