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So, absolutely no follow-up from last week? I know we still have two eps to go, but I find it odd.

Does Doc know his experiences were not real or did he just wake up in his own bed afterward and still thinks he joined that Illuminati group?

What did The Monarch do with the teleporters? Turn them in to the Guild, or does he have his own purpose for them in mind? Did his EMA level get bumped up?

Did Copy Cat survive? No fallout from the decoys setup? No mention of any of this in the Council meeting? As Hardyworld points out, where's Phineas Phage? You'd think this whole final arching mandate thing would require mandatory attendance. He probably would have arched Professor Impossible, or maybe an earlier foe like Bacterion or Iron Rod (see if you get the references). They had his voice actor playing Night Dick *snickers* in the episode, so....
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Sep. 22, 2018, 8:17am
I also was expecting at least a few minutes of followup concerning Dr. Venture's experience and The Monarch's sudden disappearance with the teleporters.

Given that Gary and The Monarch had literally 2 seconds to escape from the OSI and nowhere to run without being chased, I was expecting them to both stand on 1 teleporter while simultaneously holding the other teleporter upside-down above their heads and turn them both on at once, resulting in them all disappearing, but to an unknown location (fail-safe/backup teleporter located in the middle of Venture Industries?).
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Sep. 22, 2018, 6:51pm
I was under the impression that The Monarch and 21 just skedaddled into the subway entrance and hopped on a conveniently departing train. You could hear one in the tunnel as Brock and the OSI troopers were looking down at where the guys crash landed. But yeah, you'd still expect the OSI to try and head them off at the next stop, but the teleporters might still have come into play with their escape.
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Sep. 22, 2018, 8:11pm

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