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Nonsek Remix Shirt Giveaway

While giveaways are not uncommon here, this one is special because it involves partnership and teamwork! Oh, and free tshirts. Everyone loves free tshirts, right?


The Mantis-Eye Experiment is proud to partner with Nonsek, home of the remix t-shirt! If you read this site you may remember hearing about them when they released their line of remixable adult swim t-shirts, which of course included Venture Bros. designs.

How To Enter

Sorry, this giveaway has ended!


Looks like the contest is over! Bummer. There aren't any more chances to win free stuff but you can still check out the Nonsek remix machine to make your own unique Venture Bros. shirt. You can also view all the site-submitted entries below if that's your thing.

Week One Entries: June 12th to June 18th
Week Two Entries: June 19th to June 25th
Week Three: June 26th to July 2nd
Week Four: July 3rd to July 9th
Week Five: July 10th to July 16th
Week Six: July 17th to July 23rd

Contest Rules and Legal-ish Mumbo-Jumbo:
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can enter in any of the six giveaway weeks. That said, use your best judgement as far as the amount of remixes you submit. You are also allowed to re-submit remixes on subsequent weeks if it didn't win. Any remixes or people who won previously will not be considered for subsequent weeks.

  • All entries must be posted either on Twitter (following the guidelines above) or in the comments here. Submitting the same remix via both methods will not increase your chances of winning. Comment entries submitted to an older news article after the deadline will also not be considered for the current week. There is no advantage to submitting on Twitter vs. the comments.

  • One winner will be selected each week at the discretion of the Mantis-Eye Experiment, specifically Mike. There's no way to win other than creating a remix that I like.

  • When a winner is picked I will either email or direct message (depending on how they entered) a code for one free tshirt from Nonsek. If this is done via email and the email bounces then I will pick a new winner.

  • No prize substitutions can (or will) be made.

  • By entering this contest via the comments you acknowledge that your e-mail address and name will be stored in a database for future reference. I have a lot of respect for privacy and I hate spam, so I will not sell or give out or otherwise use your e-mail and/or name for anything outside the scope of this contest (which is pretty much limited to contacting you if you win).

  • By submitting an entry you acknowledge that you have actually read and agree to these rules. Also I reserve the right to change rules or make up new ones as I see fit, though I probably won't do that, but you know how these things are.

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