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Season Three Celebration Giveaway!

Welcome to the third Mantis-Eye season DVD giveaway contest! This year we're going to do something a little bit different. Only a little bit different, mind you. You'll still have to answer fifteen questions related to season three and the one with the most right answers wins, but now you get to pick your prize! First place winners get the choice between the Season Three DVD and the vinyl version of the soundtrack! Those were the top two choices as voted by you, the reader!

As always there are some rules and junk below the questions, and you ought to read them if you want to be well-informed. However I'll summarize some of the key points here! The contest is open until midnight pacific time on Friday, May 22nd. You can enter multiple times but only your last entry will be accepted and if you win you have seven days to get back to me with your address before I select a new winner. That's it! Enjoy the questions, and remember the answers should be discoverable on this site, so if you aren't sure do some research. There's no reward for rushing through it.

The Quiz!

1) According to Brock his car is named...
    Adrian - In Family That Slays Together I Brock notes 'her name was Adrian' after he is forced to dismanle his car.
2) What beverage does the Venture Compound apparently keep well-stocked?
    Ecto Cooler
    Sunny D
    Frutopia - In The Doctor Is Sin General Manhowers thanks Dr. Venture for the Frutopia upon leaving the compound.
    Crystal Pepsi
3) Hunter's stripper act appears to involve...
    Ice Cubes
    A Fan - When Brock and Hunter meet up for the first time since Hunter's surgery (In ORB), Hunter says "Yeah, what'd you think? You like the part with the fan- nevermind, buttercup! Look, the boss man's watching me like a hawk. You'd better buy me a drink."
    A Donkey
4) How many super villains did the Monarch work for before he became the Monarch full time?
    4 - As noted in Shadowman 9 the Monarch henched for Sea Anemone, Helicoptro and Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Nightmare Coat along with Phantom Limb.
5) Which musician/band was not mimicked by the people living in the Venture Compound bomb shelter?
    Duran Duran - In What Goes Down, Must Come Up Duran Duran was not present. Art of Noise was the first group encountered and Bowie and the Buggles were present in the crowd though never prominently featured.
    Art of Noise
    David Bowie
    The Buggles
6) Which two characters did not attend or work at the same college during the same time period?
    The Monarch and Pete White
    Billy and Dr. Girlfriend
    Brock and Richard Impossible
    Dr. Venture and Phantom Limb - This is mostly process of elimination. The Monarch and Pete were never seen together in college but since the Monarch tried to kill Dr. Venture in college and Pete and Dr. Venture were college pals that's eliminated. Billy and Dr. Girlfriend were seen in the same scene during a college flashback in The Invisible Hand of Fate. Brock and Prof. Impossible never appear together in college, but it's noted that Dr. Venture was a student of Prof. Impossible, and since Brock and Dr. Venture were briefly roommates, that eliminates that choice. Meanwhile Phantom Limb became a professor after Dr. Venture dropped out of college as noted by him being Prof. Impossible's replacement in Invisible Hand.
7) According to his file, where are Jean-Claude Le Tueur's last known whereabouts? 8) How many adults (so don't count Rusty, Hector or Richard Impossible) were in the original, fully armed Team Venture?
    8 - As seen in this image there were eight members of Team Venture. Jonas Venture, Kano, Action Man, Col. Gentleman, Swifty, Ook-ook, Dr. Entmann and Otto.
9) What did Sergent Hatred give up for Princess Tinyfeet?
    Heavy Explosives, Cigars and Drinking
    Drugs, Cigars and Young Boys
    Heavy Explosives, Cigars and Drugs
    Drinking, Cigars and Young Boys - As stated in Family That Slays Part II ('sauce' refers to drinking in case you were curious).
10) Which member of the Jonny Quest Show has not made an appearance on the Venture Bros. yet?
    Race Bannon
    Dr. Zin
    Benton Quest - The esteemed Dr. Quest has yet to make an appearence on the show, though he has been mentioned by Jonny a few times.
11) According to Watch and Ward, who does Jonas Jr. appear to be the offspring of?
    GI Joe and Rainbow Brite - As noted in The Lepidopterists.
    Voltron and She-ra
    Optimus Prime and Jem
    The Silverhawks and April O'Neil
12) Which episode had the fewest number of voice actors ever in a Venture Bros. episode?
    Shadowman 9: In The Cradle of Destiny - Shadowman 9 accomplished this feat with only three voice actors.
    The Doctor is Sin
    What Goes Down, Must Come Up
    The Lepidopterists
13) What is Col. Gentleman's relationship with Tara Quymn?
    She's his daughter
    She's his step-daughter - As noted in Now Museum.
    She's his niece
    She's his ex-wife
14) Who was not on the zeppelin with Lloyd Venture and Sandow during the flashback in ORB?
    Samuel Clemens
    Alistair Crowley
    Oscar Wilde
    Nikola Tesla - Tesla was on another zeppelin attacking Lloyd Venture's. The other three mentioned were in the previous discussion scene, though Crowley was apparently thrown off.
15) Which villain was likely an undercover Guild operative at OSI right around The Guild's resurfacing in the 80s?
    Baron Underbheit
    Phantom Limb
    Sergent Hatred - A man with a striking resemblance and similar voice named 'Sergent Haine' (French for 'Hate') was at OSI and put on a Guild ring after splitting up Brock and Hunter and effectivly squashing their investigation of the Guild.

