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I am starting to suspect that Jonas Sr. was Force Majeure. All these pieces here and there seem to vaguely fit. He was likely killed by, or deposed by The Sovereign, or perhaps just wanted to retire anonymously and handed the Guild over to him. The Sovereign even briefly took on Jonas' form in ATAG2.

* We always see him and Team Venture battling members of the Fraternity or Torment, not Guild villains, and the FoT was a rival organization of the Guild.
* The Monarch's dad / Blue Morpho (I don't think he's on OUR side)/ Venturion / Vandata. The "plane crash". Kano's confession about taking from the world a great man. Kano Joining Team Venture. Col. Gentleman - "Don't believe everything you read in those comics." And we haven't heard the last about the baby killing either. They can't just drop it like that.
* The Monarch can't remember playing with Rusty as a child.
* Doc probably doesn't remember playing with young Malcolm either, and maybe that's why Doc also didn't remember Hector (not just because Doc is dick). Memory wipe or alteration likely.

There is something very sinister going on. Jonas probably played at being a "good guy" in the public eye but behind the scenes he ran the Guild of Calamitous Intent. And he might come back!
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Apr. 1, 2016, 6:26pm
Remember that Dean Venture was the true ruler of the Guild and had to confirm the Sovereign in his role. And that was because the title came down through Rusty, Jonas and Jonas's father and Grand-father (who with Phantom Limb's grandfather founded the Guild. So Jonas as Force Majeure seems likely. Whereas Jonas was playing as a good guy or as a bad guy is a bit of a toss-up since the Guild seems as much to hamstrung villains' natural tendency toward maximum violence. As for Jonas's death I'd like to think he was killed by Kano when Kano discovered that Jonas was responsible for Blue Morpho's death. With Jonas thinking that Morpho was getting out of hand and becoming a liability to his operation. As for Rusuty not remembering Malcolm.... well there has been a lot of drugs involved. Also there were probably a lot of things Rusty simply doesn't want to remember about his childhood. The Monarch, too, probably suffered memory loss from all the milkweeds he ate following the crash. Also maybe a major concussion.

Of course If we're talking about memory wipes and everything, perhaps there never as a crash, Jonas merely implanted those memories into Malcolm along with an irrational hatred of Rusty to give Rusty a nemesis on the grounds that a foe would keep him sharp. And it would mess up all links to him and the Guild.

And of course there's still the idea that Rusty and Malcolm are clones to hide Jonas's sterility. Rusty could never have developed the closing tanks on his own ... but if he found his father's secret cloning tanks....

Man, I'd love a Venture Bros comic book with art by Dan Spiegel...
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Apr. 2, 2016, 12:50pm
In the Halloween special Ben says that he and Jonas perfected cloning, so Doc didn't develop them but inherited them. Ben also says he had something to do with cloning Hank and Dean so he likely helped Doc and taught him how to use the the equipment.

I still think the plane crash was real (Vandata's last words), and Kano is a crackerjack pilot, despite his racial handicap. Jonas likely somehow convinced or coerced Kano into piloting the plane, sabotaging it, and then bailing out, then joining Team Venture afterwards. If Kano killed Jonas because he though Jonas killed BM, he probably wouldn't have said he took a vow a silence because he took from this world a great man. He likely wouldn't think Jonas was so great for murdering his old boss and likely friend. And he was silent in all the flashbacks with Jonas still alive. Kano killing Jonas is just too simple and Doc and JP don't seem to usually go in the predictable direction. And I still think Jonas faked is own death.
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Apr. 3, 2016, 9:37am
Read a great theory that Monarch's mother is Force Majeure, I'll try to find it again.
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Apr. 11, 2016, 11:19pm
I'll read it if you find it, but I just don't see that. Someone mentioned the b&w video with BM and Jonas was from a movie about Bob Crane and the photography buddy of his who likely murdered him. If that's true, and there's a meaning to that allusion, then it says something about the relation between Jonas and BM.
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Apr. 13, 2016, 3:23pm
Eh. I'm about as convinced that they are right as I am about my own theory being correct, which is not that much. One word that cannot be used to describe Doc and JP is "predictable".
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Apr. 13, 2016, 6:04pm

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