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Mantis-Eye At NYCC 2011: Venture Bros. Cosplay

What would conventions be without people dressed up as characters from comics, TV, movies and whatever else? Kind of boring, probably. I was standing in line at an ATM behind someone dressed as Harley Quinn and twice people dressed as Joker (one a comic book version and the other a The Dark Knight version) came over to her, she screamed happily and they hugged and observers snapped photos of the newly reunited couple. None of them had ever met before, but that's the sort of camaraderie people experience at a convention.

The Venture Bros. cosplay was a little more scarce at NYCC compared to, say, Dragon*Con, but I got what photos I could. Costumes I had not seen before include Truckulese as well as what Jackson and Doc themselves said was the first ever Jackson and Doc cosplay. Enjoy:

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