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The Mantis-Eye Holiday Stock Market Giveaway

Welcome to what is now surely The Annual Mantis-Eye Holiday-themed giveaway! Every year since at least 2010 we give away some exciting Venture Bros. items to bring (mostly) everyone holiday cheer. This year the game is a seasonal holiday stock market game. I know, it sounds weird, but stick with me, okay?

The Prizes

This year we have four Venture Bros. items from BifBangPow! and Entertainment Earth along with a genuine Mantis-Eye Experiment mug (revision two, the very last one before I start using revision three, so it's probably going to be a collector's item). Click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo:

Brock Samson Action Figure
Dr. Mrs. Bobblehead
Dr. Orpheus Bobblehead
Venture Bros. Retro Travel Mug
Mantis-Eye Non-Travel Mug

How it works: Anyone can enter, but if you want to increase your chances of winning one or more of the prizes then you need an account. If you're already logged in you can just click the huge 'Enter Me!' button below to start the process. If you don't have an account but still want to enter you only need to enter your name and email address. If you want an account go get one and then come back here!

The contest will run from now (December 23rd, 2012) until 11:59pm eastern time on January 8th, 2013!

Sorry, this giveaway has ended!

Contest rules and legal-ish mumbo-jumbo:

  • Winners will be picked from a pool of eligible entries. No account is required to enter, however a valid email address is needed. All entries must be in by the contest's completion date on January 8th, 2013 at 11:59pm, eastern time.

  • Users with a registered account can optionally participate in the 'Holiday Stock Market' game which will allocate $1,000 to each player that they can use to buy 'shares' of each prize. The more shares you own of a prize the higher your chances of winning it when the contest ends. The price of a share will go up or down depending on how many shares of each prize are bought or sold, and you may only buy or sell each share once every fifteen minutes. Chances of winning depend on how many people enter and participate in the game. You can win multiple prizes if you own shares of multiple prizes.

  • If there is any unspent money left in your portfolio when the contest ends the money will be split five ways and then used to purchase as many shares of each prize as possible. Any money left over after this will be discarded. So if you enter but don't want to play then all of your original $1,000 will be split among all five prizes.

  • Users who do not have an account can still enter the giveaway and will be given shares equal to 1% of the total number of shares owned and the end of the giveaway. So for example if 1000 shares of the Brock figure have been bought by the end of the game each non-registered player will be given 10 shares of that prize.

  • Just in case there's any confusion, the stock market game is entirely fake and no real money or shares or anything like that are actually involved, it's all just for fun. I also make no promises as for the accuracy of the cost per share.

  • In the event that the winner refuses or cannot be contacted then another winner will be selected and so on until a legitimate winner is picked. Each winner will have seven days to respond via email before they are passed over.

  • Once I mail the prizes it's out of my hands. So if it gets lost in the mail or damaged there's nothing I can do about it, sadly. No replacements can or will be issued. It's never happened before (as far as I know) so I'm sure this won't be an issue, but just in case I'm putting this here. On top of that no gift substitutions will be made. Gifts are as described and pictured and in more or less brand new condition as best as I can tell.

  • By submitting without an account you acknowledge that your name and email will be stored in a database. However I will not use any information to do anything other than contact you in the event that you win. Email addresses will not be sold or otherwise solicited. You will also have to provide me with a mailing address via email but that won't be stored in the database and only be used to mail you a gift.

  • I reserve the right to change rules or make up new ones as I see fit at any time. I probably won't do that but just in case now I have all my bases covered.

  • By clicking the 'Enter Me!' button on this page you acknowledge that you have actually read and more importantly that you agree to these rules.

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