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(Belated) "Arrears In Science" Discussion

Hello and apologies for being so late with this! I'm in a place with spotty internet and no cable so I haven't even had a chance to watch the episode myself yet. At any rate, here's your discussion thread for "Arrears In Science", the third episode of the Morphic Trilogy! There will be spoilers in the comments so beware! Have fun, kids!

For US viewers, you can watch the episode online.

"The Rorqual Affair" Discussion

Oh hello again, fancy seeing you here. It's your weekly Venture Bros. episode discussion thread. This week's episode is The Rorqual Affair", which you can already watch on Adult Swim's site (only in the US, sorry) or it will otherwise air in a couple of hours on Adult Swim. Use the comments here to talk about the episode and the show in general. Make note: if you haven't watched yet, the comments will contain spoilers, so read them at your own risk! Go Team Venture!

Season 7, Episoide 2: The Rorqual Affair, Now Streaming!

If you're in the US or can otherwise pretend you are then the second episode of season seven is up on Adult Swim's website. You can now stream "The Rorqual Affair" at your leisure. The episode will of course air at midnight this Sunday night if you prefer to watch The Venture Bros. the traditional way, but that's entirely up to you. Do what feels right.

"The Venture Bros. and the Curse of the Hidden Problem" Discussion!

Season seven is here and with it returns these discussion threads! Feel free to talk about the episode and the season as a whole in the comments. If you haven't seen the episode yet, there will be spoilers so stay out if that's important to you. Also you can watch the episode online, but otherwise it will air on Adult Swim in a little over an hour. Enjoy!

Did You Know: You Can Watch The Season 7 Premiere Online

Adult Swim has been kind enough to stream the Venture Bros. season premiere online. Probably only if you're in the US, sorry, but still. The episode is called "The Venture Bros. & the Curse of the Haunted Problem" and if you don't have time to watch it on your computer you'll be able to catch it on the night of Sunday, August 5th at midnight! If you can watch it now though... you can do that.

The Amazing Shirt of the Week Club Returns For Season 7

For those of you pumped about finally getting new Venture Bros. episodes (the season seven premiere is in just two days, on Sunday, August 5th!) you'll also be happy to know that the series mainstay tie-in merchandise is also back: Shirt of the Week Club! For those of you unfamiliar, ... Read More »

Venture Bros. Season 7 Trailer!

Much like the recent teaser, only with new and exciting content, the trailer for season seven of The Venture Brothers was released a few days ago. The season promises all the usual action, excitement, laughs, and whatever other emotions you want to be able to achieve from a television ... Read More »

Venture Bros., Season 7 Teaser, Which Starts August 5th!

Adult Swim released a teaser for season 7 of Venture Bros. which is just a clip from an episode but includes official confirmation that season 7 starts midnight on August 5th! Anyway I know you're only here for the video so check it out. The Triad is back! Venture Bros. is back ... Read More »

Jackson Publick Interview at io9

Over at io9 there's an interview with our beloved Jackson Publick by the indispensable Evan Narcisse. Along with some insights into the show and info on the long promised upcoming art book (which defintely exists!) there's also some previews from the book and a small amount of art from ... Read More »

Season 7 Returning This Summer?

Forbes has an interview with Titmouse head honcho, Chris Prynoski which mostly goes into info on the studio and all it's producing. However, there's one relevant tidbit at the end: And as to rumors of a highly-anticipated return of The Venture Bros? Team Titmouse was tight-lipped in ... Read More »
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