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Dragon*Con 2012 Venture Bros. Schedule

It's time for the dragon-iest of conventions, Dragon*Con! Dragon*Con is probably the most cosplay friendly convention out there, or at least contains the highest percentage of costumed folks. Venture Bros. fans are of course no different, and seem to continually be striving to dress up as the most obscure, rarely seen characters that they can.

Along with that the convention seems to have figured out how to close the gap between celebrity and fan, so the celebrity guests are in panels that are far less serious and more varied than they would be at SDCC or a similar show. For those of you hankering for some Venture related activities, look no further. This schedule contains not only the scant few official Venture Bros. items (currently only one) but also any panels where Doc, Jackson and/or James are a guest panelist as well as some of the many fan-run panels!

As is often the case with Dragon*Con, this schedule is subject to change, so keep checking back if you're not sure.

To make your life a little easier each event has been color-coded (and bordered for those of you who may be color blind) as follows:

Fan-Run Event
Official Event
Celebrity Guest

Fan-run event denotes either a Dragon*Con fan panel or a non-official Dragon*Con event. Official event indicates that the event is being run by Adult Swim. The celebrity guest denotation means that Doc, Jackson and/or James are guests on an official Dragon*Con panel but the panel itself is not focused on Venture Bros.. So for those of you attending there's ample opportunity to fill your weekend with Venture Bros.! Enjoy!

Friday, August 31st


Quiz-o-Tron 2000

Who? Ken Plume, Phil Plait, Doc Hammer, George Hrab, Rebecca Watson and Jay Novella
When? 10:00pm - 11:00pm
Where? Hyatt International South
Info: Rebecca Watson's science-themed quiz show!

Saturday, September 1st


Venture Bros. Cosplay at the Dragon*Con Parade!

Who? You! As well as everyone else dressed as a Venture Bros. character (potentially).
When? Saturday morning around 10:00am
Where? Peach Tree St. in Atlanta, GA
Info: If you're attending Dragon*Con you can sign up to march with fellow Venture fans on Venture Bros Blog! Registration is currently closed for the parade but Marc has told me you can register with the above form and still march.


Venture Bros. Blog Fan Panel

Who? Marc Ilagan, Anne-Marie Gearheart, Holly Marie Gibbs and Marilee Griffin
When? 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Where? Hyatt Dunwoody
Info: A fan discussion about all things Venture Bros.! Geek out with special guests! Fun games and prizes! Join Marc of Venture Bros Blog, Holly and Marilee of Very Venture Vodcast and Anne-Marie from The Venture Compound as they chat about the show with fellow fans (that's you).



Who? Ken Plume, Billy West, Phil Plait, Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, Sylvester McCoy, James Urbaniak, Molly Lewis and Marian Call
When? 8:30pm - 11:00pm
Where? Atrium Ballroom
Info: An evening of music, comedic delights, and surprises galore!

Sunday, September 2nd


The Official Dragon*Con Venture Bros. Panel

Who? Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak. Moderated by Ken Plume.
When? 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Where? Atrium Ballroom (M)
Info: Jackson, Doc and James reveal all, or possibly nothing, as they often do. Last year's Dragon*Con was missing Jackson so he's going to have to bring some pretty cool prizes to make it up to the crowd. Also there might be a video preview of the show and stuff! Secrets will be revealed!


How I Became Dr. Venture, Robert Crumb & 101 Red Herrings

Who? James Urbaniak and moderated by Ken Plume.
When? 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Where? Augusta 1-2
Info: The voice of Dr. Venture, James Urbaniak discusses his life and career as a "modestly successful character actor" and beloved internet presence.


3rd Annual Venture Bros. Blog Party

Who? You! (Hosted by Venture Bros. Blog)
When? 6:00pm - ???
Where? Marriot Pulse Loft
Info: Join your fellow Venture Bros. fans for the annual Venture Bros. Blog hosted costume and fan party. There will be prizes and many, many costumed folk. Perhaps even special celebrity guests!?


Gonzo Quiz Show IV: The Quest For Quiz

Who? Ken Plume, Widgett Walls, Billy West, Phil Plait, Doc Hammer, Sylvester McCoy, James Urbaniak, Molly Lewis and Marian Call
When? 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Where? Atlanta Ballroom [W]
Info: Teams of celebrity guests are led through a series of panel show games that you entertained.

Monday, September 3rd

Currently there are no Venture Bros. items scheduled for Monday.