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Mantis-Eye At NYCC 2011: Ask Jackson and Doc: Video Portions

Prior to Comic Con I got Jackson to agree to do a quick interview or something during the convention, which lead to Ask Jackson & Doc Stuff and a reasonable number of user submitted questions. While they were both pretty busy during the convention I did manage to get them to participate the Monday after the convention which was probably a little better since everyone was no longer stressed by the insanity that is New York Comic Con.

Though I will warn you, due to this website being a one-man operation with no funding (or quality control), I had only some borrowed equipment and my own laptop to work with. If the shakiness bothers you I apologize. In the near future I will be releasing an audio-only version of this interview which will also contain a lot more content. However, until that day comes you can enjoy these two clips which contain both audio and video.

In part one they discuss the potential for new Shallow Gravy music, how making season five is going (and how they hope it will differ from season four) and give some advice for budding writers.

In part two, below, they talk about their next big project (kind of, not really) and their love for and experience with their adoring fans.

Many thanks to Jackson and Doc for taking some time to do this. It was a lot of fun asking them questions and even briefly hanging out with them. As someone who has been a fan of the show for nearly as long as it's existed it was a really awesome experience. Both of those guys are super nice and it means so much to me that they are fans enough of this site to pay attention to it on a personal level.

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