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  • by kijunshi
  • (unregistered id: 18FAF99054)
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OK - it's new Venture Bros, as precious as gold - I'm going to do a massive theory post that I can look back on and see how much I picked up! Apologies for length sort of but damn I am excited about this...

--Gargantua 2! Jonas Jr.'s opened an updated version of Daddy Jonas' Gargantua space station and is renting it out to entertain rich people, and making a mint. The Pirate Captain's there - no ex-Mrs. Invisible or Rocket? Guess a space station's no place for a toddler...
--Action Man and Rose. Still together.
--Monarch and Gary are GOING TO SPACE. Looks like the childhood home is in as much disrepair on the inside as on the outside... and the Mrs. seems not to be in the scene?
--Taking off from the Venture Compound? Did they steal that rocket?
--Brock putting a knife to Hank's throat? That's weird.
--Watch and Ward breaking into their own entrance room. Looks like the Mrs. has been hanging out there for a while.
--Super cool gambling facilities and OH HAI REVENGE SOCIETY, you've added a few members!! Radical Left, woo!!
--Brock is undercover in a cowboy... suit... thing... this is a reference I'm not getting
--The Investors are here, out of costume?!
--Billy and JJ are talking to him while wearing spacesuits
--Mrs. the Monarch is kicking butt, there's been some casualties and she has a giant gun.
--"Prepare for Battle" says the sovereign... uh oh, some screens in the back are blank - I see Dr. Mrs., Mommy Longlegs and Phage there but not any of the others? Aw man 2-headed guy where are you don't be dead yet...
--There's a big robot with a gun! Gun looks suspiciously familiar.
--Oh hey he is shooting at the three Guild members that were up on the screens... looks dire!
--Phantom Limb looks pretty boss in a new outfit here... he's back on his game, guys!
--Whoa whoa looks like we just saw an assassination in front of the Chinese restaurant?! Of Steppenwolf, oh no! Goodbye (?) dapper fellow...
--Gargantua 2 in a meteor shower
--Dr. Venture and Dean desperately trying to fix something in the middle of the shower... uh... that's right, they were supposed to have delivered a working shield back in Season 5 right? whoooooops
--Dr. Venture knows what he's doing. Well.
--The Sovereign wants to "take what is ours" and hey, one more silhouette on the monitor, I don't recognize this one though
--OSI guys inspecting an empty boat - did they get pranked? And explosions! And... spaceship! Wait what?
--The Venture Compound in FLAMES, wow that might not even be livable for a little while, yikes
--wait did something crash on top of it??
--Dr. Venture and Dean running down a hallway while Billy is just so over this shit. He's gonna get drunk and gamble.

Theories to follow...
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Jan. 13, 2015, 1:47am

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