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  • by vet_boy77
  • (unregistered id: D05BE1BBCB)
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Loved it.
We're lead to believe that JJ was in league with the Investors and perhaps why he wanted to downplay the who Guild-OSI thing. Also, with Killinger being opposed to the investors, could this is why he was trying to get Rusty to arch JJ in "The Dr. is Sin"- perhaps too much of a stretch.
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Jan. 24, 2015, 2:16pm
I never liked the Investors. On one level their goals were never clear. So they give money to people but since they're villains what is their payoff? They could be related to Mephistopheles and are out to collect souls. But that is never made clear, Maybe like Lucy from Peanuts they exist to torment people by promising them one thing and pulling the rug out from under them in the end? And since they can pass through walls and don't seem limited by things being in the air how does one fight them? They're just too far out for the rest of the Ventureverse. While I'm glad Killenger eliminated the Investors Killenger has the same problems and I'd like him gone as well.
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Jan. 25, 2015, 4:47pm
I was with you until the end: Dr. Killinger is awesome.

I think his brothers are like what you describe--meddlesome. They collect debts and collect on them. See what happened to King Gorilla and Monstroso.

Dr. Killinger, on the other hand, offers to bring a person to his potential--whatever it is. He does not force people into things. So he helps Dean and Hank, and Brock financially, all the way to Dr. Venture, but he does not push him into being a Super Villain. One might also say he inspired Henchman 21/Gary to be more independent by opposing him.

His only "failure," thus far, was his attempt to reconcile Mira and Dr. V. Perhaps Mira was just too f'd up?

Unlike him, The Investors DO meddle. Hence his admonishment to them.

He also allows favorite characters to exist--like Phantom Limb. Is he going to go after "Shelia"--Dr. Mrs. The Monarch[!--Ed.] as before? Without him, PL is just either psychotic and pathetic or hunted down by the Sovereign.

Anyways, I think they nicely tied up some "loose ends" which will allow the show to progress.

And now . . . a moment of silence for Scott. . . .
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Jan. 26, 2015, 1:16am

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