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I can't believe how much detail the creators went into to create 10 new villains out of nowhere, just to have them all killed in a 22 min cartoon. The level of minutiae is mind-blowing. Had some time on my hands, so compiled a list of the villains. Read on at your own peril, and scroll if'n you get bored. Tis a long 1:

"Deep w/in the bleak & dismal Gowanus...10 of the most ruthlessly self-involved villains on Earth loosely align forces against the powers of good."

1. The cold-hearted ice sculptress, Frigid
2. The toxic tongue of Serpentine
3. Miniature muse Eenie-Meanie
4. Gerard the Gorilla
5. The watchful Black Maria
6. Trashenstein, the exquisite corpse
7. Ulrta Violent [or is Ultra Violet?]
8. Billy Maim
9. The feminine-yet-gigantic She-Hemoth
10. The bittersweet Hard Candy

All sycophantic clingers-on to the evil genius of Warhammer.


Frigid squirts ice from L tit, freezes a spotlight. Breasts are covered in metallic 1/2 spheres, nipples are miniature satellite dishes

Serpentine - WM, black pompadour, black jumpsuit, purple bandana tied at throat, green snake on chest, purple elbow gloves, sunglasses, purple belt

Eenie-Meanie - Miniature WF, blond hair, 4 Xshaped wings, horizontal striped yellow/black Tshirt, white boots, white wrist gloves,.

Gerald the Gorilla - blonde pompadour, black Tshirt/pants, seen silk-screening

Black Maria - wears a black leotard that covers entire body, incl hands & legs. Has a steel neck, Stewie Griffin-shaped head, speaker holes/grills for ears. 3 camera lenses, biggest in middle of head, 2 smaller ones below on R side of face. ***The Black Maria was a nickname given by Paris police to van that rounded up street walkers****

Trashenstein - WM, red headband, red leather forearm guards, 2 strips of wide tape in the shape of an X right above his dick, both legs show transplant scars. Is very angry, utters "Uurgghh" like a classic Frankenstein, breaks [shiny white/mirror surface] cocktail table

Ultra Violent or is Ultra Violet [?] - WF, purple bra & panties, shoulder & forearms spiked guards, purple hair, crown/headband has gold symbol. Not violent at all, short intro, just sits there

Billy Maim - WM, black pompadour, red & black horizontal striped Tshirt. Wolverine hand blades, 3 spikes

She Hemoth - WF, blonde, homage to Attack of the 50 ft tall woman, purple scarf, tiger stripe yellow top

Hard Candy - Albino male, red headband, head rests on R hand, looks annoyed, red jumpsuit, red knee boots, arms look like silver triangle segments [pieces of candy?], arm length red gloves.

Again, amazing level of detail for a 22 min cartoon. I've seen top 10 Nielsen TV shows that don't have 1/10 the level of perfectionism Jackson & Doc have. Mind blown. Bring on the last 2 eps.
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Mar. 7, 2016, 6:48pm
Also if you look at the boys rooms when Brock is talking to Doc about locking it down, the detail is once again impressive. Dean's wipe board has some Trig problem on it and Hank's room is typically disheveled, looking like he put on every outfit, all in white of course, he had before deciding on the "good" outfit! And I thought Gerald the Gorilla's character design looks like a bizarro Brock! And the dusk NYC skylines throughout this one added the perfect touch!
  • 3
Mar. 7, 2016, 11:21pm
I think the trig problems were already there when Dean first saw his room. Not sure who's room that was as JJ and Sally no doubt slept in the room Doc now sleeps in. Unless maybe Sally had her own separate bedroom? Or it could have been Rocket's room and he's now a young, super intelligent child prodigy?

In Hank's room the chalkboard that previously read "Ned's Place" now says "H.V. <3 S.O.".
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Mar. 8, 2016, 10:53pm
  • by KECO
  • (unregistered id: 38FF76555D)
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***The Black Maria was a nickname given by Paris police to van that rounded up street walkers****

Nine mine friend. Black Maria is a reference to Thomas Edison's first movie theater, hence the cameras in his head.
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Mar. 12, 2016, 12:30am
  • by KECO
  • (unregistered id: 38FF76555D)
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* oops meant movie studio not theater.
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Mar. 12, 2016, 12:31am

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