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  • by Donkiku
  • (unregistered id: F4CA83B8BD)
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While I didn't hate any of the episodes this season and I think they are way better than season 3 episodes I still miss their Adventures.

I enjoy story but this is turning really soapopery. I know the humor's still there and the show looks awesome but we need more stupid adventures to keep things balanced. Next thing you know Dr. Girlfriend's gonna get pregnant with 21's child and then lose her memory in a car accident or something like that.

I know the show's gotta change to avoid growing stale but so many things are changing at once it's a little scary.

Of course I am gonna keep watching and loving The Venture Bros but can I at least have an episode or two where Doc, Brock and the kids just set out to find some hidden treasure and fight a couple frogmen?

Yeah, yeah. Brock's not even their bodyguard anymore. :P


Of course this episode was awesome. I have a hard time understanding Monstroso but hey, it's cool.
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Oct. 26, 2010, 7:56am
  • by Mogo
  • (unregistered id: B50DB16F10)
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Yeah I miss it too, but the charicter development and is at an all time high. Plus it's not soap, all the dramas legit. allow me to explain:
*The Monarch's been a complete douche latley, even more than usual, and despite their partnership been neglecting dr.girlfriend in favor of his career. Meanwhile 21 lost his best friend in the entire world and has started to realize how the monarch sees his men. So they have a right to go behind his back
*The boys lost their bodyguard and while hatreds fairly competent, Doc is playing it safe now that the boys are cloneless, hence less globetrotting. Plus it's expensive.
*Pete and Billy had fought for years and pete really hasn't treated Billy as anything but a business partner.
*The Captain went from high seas adventure to manning an empty musem while his boss is in space. With no respect.
*Dr.Venture has been presuring dean and putting down hank.
All of this is legitimate and realsitic. Plus Hank got a hair cut, dammit.
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Oct. 26, 2010, 9:50am

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