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  • by Captain V
  • (unregistered id: BD4F09BE4B)
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Final Random Observations (Part 2 of 2):

- Just under one million people watched the original telecast with a 0.990 rating.

- When Dr. Mrs. is in her Daisy Mae Yokum esque outfit her low-cut sleeves continually detach from the garment due to the specific design requirements. It's hard to tell if this is an intentional design decision or not.

- Some of the Doom Factory villains are seemingly based on Doom Patrol characters as well.

- Eenie is definitely a combination of Edie Sedgwick and DC's Bumblebee character.

- With only two episodes left we know from the previous promo footage that Doctor Venture has a dinner at Rose's where Rodney storms out, Gentleman eats crumpets, and Gentleman has tea with his dog. Hunter and Dr. Mrs. have a secret meeting about Blue Morpho. Almost every character puts on a disguise... as another character. And Red Death will be featured prominently, both with his hood and cloak on and also in civilian clothing. Finally, there is a Guild sniper up on Wide Wale's tower ready to shoot Blue Morpho, presumably.

- Dr. Mrs. has an official G.C.I. logo has her background on her laptop.

- Unfortunately, the telephone number on the Guild poster is tp small to read.

- Dean has apparently become an accomplished bongo player.

- I get that they wanted to walk... and that she had to dig the tracking implant out... but why did Hank ditch his only means of transportation in the park? Doesn't he need it for delivering pizza?

- A specifically French music cue plays when Dean quickly tells Hank about the restaurant rendezvous.

- Brock puts waaay to much trust into Doc and Hatred's hands by trusting them to lockdown when he leaves to go rescue Hank... from his date. Oh, irony.

- Pete White looked dead on the ground after Brock knocks him out.

- Brock's main concern is certainly just Hank in this episode... he just tells Dean to get to the car with Billy.

- 21 uses the GCI digital hall of records to look up Warhammer.

- Headquarters: The Doom Factory - Aquatic resting. Capable of flight for short distances (40 miles with safe return.) The fuel for long distance travel can not be stored in the tanks as installed at the present time. Weapons: Level 10-04 (low intensity lasers, 15 antipersonnel heatseeking missiles with veritable payload, Projection of ghost imaging, or pointless films of celebrities, Loudspeakers with a 136db capacity.)

- Attack Modes: The Warhammerian HAPPENING: An event based assault on the home, beings and person of his intended arch. Wracking up huge phone bills, cloging toilets, emptying food stores, etc. The victims are often coerced into shameful or compromising movies and photo-shoots that are later used for blackmail. The Warhammerian Installation: Smaller than the Happening... tion is a makeshiftroom where tedious....

- The Doom Factory blueprint that 21 pulls up features: living quarters, retractable laser, engine level, docking airlocks, refueling umbilicus, retractable gangplank, upper deck, and stabilization gyro-rotator.

- Who fixed the Morpho scooters, Manolo? B/c for them to run fine after all those decades is highly unlikely.

- The episodes title is a play on It Happened One Night.

- The horse is fine, the carriage is obliterated, but where are the people? I'm sure they merely ran off... but I like to pretend Brock and Rocco killed them while fighting, a bit of the old collateral damage.

- What could be more avant-garde than a working payphone!?!?

- Warhol also shot uncomfortable black-and-white films of half-nude pseudo celebrity icons.

- The backgrounds are incredibly detailed this season, especially when the characters are out in NYC. But oddly, Brock's own car has a completely blank license plate while every other vehicle this season has minute details on the NY state license plates. Maybe Brock hasn't gotten his new NY plates yet?

- Brick Frog has apparently left graffiti behind on the streets of NYC. In the background while Brock is driving (you have to pause it to properly see it) the graffiti reads: You mess with the Frog... you Get the Brick! Followed by a frog doodle signature. This in itself is a reference to the old saying about bulls and horns.

- Rocco touched Brock's hair... and lived!

- 21 is briefly off model during the 'Borehammer' diss and then just as quickly back on model in the next (same) shot.

- The Doom Factory has concave windows... or are they convex when your inside looking out... whatever.

- The silver balloons are made to look like avant-garde inflatable 'floating' pillows.

- From Rocco's comments one could infer that there must be sanctioned ninja hives on Wide Wale's turf as well.

- Lee Harvey Oswald acted with clones. Even more hilarious b/c Hank is in fact himself a clone.

- Had the original explosion happened as planned, the Monarch and 21 probably wouldn't of had time to leap out to safety.

- Brown Widow's special senses failed him... they ditched on their tab. Now he'll be in real danger... of losing his livelihood.

- According to Brock's tracking monitor, he finds Hank not overly far away from the World Trade Center Site.

- When the Monarch falls from clinging outside the Doom Factory ship, the ship makes a full rotation before he comes into view and falls off.

- Billy Maim is briefly shown wearing a mechsuit before takeoff, clearly he stole the mechsuit from a few episodes prior.

- Wes is certified a level 10 and uses online autopay to pay his GCI dues.

- The Monarch evidently has 'magic' hands.

- HV + SO is written on Hank's chalkboard and circled with a heart. Dean's marker board is filled with... umm, quantum physics?

- Brock walks right out of Venture tower and straightforward through NYC traffic without looking... what a badass.

- Why didn't Hank take his watch off? He must've know Brock might come looking for him while out on his date b/c of the DOOM warning.

- And why doesn't Brock just call Hank on his watch if he's soo damn worried? Brock seemingly just wants to be a cock blocker in this episode. JK.

- Pretty good, pretty neat.

And with that, I'm calling it.
There are a ton of numerous references to still list... but I'm burnt out now.

This upcoming Sunday will mark the 75th episode (not counting the epilogues) counting every episode aired.

Get excited Venturoos!
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Mar. 10, 2016, 10:50am
  • by Captain V
  • (unregistered id: BD4F09BE4B)
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Special thanks to the user that noticed that the farmers daughter outfit was specifically based on Daisy Mae Yokum.


I'm impressed by the user who spotted the specific scientific paraphernalia that was being stolen, what a great reference to the first season finale. And it likely saved production money already having it designed.
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Mar. 10, 2016, 10:57am
Rouges Gallery anyone??? ;)

I wish it was inference to the old AD&D NPC Manual!!
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Mar. 10, 2016, 12:52pm

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