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The Mantis-Eye Halloween Prize Pack Giveaway

With this contest we celebrate not only the impending (or impended, depending on when you're visiting this page) Venture Bros. Halloween special, "A Very Venture Halloween", but also you, the loyal Venture Bros. fan. How so? Well, obviously some of you are fans and you'll get free stuff, so that's cool, but we also celebrate this the first-even fan-made prize packs.

When you enter you get a chance to win one of five prize packs that may or may not contain the following stuff:

All prize packs contain a Mantis-Eye button and sticker as well as one of the two pins (Venture Industries or Order of the Triad). Other than that you have no idea what you're going to get. I've even sealed the packs so I don't know which is which, so there's no possibility of biased prize delegation, in case you were worried about that.

Many thanks to Anne-Marie from The Venture Compound for putting all of these excellent items together with the exception of the trading cards, which are thanks to the hard work of John McDonald of Cinemastery Studios (with various contributing artists).

As usual, if you have a Mantis-Eye account then your chances of winning are magically doubled, so if you don't have one, you should totally get one!

Sorry, this giveaway has ended!

Contest rules and legal-ish mumbo-jumbo:

  • Participants will be chosen at random from a list of entrants. Entries made with acconts will have their name added to the pool twice to double their chances. Entering multiple times either via multiple accounts or submitting multiple times will not increase your chances.

  • In the event that a winner refuses or cannot be contacted then a replacement winner will be selected at random and so on until all prize packs have been claimed. Each selected winner will have seven (7) days to respond via email before they are passed over.

  • Once I mail the prize it's out of my hands. So if it gets lost in the mail or damaged there's nothing I can do about it, sadly, and none of these items have replacements available. It's never happened before (as far as I know) so hopefully it won't be an issue.

  • No prize substitutions will be made. You will be mailed one of five prize packs that contain either 0 or 1 of each of the items pictured above. All prize packs have an equal number of items in them, but contain different items. You may not select an item or set of items upon winning.

  • The giveaway will last from around 8am EST on October 24th until 3am EST on November 1st (the night of Halloween).

  • By entering this contest you acknowledge that you have actually read and more importantly that you agree to these rules.

  • I reserve the right to change rules or make up new ones as I see fit at any time. I probably won't do that but just in case now I have all my bases covered.

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