Sorry, the contest has ended! The winners will be announced shortly, so keep and eye out!

Contest rules and legal mumbo-jumbo:
  • You can enter as many times as you want, but only your last entry will be accepted.

  • You have to answer all the questions right to have a chance to win. In the event that nobody answers them all correctly then the people with the highest score will be entered in the final drawing. If only one person gets the highest number of correct answers then he will automatically come in first and the final drawing will only be for second prize.

  • The final drawing will be comprised of all eligible participants (those with the most right number of answers) with one winner selected at random from the pool. The second place winner will likewise be chosen from the remaining eligible participants.

  • The first place winner will be given the choice between the two prizes (Season Three DVD and soundtrack vinyl) with the second place winner getting the non-chosen prize. In the event that the first place winner refuses or isn't able to be contacted then second place will become first place and a new second place winner will be picked. If second place is unable to be contacted then a new second place winner will be picked. Each winner will have seven days to respond before they are passed on.

  • The DVD is region one, so if you live outside the US or Canada you probably won't be able to watch it unless you have a region-free player. You can of course still enter if you are outside the US/Canada, but I make no guarantee that it will work.

  • Conversely the vinyl needs a record player to work, and those work the same no matter where you are. However they aren't overly common, so apologies if you win and don't own a record player. At least the album art is cool, right?

  • No prize substitutions will be made. If you already own one or both of these items I can't swap them out for anything else, so just be glad you won! The items you receive should be unopened so at the very lest you might be able to get store credit for them at Best Buy or something.

  • You must enter a valid e-mail address. When I pick the winner I'm going to e-mail them and if the e-mail bounces I'm going to pick a new winner. You should also enter a name of some kind because if you don't I'm just going to make up a name for you and it might not be nice!

  • The cutoff for entering is midnight (pacific time) on May 22nd. After that you can't submit any more entries. The winner and answers will be posted shortly after that.

  • Once I mail the prizes it's out of my hands. So if it gets lost in the mail or damaged there's nothing I can do about it. No replacements will be issued. It's never been a problem before though, so I'm sure this won't be an issue.

  • By entering this contest you acknowledge that your e-mail address and name will be stored in a database for future reference. I will not sell or give out or use your e-mail and name for anything outside the scope of this contest (which is limited to contacting you if you win). You'll also have to supply a mailing address via email so I have a place to send it to, but that's not stored anywhere.

  • By clicking the submit button you acknowledge that you have actually read and agree to these rules. If you don't like them then don't submit. Also I reserve the right to change rules or make up new ones as I see fit, though I probably won't do that, I just want to have all my bases covered.

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