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  • by Your Mother
  • (unregistered id: 587CF994FE)
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Unanswered Questions and Obvious Plotlines for Season 5

- Who killed the original Dr. Venture and how?
- 21 wrestles with his transformation into a good guy
- 21 wins Dr. Girlfriend, when she realizes the Monarch has become a douche
- Hank & Dean embark on life after high school/learning beds
- Brock replaces Hatred
- The Revenge Society gets their revenge
- Molotov lives
- Everyone comes to Deans
- In the words of the pupa twins: "Why do the Monarch and Dr. Venture hate each other?"

My $$$ says this last question will be the last bit of the show, and will involve something small and silly which the Monarch goes on to base his life of revenge and hatred upon.
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Nov. 29, 2010, 3:00am
  • by GrimGravy
  • (unregistered id: 38D6ECB1AE)
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- The Ventureverse is just a giant grey area. Part of the appeal of The Venture Bros. is showing that good guys aren't necessarily good guys and that good people can be prone to doing bad things. Really bad things. Like using a orphan's heart to fuel a masturbation enhancer. In other words, I think new windows will open to Gary in the life of a good guy, but I wouldn't imagine it would be such a soul search. After all, Hatred transitioned pretty easily into being a goody; his hardest endeavor was giving up little boys.

- The Monarch has always been a bit of a douche though, including when he and Sheila first met. She very openly knows the Monarch is a douche and given the things that he does, the things she helps him do, and the things she told Gary, she's not leaving him anytime soon just because he's a douche.

- We already touched on Hank & Dean post-learning beds with Everybody Comes To Hank's and Bright Lights, Dean City, so we already know everything they encounter will fail miserably. After Dean's outbursts in P.R.O.M., I think we can look forward to him trying to become more assertive (including things like finally telling Rusty he wants to do journalism).

- I question how long it would be for the Revenge Society to turn around and be successful after Dean burnt Impossible Industries to the ground. It seemed that even before that that Impossible was losing his lucrative ties.

- I know, right? We know the reason is either going to be something HUGE or something hilariously psychotically small, like "He's the reason my butterfly poem I dedicated to my monarch parents got an 'F' in college." Pretty much though --courtesy of Home Is Where The Hate Is and Tears of a Sea Cow -- we already know why Monarch hates Rusty. He's a crazy bastard and he just doesn't agree with the cut of Rust's jib. I vote for mishap in Creative Writing class though.
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Nov. 29, 2010, 7:05pm

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