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  • by kijunshi
  • (unregistered id: 18FAF99054)
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OK, here are some guesses for what's going down:

--This is finally the episode where JJ chokes on his own hubris. I've been waiting so, so long.
--Monarch and Dr. Missus seem to spend most of this episode apart - some issues regarding her new career change?
--Brock is paranoid from seeing the Inspectors - they could be anyone - can't think of any other reason he'd put a knife to Hank's throat, honestly.
--OSI, the Guild and the Revenge Society are TOTALLY AT WAR. We may even end the special down a few organizations, guys... and it's especially not looking good for the Guild :(
--They are strongly hinting that the other members of the Council of 13 aside from Dr. Mrs. are going to kick the bucket. Could that possibly really happen?? aaaaaah
--They are also strongly hinting that Dr. Mrs. will kick much ass and rescue herself, I'm on board for that
--Even a hint of what's going on with the Venture family... there's no way "Maybe you need to try something else?!" and "I know what I'm doing!!" are only about the failed shield in the meteor shower - is this going to be a reckoning for Rusty?
--And whaaaaaat is going on with the alien spaceship and General Treister coming back to life?! I literally have no idea about this thing, I'm stumped.
--OK some more mundane observations: Monarch probably went to troll the Venture Compound one last time before going to space, if he even gets into space, that's not guaranteed--wait he is wearing an orange jumpsuit - pffft he totally stole a Venture Industries rocket! - anyway; Dean still has emo hair, but it's browner now - that's good, it's a good look on him; Brock is in his underwear - wait maybe Hank stowed away?; The Venture Compound is burning again and it looks like some pretty intense damage... something crashed into it from above, I'm pretty sure... y'know, they could kill off just about any character and still go on, but I think the day that cursed place burns to the ground the show will be over.

So. Um. You guys have any thoughts?
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Jan. 13, 2015, 2:06am
  • by Wiggles
  • (unregistered id: 89EA8CB3EC)
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My thoughts on Brock holding a knife to Hanks throat is this: That isn't Hank. It's one of the Investors mimicking Hank. I think this due to what "Hank" is wearing. We haven't seen Hank wear the old kerchief/Fred from Scooby-Doo outfit in a long time. I'm really believing it's one of the Investors on Gargantua-2 trying to either take out Brock or get some info from him by portraying the least suspicious person Brock would assume. I'm probably way off ^_^ but it's a theory!

Everything else, I'm just astounded by this trailer and cannot, CANNOT wait for Sunday night/Monday morning! Just cashed in a day off from work so I can watch it live, then rewatch it on the DVR, and rewatch it again if I'm not too tired...then rewatch it a few more times on Monday! CAN'T WAIT!
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Jan. 13, 2015, 9:23am
You might want to change which day you took off!

It airs Monday night at midnight (aka, Tuesday morning)
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Jan. 15, 2015, 2:37pm
ack! Thanks for that heads up...I swore it was going to be airing Sunday night/Monday morning @ midnight

going to see if it can be switched to Tuesday now ^_^
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Jan. 16, 2015, 9:43am

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