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1 month ago
So, lots of answers to many questions in the film, much appreciated!

But, unless I missed it, did we ever get answer to:
Who actually perpetrated the Movie Night Massacre?
And, who is Scare Bear?

Until later, Go Team Venture!
And for the heck of it,
Brrrrick Froggg!
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1 month ago
I believe you are correct that those questions have yet to be answered. I'm more curious what Molotov has been up to since her last appearance (sent on a long super secret mission by O.S.I.?) and see more fallout with Dean/Hank vs. Sirena (and more Wide Wale) than either of those questions being answered.

I still want to see a whole episode of The Monarch in a domestic situation, such as hosting his in-laws (who we have never met) for dinner or something. The Monarch is his most entertaining in scenarios such as these.
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1 month ago
  • by Destroyo
  • (unregistered id: CDC55F233D)
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More unanswered questions:

- We know previous Hanks have died from their antics. How are Deans dealt with then? One assumes the brain eraser enters into this but this puts their ages out of synch.

- Was there a Sheila pregnancy storyline that was abandoned?

- Are the Action Man and Phage finally dead? There was no sign of them in limbo but there was also no Team Venture death ritual.

- Why would Mantilla be allowed to work with The Peril Partnership? The Guild is presumably still at war with them and her advanced tech would one-up the Guild.

- Judging by the crazy wall, Mantilla completely figured out The Monarch's con in playing the Blue Morpho to kill multiple Guild members. Who else has figured out his role in this other than Red Death and what consequences will there be?

- Who claimed the bounty on the Blue Morpho? Bowie presumably didn't need the cash due to his deal with the Investors.

Any post-movie interviews with Doc and Jackson out there that address these issues?
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1 month ago
- What happens to Brick Frog and the other Guild deserters once it's revealed that ARCH was just a sham? If the Guild doesn't let them back in they might move to Canada and have PP on their belts.

- Did it mean anything when Dean admitted to H.E.L.P.eR. Model 2 that he was unable to understand H.E.L.P.eR. 1 when we have seen Doc. Hank, Dermott and even Brock have conversations with him?
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1 month ago
Ack! It double posted my comment and there's no delete option. All I can do is edit.
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1 month ago
  • by Dean
  • (unregistered id: DA7F65CB37)
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Fort Ross sounds like a reference to "Thunderbolt" Ross, yeah? I liked how much Jefferson Twilight was in this season. The art was also the best it's ever been, really absolutely gorgeous. Laughed some of the hardest I've ever laughed. Also Dr. Quimn is absolutely just Rusty without the y gene, ha!
Absolutely needs to be more. There's so much more!
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1 month ago
Gentle-Team, it has been an honor to hang with you all!
I dearly hope we get more episodes, but even if we don't, it's been totally cool. Many thanks to all my bros and sisters taking this wonderful walk down memory lane, and so many props to Doc and Jackson and Co. for making that happen!

Go Team Venture!

I will see you when I see you, and it will be fun!
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1 month ago
I enjoyed it, particularly some prominent voice actors they got back like That Guy from Highlander who can totally imitate Christopher Lambert – seriously, look it up! – and That Guy Psychiatrist from Law & Order . . . and some minor movie about a spiderman or something . . . was it whiplash?

I am sad there was not more: another season.

At least we had this. We had some interesting answers:

The MONARCH [! – Ed.] Hatred of Rusty: this has long been an intentionally unanswered question – parodied by Dr. Mrs. the Monarch Sheila . . . Venture? not really answering it. If Doc 'n Jason gave an answer we would all be disappointed. I personally thought it was that Rusty laughed at one of Malcolm's "butterfly stories" in their creative writing class, but, hey, it was just as bad: Malcolm thought Rusty stole his girl!

A girl he has forgotten about, has more than adequately replaced, BUT YOU FUCKED MY GIRLFRIEND!

I liked his reaction when Rusty tells him that, no, that never happened. So the point of his vendetta? Still there! It needs no point!

Hank and Dean's Mom: well, I guess it makes . . . sense? Just do not ask where the other half of the chromosomes came from . . . unless they are clones of . . . but why is Hank "Tow-headed?" Anyway, if Doc 'n Jason picked someone . . . or introduced a character . . . fans would complain.

I am glad they could involve a lot of favorite characters. They could not bring them all back, but those they did were great.

Still . . .

. . . about that Homicidal Bear with the Knife?
  • 0
1 month ago
My take on the "Hank and Dean's Mom" deal is, Mantilla gave Rusty her eggs (since she "wasn't planning on using them anyway"), in exchange for the transfer of her Mom's Inviso-powers to her. Rusty likely used Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somatic_cell_nuclear_transfer) to clone himself using Mantilla's eggs. That technique does not transfer the mitochontrial DNA of the donor, but keeps the mDNA of the egg cell. Thus, the copy made is not a perfect duplicate genetically. That could account for Hank and Dean having differing characteristics.

That, and Monarch's baboon DNA, would also explain why he couldn't pass the retinal pattern scanner in the elevator in an earlier episode.

Or maybe I'm just over-analyzing stuff. Darn, I will miss this!
  • 0
1 month ago
Recall that when Dean got testicular torsion in season one Doc said to Billy that he could have corrected that in the prototype phase. So he likely did do some tinkering with the boys' DNA, possibly with Ben's help.
  • 1
1 month ago
No need for a DNA difference for the retinal scanner. Just a like fingerprint, retinal layout is different between people with the same genetics (identical twins).
  • 0
1 month ago
  • by CookieMom
  • (unregistered id: 987756208D)
  • Reply
Finally had a chance to watch this last night, and I really enjoyed it. Not a lot of *laugh out loud* moments, but just excellent character beats throughout.

With everything wrapped up, I consider the show a solid third on my "Best TV" list. Behind The Good Place and Babylon 5, but ahead of Lucha Underground and The Wire. The characters grew, and many tried to make up for their fuck-ups and undo the damage they've done. Others steered into it because it was who they were. Or maybe it was the baboon DNA.

The penultimate scene in Ben's house was excellent, and Doc's answer to the boys about their mother followed by the final scene was a real great way to end it. I'll miss this show, but well done Team Venture.

Finally, thank you Mantis Eye Experiment for being here for years. You've been a great resource, and a boon to the internet. If you do any super science in the future, let us know.
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1 month ago
I will dig deep, and say one of the fond memories I have of the series, is learning of, and learning to cook, Spanakopita!

I will cop to never having made it with phyllo dough: I just used plain old circular pie crust, which makes it closer to Spinach Quiche than the Greek savory pastry, but darn it, it's still delicious! Served it with Thanksgiving Dinner once. Family enjoyed it (there was still turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pumpkin pie, dude, I'm not stupid!), had an interesting discussion about where it would fit in. None of them were Ventureoos, so I didn't expect a lot.

Anyhow, I also ran down the particulars of all Doc's "Doctales". Yeah, didn't make any of those, they all sound gross. Sorry.
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1 month ago
So cool. I've watched this. This is so amazing. Thank you for this. keep us updated.
  • -3
1 month ago
Wow, do we really need to Go Out on a spammer? I mean, people need to make a living, I get that, but can't the bad guys even let things go once into the night with some dignity and without making it about them and their little pile of coins?

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29 days ago
Professor Ian Wilmut, the first scientist to clone a mammal, has died:

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17 days ago
I'm sure he made plenty of clones of himself a la Boys from Brazil style.
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16 days ago
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