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The Between Seasons Autographed Jacket EP Giveaway

I know, I know, we're between seasons. And it's not the smaller, slightly more tolerable between seasons thing that happened halfway through season four. No, this is the real deal. It will probably last over a year! While we can't cure the pain that is yet another between-seasons Venture Bros. gap, we may be able to ease it a little.

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With the launch of The New Mantis-Eye Experiment comes a new frontier of 'user accounts.' One of the intended uses of these is to make it easier for you to enter giveaways! If you have a user account all you have to do is click the button below and you'll be all set. If you don't have a user account you should consider getting one! You don't need one to enter but as an added bonus people with an account will have twice as good a chance to win as people without one. Unfair advantage? Some might say yes, but you can even the odds if you register and then enter! The giveaway ends on November 28th at 11:59pm EST.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended!

Contest rules and legal-ish mumbo-jumbo:

  • Participants will be chosen at random from a list of entrants. Entries made with acconts will have their name added to the pool twice to double their chances. Entering multiple times, either via .

  • In the event that the winner refuses or cannot be contacted then another winner will be selected at random and so on until a legitimate winner is selected. The selected winner will have seven days to respond via email before they are passed over.

  • Once I mail the prize it's out of my hands. So if it gets lost in the mail or damaged there's nothing I can do about it, sadly. No replacements will be issued. It's never happened before (as far as I know) so I'm sure this won't be an issue, but just in case I'm putting this here.

  • No prize substitutions will be made. The prize is as described and pictured and in brand new condition as best as I can tell. In order to be signed the shrink-wrap had to be removed, so it should be noted that these are unsealed. All CDs are signed by Jackson and Doc, though depending on the pen or marker they used some may look better than others and yours may not necessarily look like the one pictured. You will be given a CD at random and may not choose a specific one upon winning.

  • The giveaway will last from around noon EST on November 14th until 11:59pm on the November 28th.

  • By entering this contest you acknowledge that you have actually read and more importantly that you agree to these rules.

  • I reserve the right to change rules or make up new ones as I see fit at any time. I probably won't do that but just in case now I have all my bases covered.

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