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Henchman 24 Memorial Contest - The Winner

To my delight I actually got a good number of entries to this contest. Usually when you do a "hey guys make something!" contest your entries can suffer (which is why I usually do an "answer these questions" contest). Not the case here, which was awesome but also kind of sucked because it made it harder to pick a winner.

Nevertheless I did what had to be done. The winner was a man named Sid, or more precisely The Grocery Boys, his band of which he is the only member. He wrote a cool original song for 24 appropriately titled 'For Twenty Four'.

Download For Twenty Four by The Grocery Boys (3.1 mb)

Sid was also nice enough to provide the lyrics:

Once Brock Samson hit me with a car
Oh shit! I thought I dreamt that part
You just made you're unavoidable death, more pathetic.
We're gonna get our asses kicked,
No, that's an urban myth
A loner that lacks ties to friends and family

Raise a fist for our fallen brother in arms
Those who died from explosions near cars
We'll never forget you 24
It's a dangerous job, but someones gotta get it done
Live by the sword we'll die by the gun
We'll never forget you 24

Also if you prefer you can visit the Grocery Boys' MySpace and listen to it there, as well as other tracks. Awesome work by Sid! A brand new t-shirt is on the way to his house in 3 - 4 weeks probably.

Oh, but wait, you don't think I'd stop there, did you? Not when there are so many other entries! Keep going to see the cool stuff people put together!

The Winner | Other Entries, page 1 | Other Entries, page 2

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