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Ouch, cpc65. "Superjail" is awesome. Wicked sense of humor, brilliant voice work, ADHD jump cuts, and extreme violence. What more could a girl want? It's like "Quasi at the Quackedaro" and "Heavy Metal" made a bad, bad baby.

I guess cpc65 prefers 3D, rotoscoped, computer-rendered, dead "Final Fantasy" zombie eyes to a little of the ol' ultraviolence.
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Mar. 17, 2011, 3:13am
  • by cpc65
  • (unregistered id: E747E66020)
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No, I'm just very picky, thank you. I watch only a few shows on the tube and the only animated ones are VB and Archer and an occasional South Park. Dissapointed with resurected Futurama so far, but I'll catch up on the new episodes sometime.
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Mar. 17, 2011, 9:21pm
  • by beb
  • (unregistered id: A678E20E7F)
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I'm with cpc65 here, though I'd've said that show was written by junior highschool student and not just drawn by them. Hence for me the 'wicked sense of humor' is largely unfunny. the 'ADHD jump cuts' are confusing and annoying and the 'extreme violence' is just plain gross.

But saying that cpc65 must prefer '3D, rotoscoped, computer-rendered, dead 'final fantasy' zombie eyes' dismisses the large field of work that's not 'final fantasy.' Without computer-rendering there wouldn't have been a "Transformers," "Independence Day" or "Inception." Rotoscoping has been with us since it's invention in the 20s. Motion-capture on the other hand is something new and there's nothing wrong with either rotoscoping or motion-capture as long as you don't try to paint a human face over the body. The closer a drawn face comes to looking human the more obvious it is that it's not real and the creepier it is to look at. Pixar, who understands this better than anyone has never tried to draw realistic looking faces. They go for a cartoon look as in The Incredibles.

But the problem -- for me -- with Superjail is that the stories aren't funny. The characters aren't interesting and the plots don't make up for the failings of the first two.

Obviously Your Mileage May Vary.

Shows I like include Neighbors From Hell, God, The Devil and Bob, the new season of Futurama and Lucy, Daughter of Satan.
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Mar. 18, 2011, 9:30am
  • by Mike
  • (unregistered id: DA1A2954DF)
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Well it's a different kind of show for sure. Generally I am not overly enthused by many of the 15-minute shows on Adult Swim but SuperJail is something I am glad exists if for nothing else than the animation style. And I am talking purely from the perspective that it actually exists and how it goes almost out of its way to be an off-model experience. It's taking all the things animation can do and utilizing them.

Obviously something like Venture Bros can do stuff like car chases and women turning into giant bugs and deformed guys all that sort of thing but SuperJail goes even further. It's almost a classic callback to really old animated cartoons from the 40s and 50s where wacky shit was constantly happening (though those were usually more racist I guess). They don't always hit it out of the park as far as writing goes (though I think the last two episodes of last season were pretty great) but I'm so glad it exists. I mean, just look at this: http://video.adultswim.com/superjail/i-declare-a-mistrial.html

It's obviously not for everyone, but it makes me pretty happy that Adult Swim is able to foster crazy shit that I actually enjoy every so often (as opposed to crazy shit I don't understand).
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Mar. 18, 2011, 12:44pm
  • by The Mysterious 'H'
  • (unregistered id: D5DF1EA442)
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I'm a big fan of Superjail for many of those reasons. The animation is so expressive and vibrant. The writing is pretty good as well, I feel. They may not follow a plotline straight through like Venture Bros. but it all comes together in the end. There's nothing else like it on TV.
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Mar. 18, 2011, 10:29pm

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