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Some postseason musings:

*In the Inamorata Consequence, it is strongly implied, through a case of mistaken identity, that Thaddeus S. “Rusty” Venture is a clone.
*In Red Means Stop, Doc recounts the tale of how he lost his first kidney as a young child from the boom-flag mishap with Uncle Action.
*In Dia de los Dangerous!, adult Doc still has the scar and missing kidney.

So does that mean that the current version of Doc is the same one as the young Rusty that lost a kidney, and he hasn't died since then? If he had had any subsequent deaths and was then cloned, the clone would not be missing a kidney, whether the boom-flag one was the original Rusty or a clone himself. So if Doc did die at all after boom-flag incident, and then subsequently lost another kidney, why does he only recall the first incident? I'm no doctor, but I would assume a punctured kidney could be fatal quickly as major blood vessels pass through them to filter your blood. Maybe that's when Rusty died and was cloned? That could explain why when The Monarch was discussing EMA levels in A Party for Tarzan he said the incident with Turnbuckle was “50 years ago”, and why H.E.L.P.eR. Model 2 said that he and Dean (believing him to be Rusty) were, “both made by great men who were compelled by love and guilt. We are second chances”.

*In The Saphrax Protocol, it is confirmed that Doc and Malcolm are at least blood-relatives. If Doc is a clone, then perhaps he is a clone of Malcolm?

After impregnating Mrs. Fitzcarraldo, perhaps Jonas made a clone of the child to keep one for himself. But then why is Malcolm not balding like Doc? Or why doesn't Doc have the long eyebrows, unless he trims them? Malcolm is taller than Doc. Some have suggested The Monarch wears platform shoes, but his overall body length just seems taller. When he wore Doc's blue tux at the homeschool prom it didn't quite fit him right. At least that was my perception. Perhaps Malcolm and Rusty are twins, albeit nonidentical, such as Hank and Dean.

Also, why did Watch and Ward need to do a blood test on Doc anyway? For the sake of plot convenience? I'd bet their argument at the end of the episode as to whether or not it was the right time and place to reveal that little tidbit of information to those assembled probably stemmed from a similar discussion between Doc Hammer and Jackson Public. Like maybe DH wanted to wait until next season but JP won so Watch blurted it out.

Final thoughts – All this has been swirling about my head and it just suddenly resolved into a somewhat blurrily focused picture.

Rusty and Malcolm are nonidentical twins, and Jonas kept Rusty. Don Fitzcarraldo (DF) didn't know at first that Jonas was the biological father of Malcolm, or that Rusty was his twin. However, you'd have to discount The Monarch's “50 years ago” remark as being non-literal, unless something else happened.

Young Rusty dies, perhaps from the boom-flag incident, or being shot in the head by The Action Man who thought Rusty was a werewolf or maybe both things happened. Jonas clones Rusty. JJ was inside Doc perhaps because there were two clones in the tank. Maybe Jonas was also trying to clone himself and Doc absorbed his clone? That could explain some of the resentment Jonas seemed to have towards poor Rusty.

DF learns that Jonas sired both Malcolm and Rusty, possibly from a guilt-ridden wife, and they were flying from Newark to Colorado to confront Jonas, but the plane “crashed”. Phantom Limb stated that the bounty on the Blue Morpho was collected in '76, the same year the plane crashed. Wanna bet Jonas collected on that bounty? Phantom Limb stated that the sovereign destroyed the records, likely to cover that up.

Malcolm survives but possibly has his memory wiped, which may explain why he can't remember the toy truck photo. Jonas rebuilds DF as Venturion, possibly wiping his memory as well, which somehow results in the same urge as Malcolm has to hate Doc. Directive something-or-other kept flashing on Venturion's visual display while he was strangling Rusty, just like when RoboCop tried to arrest Dick Jones.

Don't forget that we seem to have a future version of Doc and Billy using the time machine, so it's possible that at least some of these events could be undone or have altered outcomes.

Fweew! It feels good to get that all outta my head!
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Oct. 8, 2018, 12:43pm
OOH - OOH - OOH! Neither Rusty nor Malcolm are a clone of the other! Here is why. The retinal scan in the VenTech Tower elevator did not recognize The Monarch in Hostile Makeover. If one were a clone of the other their retinal patterns should be identical. Little clues everywhere!
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Oct. 16, 2018, 9:51pm

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