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Anyone else thinking with OSI wanting to take Jonas' head to study and "stuff", and since they already took all of the cloning tanks/research...will we be seeing a Jonas clone by the end of the season?
  • 1
12 months ago
Yea, seems like too much of a loose end to not get a follow up @ some point.
  • 1
12 months ago
Memo: Clones do not inherit the memories of the original. So a cloned Jonas might be a genius but woulldn't know anything about what Jonas had invented ni his first life.

Also, clones grow as a normal rate so a cloned Jonas wouldn't be ready for 20 years.
  • 0
12 months ago
There’s nothing stating the OSI may have messed around with all the cloning tech they took from the Venture compound and developed it to the point of clones aging faster then real time. We haven’t seen what they’ve done with the information since they confiscated it.

And they have Jonas’ brains. Who knows what they’re able to do with it(especially now that they also have parts of Venturion/Vendata)
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12 months ago
My thinking as well. Jonas' old cloning technology was decades out of date, and I'm betting that Dr. Vulcano is a bit more competent than Rusty was at this cloning racket. Jonas even stated that his plan was for Billy to put his brain into Vandata's body until he and Doc could get the cloning tech going again. I doubt he was planning to wait for a new body to age 20 years or so.
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12 months ago
  • by Frank9
  • (unregistered id: 9B14D6CF4B)
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Well the agreement was to disassemble Vendata. The OSI is going to want to debrief Jonas on many things including PROBLEM and Movie Night. I have a feeling in some future season we may see Jonas get exactly what he wants. His Brain in Vendata's Body.
  • 0
11 months ago
The closing scene clearly indicates that Rusty has what remains of Jonas's head. I'm not sure he will turn it over to OSI. Also I think that this time Jonas's head is really dead. Previously it had been frozen so it hadn't decayed before being hooked up to the PROBLEM machine. This time it looks like all the life-support machines was destroyed and the brain wasn't transplanted anywhere. Maybe Rusty gave OSI the Vendata brain instead of Jonas thinking no one would notice the difference.
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12 months ago
Well in that line of thinking, take the Blue Morpho. He was technically dead for a good few weeks to months before Jonas turned him into Venturion. And while he didn’t have his memories at first, this last episode showed he still retained a lot of his memories.

And like the cloning tech, don’t think there’s anything Rusty can do to prevent the OSI from getting what they want.
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12 months ago

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