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  • by Justin
  • (unregistered id: 76D99F557F)
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Good episode. I laughed at lot. I was looking forward to the Halloween Special just because I knew it would be Orpheus centered. It was cool to see more of the magic users in the Venture Bros. universe. The fact that Red Mantle was at the same meeting/party as The Triad and The Outrider would seem to suggest that the alliances of good and evil work differently amongst magic users vs. the other superheroes and villains.


Liked Dean's goth look.

Hatred's boobs. Was that his costume or is VB getting ready to head into some Mr./Mrs. Garrison South Park territory?

Will Dean tell Hank they are clones? That seems like a good moral quandary for the next season to rest on. Also who is Ben???
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Oct. 29, 2012, 12:54am
  • by Justin
  • (unregistered id: 76D99F557F)
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So after watching the Halloween special I wanted to watch another Orpheus themed episode so I went back to watch A Better Man in Season 4 and something jumped out at me. In Season 4 The Master tells Triana about Dean and Hank being clones. He also tells Triana not to marry Dean because his "gene pool is more like a gene septic tank" and their children would be deformed. At the time I remember finding this very bleak but then also wondering if The Master was lying to Triana in an attempt to try and get her to go live with her mom and The Outrider.

Well in this episode we get some follow through on that because Ben (whoever he is) after examining Dean says that he's a perfect human specimen, "a miracle", with the exception that he'll one day need glasses like his dad. So maybe The Master was lying. Or Ben could be wrong. One of the underling themes in the series has been science vs. magic and this could make for an interesting test case.

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Oct. 29, 2012, 1:28am
The Master was lying. While there were several copies made, each copy was only cloned once (as opposed to "so many times [his] genepool is more like a gene septic tank")

At least that's what I'm counting on.
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Oct. 29, 2012, 1:44am
Good thoughts there. I always assumed the Master was vastly exaggerating to drive a point home with Triana.
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Oct. 29, 2012, 9:15am
  • by Timothy
  • (unregistered id: 195250CDE8)
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Yeah, that's what I thought.
Ben may be off.. or The Master could be lying.

I thought it was very interesting that Dean found out in a similar bizzare surreal fashion that he was a clone from a man he had just met after wandering into an unknown place, just as Triana did in that other ep when she went into the closet.
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Oct. 29, 2012, 7:35pm

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