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  • by beb
  • (unregistered id: A678E20E7F)
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As much as I loved this episode I have a number of negative comments. One is the way Brock and Shoreleave treated Gary. Brock had a long fight with Gary and concluded with him saying that Gary knew how to throw a punch. Then he offered to work with Gary to bring down Monstroso. And Shoreleave had drafted Gary into SPHYNX saying he's one of the good guys now. So why did they not take him with them back into OSI? One can see where they might be ticked-off by Gary ruining their undercover mission but, hey, that's one of the hazards of working undercover. You can't warn friendly forces away. So it seemed to me that their acting like dicks towards Gary in this episode is a major retconning from Operation PROM, just like Princess Tinyfeet having a live-in lover all the while she was reconciling with Hatred.

I was sorry to see Hank acting like a total moron against after doing so well as "The Bat" last week.

Finally, why did Hatred pile all the recovered explosives in front of the Venture factory building, saying that will send them a message. Send who a message. The IEDs he recognized as coming from The Monarch, not SPHYNX, And I can't imagine Dean, rebellous or not, agreeing to blowing up some of his dad's property. Sure, Publick and Hammer wanted to wipe out SPHYNX once and forever but it seems like they mangled reason in this episode to do that.

Finally, one good comment - Hatred actually said something to Dean that was helpful.

What are the odds that Malcolm and Rusty are secretly half-brothers?
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Jun. 17, 2013, 7:54am
1) OSI can't just 'take him [Gary] with them back into OSI' because it doesn't work that way. When the army hires a consultant to work with them on the base for YEARS and then the army decides to do the job themselves, they don't just walk up to the consultant and say 'want to keep doing what you're doing, but be in the army?'. That's not how it works. There is a lot of BS you have to go through first and the army doesn't hand jobs to their soldiers like that either (they are MUCH less efficient).

2) I love seeing Hank as Hank. Always.

3) Hatred recognized the explosives as The Monarch's and he assumed Gary placed them all there, because Gary is 'still a bad guy' in his view (either stole them from The Monarch and used them himself or is still working for The Monarch).

4) Go Hatred for caring.

5) I'd say decent (sharing a mother perhaps). Maybe a 30% chance.
  • 1
Jun. 17, 2013, 9:44am
I see where you're coming from, but Gary's blunder ruined Brock's and Shoreleave's undercover mission to find Long Division. Under the circumstances, I think Brock and Shoreleave were justified in being angry. Later, when reporting to Hunter, Brock tried to complement Gary's abilities before being cut off. And at the end of the episode, Brock returned the crossbow to Gary and paid him a Star Wars-based compliment (Can you imagine how that must have warmed Gary's heart?).

Maybe you're reacting to Brock's and Shoreleave's behavior toward Gary throughout this season? I actually had a big problem with Brock's treatment of Gary in "What Color Is Your Cleansuit?" Brock was completely dismissive of Gary, despite--as you pointed out--having fought side-by-side with him against Monstroso. It appears that Brock treats Gary badly to appease/look good in front of Hunter. It isn't a particularly admirable trait.
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Jun. 17, 2013, 2:59pm
I feel bad for Gary, but It's pretty understandable why they would be pissed at him.

The last they'd heard from the guy, he was a new SPHINX recruit, being given the keys to the entire building in an effort to cheer him up. The next thing they know, he's barging into their territory, messing up a delicate undercover mission for the sake of trying to play with the best of the best. This episode made it pretty clear he's not anywhere near that, yet.

If anything, Shore Leave and Brock have been extremely patient this episode, especially after finding out Gary tried to re-form SPHINX after hurting their reputations and essentially being told to go home.

Most anyone else would have gotten killed for that, but Shore Leave seems to find him charming in a "chubby underdog" way, and Brock's attitude kinda went into Dealing-With-Hank mode.
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Jun. 18, 2013, 1:30pm
  • by The Mysterious 'H'
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One thing to add to what everybody else has said- Princess Tinyfeet never said she wanted to reconcile with Hatred. The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch kidnapped her. They very well may have lied about everything. As far as I can tell, Hatred never even removed her ball gag.

That said, I agree with your point about how they treated Gary. They should have at least left him somebody who knew how to handle things if they weren't taking him with them. And they knew his abilities, so why would they expect him to do anything but use what he had to work with?
  • 0
Jun. 17, 2013, 9:56pm
  • by Ghobbi
  • (unregistered id: 8A956CCA4E)
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Princess Tinyfeet did nod when Dr Mrs The Monarch told Hatred 'if you want to win her back you'll have to start respecting her very strange needs' (paraphrasing as I can't remember exactly what was said).
  • 1
Jun. 18, 2013, 4:42pm

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