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  • by zombiejesus
  • (unregistered id: 3C25583F48)
  • Reply
Ok, I love that the Guild guys are teleporting in, and have no idea of the surface that they're teleporting in on, and keep tripping off the shelf on the receive.
I want to remind you all of this amazing treatise on teleportation:

And, yes, Hank is correct that Empire is the greatest Space Fantasy Movie Evar {I still like Barbarella, which gave us Durand Durand. And his Orgasmatron. And the Black Queen [Pretty Pretty (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak1227_mOqU)]}.
The "actors in front of a movie background (probably post-camera editing)" styling of Hank and Rodney on the sled was spot on.

Where does the Blackout team come from? The Guild is never shown recruiting the rank and file.
I presume Watch and Ward are in charge of that crap.
But, Brock piled up a lot of Guild guys. How many do they have?
Okay, I already know that the answer is "more".
I have really missed Brock going sick-house.

Monarch is reaching up inside a log.
No chance that that isn't already a euphemism for "turd". Right?
(Yes, I know, it's from something else. Everything is. "There is nothing but collage." -Ephige, 612 BC.)
And he's reaching in a log, through shit, to find some gem, like any good sport. (I didn't have to actually paw through shit during my Fraternal Initiation, but there were similar indiscretions.)

Unkel Vatred is a stand up guy. He's sincere.

"Saphrax, heavy with goat, and burdened with terrible chicken..."
I have chaired Manitiations. They are exactly like this. Necessarily absurd.
"Are you certain that you are not a cabbage, or something, in disguise?"
(Okay, I'm giving too much away. Shut up zeej.)

"I'm jealous that you don't care you're dressed like Batman in public."
I did, actually get over that with my brother (TMI).

"What about you, guy with a bead on me who needs to reload?"
Can anyone love Brock more?

And, I totally don't mind Phineas Phage (Gage) turning up as John Philip Law's angel.
"Angel IS love."
I've seen Barbarella, like, dozen times, and I still don't know what the Matmos is.

That kid has moxie:

"I love you. I lo- POOP!"


I love you all.
Chat with you in two years.
Go Team Venture!
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Oct. 6, 2018, 8:56am
  • by Aaaanon
  • (unregistered id: 7C3006FBD9)
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I love that after 7 seasons we finally have a working definition of 'arching', courtesy of the Saphrax story: Turning a grudge into a career.
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Oct. 10, 2018, 2:03pm
I, too, wonderd where the blackout team came from. All through this season it appeared that the Guild consisted of 5 council members and Watch and Ward. A vast downgrade from the vast and all-powerful agency seem in the first season's Trial of the Monarch."
  • 0
Oct. 15, 2018, 1:30am

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