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Some thoughts so far:

Steve and Dave Killsock. I didn't realize those were his shoes, I guess his suit looks like his body.

Is Rocko's madlibs just what he likes to do or another form of torture?

"Stab girl, she was a little thing, carried switch blades, she knew to exhale" -- neat villain, would like to see in a flashback. (we haven't seen her, have we? I don't recall her ever showing up)

Nice for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch doing her #metoo type speech.

Wide Whale's pistol is beautiful and seems familiar, does anyone know what it is? Has to be a reference to a gun in a movie somewhere.

"You want I shall hide behind this thing?" (should?)

Again, I think Chester (Wide Whale before the transformation) looks an awful like Gary, and with the "My mommy thinks I'm living at my Uncle's; She think's I'm good" from the begining, it hints at a familial connection for sure. Everyone and everything else seems to have implausible crazy close relationships that it's not far afield.

I want Red Death's green fall buttonup sweater with the leaves on it. If anyone knows an Amazon link for it or something, please let me know.

The building trying to walk is amazing and I am sooooooooo happy with this season so far.

"I think I left my penis in the bathroom, can I go get it?" "Here, you can use mine"

"that is disappointedly not whale shaped or hovering or anything cool"

"I can't believe I caught that knife on the first try. Arrgh! So cool."

Why is Phantom Limb being so accomidating to the remaining GCI members? He seems to have gone from badass to sycophant. Trying to win an election to sovereign or something?

I would not have noticed this had I not just rewatched Austin Powers in Goldmember but during the Wide Whale origin story as he reveals that Dougie is Dr Dugong there is a shot where Rocko standing there has one of the dolphin fountains at penis level, looking like he's peeing with a dolphin penis. Knowing Doc, there is no way that artistic placement was accidental.

(Side note unrelated to this episode, Palaemon was apparently the "guardian of ships", hence the name's usage as the shield for Gargantua-2)

This is very significant and I don't know why: "Come on! Join me!" "Are you kidding? It's freezing. Leave us alone, ya jackass." "Oh, you were never there for me--"
  • 1
Aug. 13, 2018, 9:46pm
On re-watch of episode 7x01, HeLPER spews rats from his mouth. Is he trying to talk to Brock but he's taking rats to Dr. Venture Sr. for him to eat?
  • 0
Aug. 13, 2018, 10:13pm
  • by The Mysterious 'H'
  • Reply
More of a Candyman type of thing. Jonas can catch rats just fine on his own.
  • 0
Aug. 14, 2018, 2:14am
The Monarch's dream where he's in the ocean -- I think that's where the dialog comes from. I can't heard the dialog too well -- I suspect The Monarch (Malcolm) is remembering something from his childhood when he was playing with Rusty. But then I've long thought, based on their similar appearance that Malcolm and Rusty are brothers. (full brothers with the Blue Morpho the father) step brothers or proto-clones. The last would explain why we've never seen or heard of a Mrs. Venture
  • 1
Aug. 13, 2018, 11:04pm
I think there may have been a clue in "A Very Venture Halloween" when Ben notes "The subject is free of any fetiform teratoma" referring to Dean venture. A fetiform teratoma is a tumor that resembles a fetus, usually associated with reproductive organs. Ben's mention of them makes me think that these were a problem with the clones at some point.

Jonas Jr. clearly thought he was a case of fetal resorption ("You suckerpunched me in the womb") but the case is definitely similar enough for TV, and all bets are off when you start talking about growing clones in tanks and other super-science shenanigans.
  • 1
Aug. 16, 2018, 3:58pm
  • by Crandom77
  • (unregistered id: BCC5F5887A)
  • Reply
I believe they are half brothers sharing the same mother. Jonas and Morpho sr were apparently very close and didn't shy away from orgies.
  • 1
Aug. 18, 2018, 8:13pm
  • by S.P.H.I.N.X. Commander
  • Reply
Was that really a #metoo “speech”?

Or just a pro-Woman / anti-meathead quip?

I’d go for the latter.

I doubt many ideologues from the #metoo movement would embrace an oversexualized female character voiced by a man....no matter how progressive that VA might be.
  • 0
Aug. 18, 2018, 4:02pm

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